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Giving Antichrist Total Tyranny. Let me explain…

The United States just recently approved the G. A. T. T. treaty. GATT stands for General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. Big money and a “select” few are running this world. There is a lot of evidence to prove this but that is a different subject. We are in the last hours of the last days before Jesus Christ comes to take his True Church to be with him in the sky, just before God unfolds the Great Tribulation period and pours out his wrath on this ungodly world. How the GATT agreement falls in line with the end of the church age, antichrist and the Great Tribulation period is the subject of this letter.

What GATT does, is essentially, to create a world government that has authority over all the governments of the world, regulating trade between the nations. GATT has been around for many years, only recently has there been more publicity on this since the United States had signed the treaty. The backbone and main support of this government are the World Bankers, some of the Elite of society, and the proponents of the New World Order and the One World Government. The United States is now stuck in this agreement for at least five years before it may come up for a vote again. This treaty is a 2,000 page document that no one took time to study, before ramming is through a lame duck congress just before the majority changed more conservative. There are some areas of power and authority that we have agreed to that could be very dangerous to our nation and it’s sovereignty. They have divided the world into economic divisions with trade agreements that unite the areas. North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, is one, South America has one, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa….


In 1958, the supporters of GATT and other “One World Orders”, at the Club of Rome, divided the world into ten economic centers, and called them Mega Territories and Kingdoms. These current trade agreements are none other than the “Ten Kingdoms” of the Club of Rome, ruled over by the One World Government that the United States has just agreed to in the GATT treaty.

Somebody is going to have to pay for this government. There is already talk of a world wide tax. One of the provisions of this treaty is that everyone in each participating country has to receive a “Tax Identification Number”, without which you cannot buy or sell anything. That is only one step from the “Mark of the Beast”, that Antichrist will force everyone to receive in their right hand or forehead in order to buy or sell. Every member of the participating country, and that includes you, already has an (18) eighteen digit number assigned to them in the big supercomputers in Brussels, Belgium and other places for the purpose of keeping track of the world’s population and for getting their cut of the taxes. Interestingly the United States already issues out an ID Card called the “MARC” card. There is an UPC Symbol all the way across it and a magnetic strip on the back, like credit cards, that contains up to 22,000 pages of information on you. They are also planing to issue it to everyone in the US. The new UPC symbols are also of interest to a student of prophesy. They are much longer and contain (I 8) eighteen digits, and is sometimes divided into three sections of six digits each. Almost too much of a coincidence isn’t it. There is also already invented an invisible UPC symbol that only the scanners can pick up. It would be easy to tattoo on persons and it is a universal, “Worldwide” method of identification and a commercial sales system for use on all products and people.

The governing and decision making comes from seven “Judges” that have total and absolute authority over the ten economic centers. They will have control over all marketing, import and export of each country. If Mexico, who puts DDT’s in their foodstuffs, wants to import their goods to the US, who outlawed DDT’s in this country for health reasons, we can no longer say no. It is up to the seven judges of the GATT government. American businesses can now send their raw materials overseas to countries that use child and slave labor, manufacture, then re-import the products to sell to us and receive more profit than if they used our own labor. The loss of jobs in this country will be a result along with wreaking havoc in our economy, but worse than that is that we seem then to be supporting the evil going on in the world at the same time. Many other certain losses of sovereignty in each participating country will quickly come to fruition as the third-world countries bleed the economically well nations for all that they are worth.

OneWorld Money

There is already a push for a one world currency. The “Earth Dollar” is ready to be printed. A monetary uniformity has already taken place. If you hold up the US and other nations currency to the light you will see a small strip in the bill with the country and the value of the bill written on it. All major currency has this strip and there is also a common blank area with a holographic image in it. The US has already issued new currency that includes the other common features. Also as accepted worldwide as they are, credit and debit cards are a possibility for a worldwide economic system. There are some places even now in Europe that won’t accept cash only credit cards.

So where does the pre-millennial events foretold in scripture fit into this picture? In Revelation chapters 12 and 13, Antichrist’s kingdoms are pictured. First you see a Great Red Dragon, having seven heads and ten horns. The heads are given crowns. This symbolizes all of the antichrist’s of history. Individual, great leaders, that are types of the antichrist. Nebuchadnezzar, Alexander the Great, Antiochus Epiphanies, Napoleon, Hitler… These heads of the Dragon had the power in each head which is what these great leaders also had. Next in Revelation, you see a Beast coming out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns and the horns are given crowns. Here is the beginning of the Antichrist’s kingdom at the end of this current age. There will be an economic kingdom having seven rulers “heads”, governing ten kingdoms “horns”. The horns are given powers in themselves within the boundaries that the seven heads “judges” gives them. What GATT creates and has already created is none other than this “beast”, or kingdom that comes out of the sea. Next in Revelation, you see a beast coming out of the earth, having two horns as a lamb but speaking as a dragon. This is the Antichrist himself, he exercises authority of the beast before him causing both small and great, rich and poor to receive the mark of the beast in his right hand or forehead without which he cannot buy or sell. This indicates that it is possible that all the authority, (i.e. enforcing the tax number to buy or sell) that is already given to the world government may not be enforced to the fullest until the Antichrist does it himself It is obvious that GATT easily and completely fulfills the prophetical requirements of Antichrist’s kingdom.

Also interesting is the fact that just before Jesus came the first time there was a worldwide tax. Caesar caused the whole known world to be taxed. Joseph and Mary submitted to the tax and just when they came Jesus was born. Now, just before he comes again there may be a world tax and there hasn’t been one since the time of Caesar. There is a kind of double prophetical fulfillment in that, isn’t there?

Now to the true followers of Jesus none of this should be frightening. On the contrary, it is very exciting because our redemption is nearer now than ever. Plus we know that the true church is not appointed unto God’s wrath. There will be a time of persecution for the church and God will purify this world through tribulation, and then Jesus will rule and reign on earth for one thousand years. We will be kings and priests for him and will be out doing his will during this time. So don’t think that this world will be “Nuked”, or that the Great Tribulation is the end of the world, because it isn’t. God has got at least a thousand more years to use the earth.

I know that many won’t believe some of the things and associations that I have spoken of in this letter and I can understand why. But they are the truth and I invite anyone to do the research and prove it for yourself if I’m not convincing enough.

Be watching now more than ever for the Lord’s return because it is right at the door. I sincerely believe that the Grand Junction of the planets on 5-5-2000 , and the future galactic lineup in 2012, has significant prophetical meaning to the Church, which is another interesting subject in a different letter. Look forward to his return with great expectation because our reward is with him.

With Love, In Christ

Patrick Robinson

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