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Hi, my name is Patrick Robinson… and welcome to Truth Seekers Ministries. This is a place where you can get information, along with access to many sources for obtaining information, that will answer questions that most Christians, and even the secular world of today, have often wondered about. Unfortunately these questions and the subjects that they involve are often labeled “Taboo” by much of the “Organized Church”, and we would probably be shunned or ridiculed by the church for even thinking about, or exploring these subjects. Have you not asked yourself, “How can an earth, that appears to be millions of years old with humanoid and dinosaur remains also appearing to be millions of years old, fit into the traditional church’s viewpoint?” It truly can’t. Maybe we need to rethink our “Traditions that make void God’s Word” and seek the truth about everything, because the one and only God of the Universe, surely would have us do that. What about the creation of this earth, and of all humankind? Did we evolve from apes? What about Astrology or the Zodiac, Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid in Egypt? These things have intrigued yet baffled mankind for centuries now.

There exists today, a lot of hard physical evidence, that supports the existence of a pre-Adamic civilization, or an Atlantis, not withstanding the myths, legends, and Plato’s discourse that describe it; yet this subject tends to offend most Christians. The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is a mathematical and scientific wonder, that couldn’t be duplicated by the largest construction companies of today, yet it contains within its design, a divine message and a superior knowledge of the universe, far greater than what the Egyptians had. This subject, again is not one, that the traditional church would delve into. On the following pages, you will find interesting facts, and deep yet concise studies into these and other subjects. I will also be adding new subjects from time to time to further enhance the site. If you will open your mind and let go of your mental traditions, you will be enlightened, and your faith in God, in His Word, and in Jesus Christ, as the one and only way back to the Father, will be increased.

God doesn’t want us to “Park our Brains at the Door of the Church”, and to not think for ourselves. He is not afraid of the truth, and His Word will stand the test. Join with me and many others, as seekers of truth, and we will all grow in knowledge, in the various aspects of God’s handiwork, from Creation through Revelation and all points in between. Even the constellations of the heavens, bear witness to the Gospel message. It is written into the meanings of the names of the stars, and within the constellations themselves. It is amazing, yet so simple. God designed it when He created it, and He preserved its story, through all of the various races and cultures, fully intact. Satan has changed this truth into a lie, through current astrology and mysticism, and he caused mankind to worship the creature rather than the creator, thereby muddying up the truth as God originally designed it to be. God is now revealing mysteries, hidden since the foundation of the world, and He has now given them, to a scientific generation that wants facts, figures, and evidence. Well mankind is without excuse, the evidence is here.

Come on inside and check out the teaching, you won’t be disappointed.

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