Dr. Gene Scott

Dr. Gene Scott, PHD

Gene Scott

August 14, 1929 – February 21, 2005

Dr. Gene Scott, was the catalyst that I was privy to, that led to my studies back in 1986, and to Truth Seekers Ministries, which began in 1994. However, I can no longer recommend his website for reference or research. Dr. Scott had a PHD from Stanford University, and was the Teaching Pastor for the University Cathedral in Los Angeles. You could always watch his live broadcast, or you could pick any of the many hundreds of messages that were available from his website. Before his death several years ago, he had married Melissa, and she promised to keep putting his teaching and messages out there for the world. After his death, however, you could no longer access all of the different messages and subjects that he had allowed everyone free access to.

Now I really liked Melissa Scott, and gave her much time to get his messages back online, but this has never happened. Melissa is a smart woman, a linguist, and speaks and writes several languages. Those facts alone do not help her case. I just loved listening to Dr. Scott, he made learning fun and made you want to get into the research yourself. All Melissa seems to want to do is to break apart words from Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic, to explain what the original texts are really saying. This is good for our edification and studies, but, to listen to her is somewhat like fighting off sleep while attempting to pull your own teeth. She does play one of Dr. Scott’s messages on occasion, but most of her broadcasts lift up herself and not her husbands teaching. She even now edits Doc’s messages, taking out the things that are controversial, and claiming them as her own. The teachings that she is now preventing this world from having, drew thousands of followers including myself to a Christianity that blew away traditions, lifted up true science and history, and challenged the listener to think for themselves.

Maybe in the future, Melissa will get it, and understand what compelled Scott’s listeners to devote themselves to a higher calling, and pulled in hundreds of thousands of followers to his ministry worldwide. His uncommon ways, his pipes, cigars, cussing, hats, and dislike of TV evangelists, stepped on many traditions of the church. But his uncommon ways were outshined by his spectacular ability to teach on subjects that truly changed this disciple’s life, and thousands of other’s, and helped to prepare me, to teach these truths to all who would inquire of me. I, would place Dr. Gene Scott, PHD, in the ranks of Martin Luther, and even Paul the Apostle, when it comes to how much his impact on Christendom has been. This world lost a great teacher and warrior for Christ and Truth, when Dr. Scott died.

Satan, that Old Lion, just may have pulled out a thorn from his paw, by eliminating the Doc.., but he turned around to find himself stuck in the middle of a briar patch. I truly believe that there are hundreds of Scott’s followers, who are now teaching, or beginning to teach others, the truths that we have learned through Dr. Scott. Any one of us, may not have the impact that Scott did, but as a whole we can make a difference. So, Melissa, I don’t know your reasons for doing this, and maybe you are being pressured by someone or some group, I don’t know, and you may have the rights to Doc’s teaching, but keeping them from the world, even through legal maneuvering, and getting the messages taken off the web when you find them, is not what the Doc would have wanted and you know that. God is in control though, and now there are many more teachers springing up to keep truth shining throughout the world, and I for one will die teaching the things that the Doc taught me. Rest in Peace Dr. Scott, we’ll be there soon.

With Love in Christ,
Patrick Robinson 10-9-2009

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