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A Tribute to the Life and Mind, of Dr. Gene Scott

In this letter, I am going to present to you an insight into, if not the greatest, then certainly one of the greatest, minds and scholars in modern history. His impact and contribution to Christendom, is on the order of a Martin Luther, or a Paul… just ask anyone who has learned from him.

I received, from another Scott follower who wishes to remain anonymous, a collection of inspired thoughts, quotes, and sayings, that is quite extensive and categorized by subject. His only desire was for me to write a new letter incorporating some of the quotes by the Doc, as a tribute to him. The Holy Spirit spoke through the Doc regularly, and words of truth blasted his listeners into their inmost being, and our spirit bears witness to the truth of it all. I will include many quotes covering several different subjects, however this collection is so extensive, that barring my writing a lengthy book, I can only include in this letter, what I perceived as some of his greatest inspirational quotes. My prayer is that I accomplish this job well, and that the finished letter not only brings Glory to God, but pleases my mentor and Domata as well. Rest in Peace, Doc, you’ve done well, and now it falls on those you have taught to carry this torch of truth onward and upward to this world. Each follower of Scott has been given much, and it is our responsibility to do something with what we have been given. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but we can all do something to help advance the kingdom of Christ. We must keep bringing in the light of truth to others as we have had it shown to us. After each quote, I will include the tape number that the quote came from, unless I give a statement that I remembered Scott saying myself, or that came from other Doc followers, and then I may not know the tape number, and may indeed be paraphrasing.

“God doesn’t want you to park your brains at the door of the church”

Doc on Faith…

Christ is formed in your heart by Faith. LFH-43, VF-546,…….

The “A,B,C’s of Faith” – Faith is Action, based on Belief, sustained by Confidence. LFH-89,…

Faith, (Pistis), is a Verb, not a noun..

The English language tends to limit Faith to the mind, to belief, to the emotions, and confidence or trust. And it leaves the “Will”, to another word which is “obedience”. The King James thus sets free, Faith from Works. The Greek did not allow that. You didn’t have “Pistis” (Faith) until you added the “Will” and hung the body in continuing action on what the mind believed and what the heart had confidence in. It was an expression of the “Whole Man”… LFH-83

Faith, is hanging the body on that what the mind has agreed to, and the heart has responded to. It is an action… LFH-84

Hanging the body on anything other than the “Word of God”, is “Apistis”, or unbelief. Faith in reverse. LFH-83

Faith is a voluntary choice to hang your body on a revelation of truth and what is right, and adhering to God’s Word in spite of everything around you. Only asking the question, “Is it God’s Way?” VF-974

The sin that hardens, is the sin of unbelief. The sin that hardens is departing from the way of faith. VF-944

Jesus was the first “goer”, the captain, the unchangeable pattern, the point of reference, the benchmark. But God expects us to follow His train. LFH-104

God starts the walk, God sets the pace, God lays down the pattern, but we are to follow. It’s not all of Him, and it’s surely not all of us. It is us, like unto Him. LFH-104

When Jesus said, “Into thy hands I commit my spirit” God is still searching eternity for Faith like that. LFH-104

Faith is hanging on God’s Word with effort, which gives us Hope.. LFH-114

Faith is 90% Courage, 9% Endurance, and 1% Other stuff. VF-194

We see at Kadesh Barnea, they looked at the giants, and listened to the majority instead of God, and unbelief took over. Disbelief, as we define it, “Apistis”..

“Apistis” is faith in reverse. When you get out of step with God, it’s amazing how stupid you can get, how blinded you can get. Black looks white and white looks black. Because of their unbelief, God said he was going to wipe them out, they wouldn’t be allowed to enter the promised land. Everyone over 20 years of age will die in the wilderness. And then they said, “No, we want to go in”. But it was one day too late, they would never enter the promised land. LFH-65

We have talked about laboring to enter into rest. We are commanded in the book of Hebrews, to Labor to enter into rest. A labor to enter into rest, involves you, hanging your body in obedient action, conforming to what God has said, despite what you see. God gave a promise to the Israelites, but the water didn’t part until they put their feet in it. When they put their feet in, then Jordan’s water piled up. Laboring is Faith, Rest is “Promise Obtained”. LFH-65

“Faithing”, is the one thing that he will not force upon us. He can do everything else for us, but we gotta “Faithe”. He could provide redemption, and covering for our sins. He could provide direction. He can create mansions, pour his spirit out on us, but without Faith, it is impossible to please God. LFH-83

All the “Heroes” of Faith, are nothing but ordinary men, willing to make a choice to fasten onto and hang their bodies on God’s Word.. LFH-83

Faith goes beyond belief… LFH-84

Faith, is the key to becoming a creator. Faith and Faithing, is a creating action as God and His Word produced everything. God lets us, by hanging on His Word, become the catalyst that causes His Word to keep on creating. That’s what Faith is !! It lets us join with God, as elements in continuous creation. As this world that was formed by His Word, will one day be wiped out and recreated by His Word, we, on the stage of this world, now become the exception, when we look beyond the seen to the unseen. Look beyond the visible and latch onto the invisible hope that is declared by His Word. And by hanging onto it, we literally create on the stage of history, continued expression and conformity with God’s expressed Will, as the worlds themselves were created by His Word… LFH-84

It’s nothing new to have God’s Word of promise contradicted by our circumstance. And what the Word of Promise awaits, is someone, who no matter what the circumstance, will say, “Forever, O’ Lord, Thy Word is settled in heaven”… VF-80

God said that He will “Hasten His Word to Perform it” VF-142

When all hope is gone, then, “The Word of the Lord”… VF-143

We have to continually remind ourselves, that yes, we can be walking in darkness and have no light. And that is not a sign that God has abandoned you, or you have turned from God, It’s just part of the trip.. VF-143

Faith itself requires action. The willpower of the mind has to be engaged, as you take a grip on something…

God only allows one gripping place as the object to qualify the action as “saving faith”. And that’s if you grab hold of God’s Word, and hang on the belief, in confidence, that God will back His Word…VF-194

There’s only two descriptions for Faith, Trust, or Believe in the Old Testament. 1) To Run to the shelter of a mother birds wings, or to the shadow of a rock., and, 2) The leaning on a Staff… VF-634

Faith is the only tender, that will spend in eternity… VF-634

We can’t enter into God’s presence without Faith… VF-634

Faith is the trigger that causes the release of God’s unmerited favor, wherein we stand as recipients of this gift… VF-556

I could go on and on, with this subject alone, but what I want people to realize is that Scott’s desire, in teaching us about faith, is that we not only know what it is, but that we properly apply and use it in each one of our lives. Gene Scott’s desire was to present faith to us in such a manner, that would cause us be drawn to that faith, inspiring faith in us, so we, grabbing hold of it ourselves, took his lead, giving our path a source of strength that surely helped this disciple, as I’m sure he did for anyone who has learned from him.

Doc on Christ…

In the first two chapters of Hebrews, God hurls out declarations about His Son. The Literal out raying of God’s Glory, the agent that created these worlds, that the “Son of God”, was the “Agent of Creation”… LFH-44

In Hebrews, 2nd chapter, the KJV weakens the translation by suggesting we hang onto “that” (Holy Spirit) which we have received so it doesn’t get away from us. It’s the other way around. We are to hang on to the “Mooring” (Christ), less the current drag us away from “It”, (Holy Spirit). And the Greek words mean, “plain old effort in hanging on”… LFH-44

“Live your Convictions, but Preach Christ”.. LFH-44

In the beginning of Hebrews, God spoke seven utterances about his son..

1) He’s the Heir of all things

2) He’s the author and finisher of faith

3) He made the worlds

4) He’s the “Out raying” of God’s image.

5) He upholds all things by the Word of His Power.

6) He purged our sins.

7) He sat down at the right hand of the majesty on high. LFH-104

Jesus is the Absolute Despot over his house. We’re the “House of God”. Jesus is building a new house. Literally rooting it, grounding it upon His own nature. Transforming us into the very fiber, the matrix, the foundation, the walls, the parts, the elements….”We’re the House!”… LFH-104

The manifestation of His presence, comes according to His Word, and the Laws of His Word… LFH-104

The Ark, is a type of Christ… LFH-83

If everything that was spoken by angels were fulfilled, how much more will He keep His Word, that was brought to us by His Son… LFH-92

Without the resurrection fact, there is no Christianity… VF-181

The word, “Christian”, means, “Follower of Christ”.. VF-181

Christ made eternal life, totally dependant upon making Him, our Master.. VF-181

Christ didn’t preach an ethic apart from himself, he preached himself. He said, “I’m the Door, I’m the light, I’m the way, I’m the water of life. By Me, if any man enter in, he shall be saved.” Christ put himself at the center of the religious universe… VF-181

Jesus came, making these claims about Himself…

1) I saw Lucifer cast down…

2) I was there when the worlds were formed…

3) I am the living bread…

4) All authority under heaven and earth is given unto me…

5) I’m the Door…

6) I’m the Light…

7) I’m the Way…

8) I’m the water of life…

9) By Me, if any man enter in, he shall be saved…

10) If you build on what I say, you build on a rock…

11) If you build on anything else, you’re a dead duck…

12) I’m it…

13) There’s something wrong with all of you, that can only be set right by Me…

14) I haven’t come to destroy the law, I’ve come to fulfill it…

15) I am going to ransom the whole world with Me… VF-181

Thirteen times on the sermon of the mount, Jesus said, “you’ve heard it said unto you”, “But I Say..” Jesus seated all authority in himself… VF-181

Christianity comes down to two choices. Either Jesus was nuttier than a fruit cake, or he was exactly what He said He was….The Son of God…. VF-181

The Resurrection vindicates every claim Christ made about Himself… VF-181

Life eternal, is not based on how well you imitate some other disciple, or how well you conform to church traditions. Life Eternal, is based on what you do with Jesus, who came and gave his life for you and rose again, to lead, help, and claim you… VF-181

Jesus lived our righteousness. Jesus died for our sins. We’re guarded by the power of God, He’s already preparing mansions for us, and the Holy Spirit has come to live in you. There’s only one thing that can break the connection…..Your Faith !!….That’s it! VF-230

You’re in Christ, when Christ is in you… VF-546

Christ is formed in your hearts by Faith… VF-546

It’s an act of Grace, when Christ comes into us and we into Him. This is Unmerited Favor…VF-555

Justification means, God looks at the “Faither”, like he is “just like” Christ… VF-555

When God looks at us, He puts on the, “Spectacles of Christ”, and he sees us just like He sees Christ…

You can’t have the mind of Christ, if it doesn’t make you want to give… VF-582

Every time this Gospel is preached, Jesus said to tell what this woman did. What the woman did was the proper response to hearing the Word of God. She gave her most precious possession, and wasted it on the Word of God… VF-584

Weekly giving out of what God has provided to us, is on the same level as what Christ did on the Cross. VF-584

In Christ, we are offered the keys to death, hell, and the grave…..for Faith!… VF-587

Christianity claims, that you meet God in the person named Jesus, who simply put on a garment of human flesh, and made claims that only a God could make….VF-970

“Jesus Christ was either a nut, or a phony, or, he was what he said he was … The Son of God.”

Doc on Paradoxes…

Paradoxically, the act of seeking Phileo, denies the finding of it. When ever we do something to get something in return, it doesn’t work… VF-566

A paradox embraces two things, mutually contradictory, exclusive of one another, yet concomitant. Existing at the same time, merged together, both true, yet entirely opposite. The deeper truths of God are all paradoxes… VF-588

IF our giving has any expectation of something in return, paradoxically that’s not giving, that’s investing… VF-588

We can’t be God’s, and “The worlds”, at the same time… VF-598

Jesus was 100% God, and 100% man at all times, in all respects, in every way. This is a paradox, and Christianity requires us to accept this going out the gate. VF-642

The 11th chapter of Hebrews, is about those rare exceptions, (Faithers), that would begin to Faithe. Paradoxically, that faithing action became the “Title Deed”. Paradoxically, that faithing action literally transubstantiated what was previously “Hope”, into “Literal Reality”. Paradoxically, that faith worked out to be seen. But until the faithing expression is there, you’re never going to have hope turn into substance. And you’re never going to have “Unseen”, become “Seen”… LFH-83

In the Word, there are many analogies to Christianity. A Race, warfare, a pilgrimage, citizenship, a university…VF-140

There are laws in the Spiritual world as operational as the natural…VF-166

Every deep truth Jesus taught, was a paradox, and it didn’t come out of a logical framework… VF-642

There is a twin activity in the Christian. 1) The dying of the old self, and 2) The building of the “New Life”…LF-110

These are some of the paradoxes Jesus taught.

1) You live by dying, you live and not live at the same time…

2) The first shall be last, and the last shall be first. You’re first and last at the same time…

3) If you want to be chief, be a servant…

4) No man has forsaken, with persecution, what he will receive many times in this life and the life to come.

5) You go up and down at the same time…. VF-642

    “Am I Boring you…”

Doc on Blessings…

There’s nothing wrong with God blessing people. It’s when we get into that stupidity of equating those material blessings with a superior allegiance to God’s Will… LFH-90

Blessed Men go through “Valley’s of Weeping”… VF-42

Paradoxically, “God Victories”, for you come, when we put God, His People, and His Work, First… VF-140

Psalm 84:5, “Blessed”, is a state of being blessed, that there are no ups or downs in it. It has no wavering, or change. Circumstances can’t affect it. It is an unchanging state of being blessed…. VF-142

Psalm 84:5-7, This promise of God has conditions attached to it. “Blessed is THE Man, whose strength is in THEE, (O’ God). This is a man specifically picked out of a crowd, and whose heart is on a pilgrimage..VF-142

Tozier said, It is a mistake of Christians to make Christianity a destination, or a series of destinations. We’re prone to trust the gift instead of the giver of the gift. We’re prone to look back at a blessing had, instead of going forward in the blessing… VF-142

The Blessed Man of Psalm 84, is on a journey. He’s moving on, and there is change that confronts him at every step. But the changes do not affect his “blessing state” at all. His blessing is unchanging, even though he is still changing… VF-142

God didn’t reach down to rescue fallen angels, but he did reach down to rescue fallen man… VF-166

God sometimes takes the gift, that he has given us, to teach us to trust the giver of the gift, instead of the gifts he has given us… VF-273

Faith, is the trigger that causes the release of God’s unmerited favor, where in we stand, as recipients of this gift… VF-556

When we go through valleys of weeping, it becomes an instrument by God, through us, that produces springs that can bless other people. God presses the blessings out of the Saints going through the valleys,.. for others. VF-966

God says He will “Hasten” His Word to perform it. And, God’s Word says “Blessed Men go through”. Doesn’t matter how long the valley looks, “I’m coming out Brother”… VF-142

Blessed men don’t sit in their valleys waiting for rain. They’ve already dug wells for water, the rain is extra… VF-142

Blessed is the man who’s strength is in “Thee”, and who’s heart are the ways of “Thee”…VF-142

Blessed is the man who trusts in “Thee”… VF-142

God has promised to always be with us, and never leave you… VF-142

The blessing, that funnel, which God pours out all of his goodness, is to the man who is involved in constant change… VF-273

The “Uncontainable Blessing”, is the Holy Spirit, sealed inside us…VF-581

Doc on the Saints of God…

God’s book, is full of forgiveness to those who tasted it, and still failed. Moses, Jacob, Elijah, Peter.. LFH-40

There’s no salvation in changing your behavior. If there’s any change in your behavior, it’s the result of the relationship… LFH-40

Spirituality, is the expressions of the Spirit… LFH-40

If the concept that we can fall and never get up again was true, mountains of truth and scripture must fall.. David, Abraham…. LFH-40

All the responsibility doesn’t lay with God. We have to position ourselves properly in Him… LFH-43

“Saint” in the Greek is “Hagios”.. LFH-43

A Saint, is a “Called out” one, committed to the Lord. LFH-43

Saint’s aren’t perfect, they are candidates for perfection… LFH-43

All have sinned, “Hamartia”, and fall short of the glory of God… LFH-43

“Holy”, means possession, not performance… LFH-43

Hebrews 11 points out, that even with all the mistakes these people made, faith could still link them with God and His promises… LFH-92

There’s a spirit in the world, that when you are favored of God at all, Jesus said, “If you were of the world, the world would love it’s own, but you’re not of the world, because I’ve chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.” All Joseph had to do is show up, and his brothers hated him… LFH-92

The temple vision, Ezekiel 44, is the prophecy of the restoration of worship by the saints… VF-60

The temple had an inner court and an outer court. VF-60

In the outer court, sacrifices were offered to meet the needs of the people… VF-60

In the inner court, there was only one piece of furniture, an altar or a table of incense, and only one thing went on… VF-60

These two courts were designed for the saint to look in two different directions. The outer court was designed to look at human need, and to minister unto God’s plan to human need. The inner court was designed to look upward to God and God alone… VF-60

If we don’t minister to God, we are unprofitable servants.. VF-60

They conducted their ministry as if there were only an outer court.. VF-60

They led men and women to dedication, but their abomination, was they had forgotten God… VF-60

The reason we are to pray the “Lord’s Prayer” the way Jesus said, is God has chosen in His covenants with us to make us the agents to bring heaven’s norm down, and making God’s Will on earth as it is in heaven, and making God’s kingdom on earth, as it is in heaven… VF-80

It’s nothing new to have God’s Word of promise contradicted with circumstance. What the Word of Promise awaits, is someone, who no matter what the circumstances will say, “Forever, O’ Lord, Thy Word is settled in heaven”… VF-80

We have a greater responsibility today than those of the old testament days. “To whom much is given, much is required”. We know more about God’s faithfulness to Himself, and His promises that those old testament people did… VF-140

We die to “Self”, daily… VF-140

Psalm 84:3, Our “Resting” place is at God’s altar, in His house. An altar is a place of death. It’s a place where God’s rights are recognized, and re-established. It’s a place where our lack of rights are recognized and our absence of any negotiating position. It’s where self must die, and where God alone, is Master… VF-142

The problem with a lot of saints, is they try to skirt this altar, and say, “God, leave this much for me”.. VF-142

It’s a mistake to think that we reach a place in our journey, that “Valley’s of Weeping” aren’t part of the trip… VF-142

The trick of the enemy, is to collapse your spirit when the “Valley” looms on the horizon. And, if that doesn’t work, his next tactic is to try and make you stay in the valley… VF-142

The Devil loves to help people beat themselves to death, in their valleys… VF-142

In Psalm 84, there is no attention to the cause of the valley. It doesn’t matter what caused it, just keep going forward… VF-142

If we have any claim on our life, we cannot be His “Disciple” or Learner.. VF-142

Some people never come to know God’s ways, they never submit, they never truly come to the altar. They never give up and never quit thinking God is going to be their servant and serve their needs, and they never die, which is what you must to at an altar… VF-142

Isaiah 50:11, This is what we shouldn’t do. This means, the natural tendency of every man is, when the pressure comes, the darkness settles in, when the storm hits the ship, and when you are surrounded on all sides, is to try and deliver ourselves. That’s just human nature….We start striking matches… VF-143

We’re just prone to, in darkness, to get the flesh in motion, instead of just standing still and do what God tells us is the answer, in order that the salvation of the Lord might be released… VF-143

If you’re in darkness, instead of striking matches, grab hold of God’s Word and what He said… VF-143

When we learn the ways of God, we shove the match box a little bit out of reach… VF-143

God’s Way, is Trusting in the name of the Lord… VF-143

Healing, and Giving, are the essence of God’s nature. We don’t have to talk Him into it, you make the way open for it… VF-143

God didn’t seek and save that which is lost, and after He finds you, He plays hide and go seek the rest of your life… VF-143

Most people’s problem, is they want God to approve their will… VF-143

The Raven, represents the dark side of our hearts, and it represents the darkness or evil that existed before us… VF-159

The Raven, or sinful nature, never leaves the flesh… VF-159

Most Christians think that if we are really in God’s Will, it means the elimination of trouble… VF-164

If you are in God’s Will, you’d better plan on somebody hating you… VF-164

If we don’t have any enemies trying to do us in, we aren’t doing anything for God… VF-164

We are being trained to be the Sons of God… VF-165

God’s ways are not our ways… VF-165

The only joy we’re promised here and now, is “His Presence”… VF-165

Jesus said at the Mount of Olives, “Pray that you enter not into temptation”, The Lords prayer does that… VF-166

We tend to pray in the middle of the temptation, instead of praying before the temptation comes. We should be expecting the tempter and the temptations… VF-166

We need to pray every morning to be spared temptation, this is a command from Jesus… VF-166

Be careful, when our day is filled with doing things for God, but never talking (praying) to Him… VF-166

When the joy of following Jesus wears off, and the edge falls off our dedication, Stop, Shut Up, Don’t Move, Pray… VF-166

Quit looking for special revelations of God’s special and unknown will for you, until you’re acting on what’s already known to do… VF-166

When you feel like you’ve been kicked by the Lord, hug Him close. Don’t keep Him at a distance so He can’t reach you… VF-166

When we think God is turning loose of us, we are actually turning loose of Him by following afar off… VF-166

With God, Peace comes with the unconditional surrender at the altar… VF-172

Peace, is “cessation of againstness”. You have peace, when againstness ceases, when hostilities stop, when arguing has ended, when surrender is complete… VF-172

There’s nothing that happens to the saint of God, the He doesn’t let through… VF-175

Feelings, are not the basis of the Christian Faith… VF-181

Christianity isn’t a set of ethics… VF-181

The word “Christian”, means “Follower of Christ”… VF-181

Life eternal, is not based on how well you imitate some other disciple, or how well you conform to church traditions. Life eternal is based on what you do with Jesus, who came and gave His life for you, and rose again, to lead, help, and claim you… VF-181

Christ made eternal life totally dependant upon making Him our “Master”… VF-181

In the tabernacle, we are a type of candlestick that is to shine the light by the oil of the Holy Spirit. We are a constantly shining “Light of Witness”.. VF-182

The best witness, is a constantly shining one, and a constantly flowering one. Our witness is a life, flowering out “His Nature”… VF-182

God Demands, that we will win the battle inside first, before He will win it for us outside… VF-273

Christianity, is a hard-headed choice, to turn around and go a different direction… VF-273

Doc on Giving…

“God, to be God, has no needs”

The “Table of Shewbread”, is the life of continual giving back to God, out of what He has given us…With a cheerful heart… VF-182

2 Corinthians 8&9…The ultimate proof of the genuineness of God’s Spirit in you, is how you give… VF-555

The two hardest subjects to teach, are the resurrection, and the giving of money… VF-581

Able brought his offerings, God’s way, and got killed…. VF-581

Jesus said, concerning the tithe, “these things you ought to have done”. Even though Jesus knew that the treasury where the tithe’s went into, would be where the 30 pieces of silver came from to pay Judas for the betrayal… VF-588

The premise of Tithing, goes back to before the Law, to Abraham and Jacob… VF-581

In the book of Acts, they sold everything they had and gave it to the church, (or God), That’s why there’s no teaching on tithing, they gave it all..! VF-581

God to be God has no needs, but most of Christianity raises it’s money based upon need. The churches reduce God down to a beggar of money. Need is not the criteria… VF-581

You can’t be a Christian, if you don’t have the desire to give… VF-582

The tabernacle, in the Old Testament, is a type of our relationship with God in the New Testament.. All done in secret, inside of the curtains… VF-582

Give in Secret, Pray in Secret, Fast in Secret… VF-582

It’s the nature of God’s Spirit, to make “Givers” out of us… VF-583

Every time the Gospel is preached, Jesus said to tell what this woman did. What the woman did, was the proper response to hearing the Word of God. She gave the most precious thing she had, and wasted it on the Word of God… VF-584

We are closest to God, when we are giving God’s Way…. VF-585

We don’t give to stay alive, we give because we are alive… VF-585

In Philippians, Paul says, “Giving is not a gift for me, but fruit that abounds to your account”… VF-586

We give because God likes it, not because He needs it… VF-588

We don’t give because of grief, or need, we give because the indwelling Holy Spirit compels us to… VF-590

Giving hilariously, is an outpouring of God’s Life in us… S-2836


“That’s what I said…”

Well alright then, I pray that these words of wisdom, spoken by Dr. Gene Scott, are as much a blessing to you, as they are to me as I transposed them. There is no need for me to expound on them. The truth, is that I’ve barely scratched the surface of the wealth of inspired quotes that Doc spoke. I guess I need to create more letters, diving into the mind of my teacher, thereby preserving his statements for posterity. What Gene Scott taught me more than anything, with the exception of Faith in Christ, is that I can trust God’s Word, it will stand the test, and it will not fail. You too can trust it and rely on it. You, in the midst of your life full of turmoil and strife, can say “damn the circumstances”, I am going on in faith.

With Love in Christ,
Patrick Robinson, Minister

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