A Disciples Study of the Celtic Nations…. Just who are they, Really?

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A Disciples Study of the Celtic Nations….
Just who are they, Really?


The subject, that I am about to unfold and reveal to you, has been the object of some cultic origins that I do not adhere to. Neither do I believe that their viewpoints are accurate. Most of you probably haven’t heard of this cult, nor of their racist views. Before I teach on this subject, I want you to understand that I am not a racist, by no means, and anyone that knows me would agree. As I approach the different sections of information in this subject, I will endeavor to keep any racist views far from this study. I pray that no one will take this information and run off with it to start their own little sect full of racism and hatred towards other races of mankind.

In the Kingdom of Christ, there is neither Jew nor Greek. We all are equal under Jesus, He is the head and we are His body. It is not important, other than increased faith in God’s Word, whether some of us may or may not be part of the tribes of Israel. The promises that God made to the 12 Tribes of Israel, are somewhat limited to earthly things, like land. The promises we have in Jesus Christ are not limited to this earth, we have much greater things to look forward to, than some section of land, or some earthly kingdom to rule. If you seek to be under the law, then, by the law, you will be judged. If, however, we seek that kinship to Christ, and being saved by faith in Jesus’ sacrifice, then by faith we are put into Christ, and are not judged by God’s unattainable laws.

To begin this study, we must first understand how the “Lost Tribes” were lost, and we need to understand how the twelve tribes of Israel, even Israel itself, came into existence. So I will now begin with an overview of the birth of God’s chosen people, Israel, and the birth of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

Abraham was brought up in the knowledge of God. He studied under Seth, and Noah. When he left them he was surrounded by idol worship everywhere he went, yet Abraham, by his faith, pleased God. He received promises from God, among which were that his seed would be like the sand of the seashore and like the stars of the heavens. Such a huge number of descendants were promised to Abraham, that they could not even be counted. Abraham was getting very old, and because Sarah hadn’t yet conceived him a child, he decided to try to do God’s work for him. He took Sarah’s servant, Hagar, and had a firstborn son Ishmael. God, who never works on our timescale, told him that Ishmael wasn’t the seed of promise, and that Sarah would conceive and soon have a son also. She then had a son, Isaac. But, because of dissension and jealousy between Sarah and her servant, God had Abraham send Hagar and Ishmael away. Ishmael received his own promises from God, among them was that he would become a great nation. The Arabs of today are descendant from Ishmael. God’s purpose for sending Hagar and Ishmael away was to preserve the pure Messianic line, unmolested. God knew that the messianic line and the line of Ishmael would never get along with each other. There would be so much dissension and animosity between them that there would not be any inner-mingling between them. God told Abraham and Sarah, when he changed their names from Abram and Sarai, that he would be a father and she a mother of many nations, and that many kings would come from her. (Gen. 17)

Isaac married Rebekah. She was barren and Isaac prayed to God about it. She then conceived twins that were struggling together in her womb. The Lord told her that two nations were in her womb, one shall be stronger than the other and the elder shall serve the younger. She had two sons, Esau and Jacob. Esau came out first with Jacob holding on to his heel. Though Esau was his firstborn, Jacob obtained the birthright from Esau; Esau sold it for a bowl of pottage. (Soup) Jacob then ran from his angry brother Esau and went to Haran.

Jacob found a spot to rest in the evening. He used stones for a bed and a stone for a pillow. In the night he dreamed a dream. He saw a ladder that ascended up to heaven; angels were going up and down. Above the ladder stood the Lord God. God told him that he was the God of Abraham and Isaac. That he would give to him the land where he was laying down and that his seed would be blessed in it and that they would be as the dust of the earth. His seed would spread in all directions and that through his seed all the families of the earth would be blessed. I want you to think about this. When have the Jew’s been numerous as the dust of the earth, or when have the Jews been a blessing to the nations? The Lord told Jacob that he would be with him and keep him wherever he went. He wouldn’t leave him and will bring to pass all that he told him.

When Jacob awoke, he took the stone he used for a pillow and set it up for a pillar and poured oil on it. He called that place Bethel. (House of God) Jacob then lived with Laban. He fell in love with Rachel, one of Laban’s daughters and Laban agreed to give her to him if he worked for him seven years. Jacob agreed, and at the end of seven years Laban deceived Jacob by giving him Leah. It makes you wonder how good Jacob’s sight was considering he took Leah to bed. He seemed surprised when he woke up. Sly old Laban then forced Jacob to work for him seven more years for Rachel, Jacob’s true love. Jacob agreed for he truly loved Rachel. Through these two wives and their handmaiden’s, were born to Jacob twelve sons. When Jacob left Laban at the end of 14 years, he was worrying about seeing Esau and meeting him again because of how he took the birthright from him. He was preparing to meet him and he reasoned with himself a plan to not lose everything he had, so he split his people and belongings and sent them to two different areas. After that he was left alone, and during the night he wrestled with a man, all night until the breaking of day. This “man” turned out to be the Lord himself. The Lord was trying to leave and Jacob wouldn’t let go of him until he would bless him. The Lord touched his thigh and it came out of joint. Jacob still wouldn’t let go. Then God changed Jacob’s name to Israel and blessed him. Jacob called that place Peniel, meaning “face of God”, for he had seen God face to face and lived. He did, however, walk with a limp the rest of his life.

Now for a quick overview of the 12 sons or tribes of Israel. You’ve probably heard of Joseph and his coat of many colors. Joseph was Israel’s favorite son because he came from Rachel and he also had a dream, and in it, the sun, moon, and stars, all bowed down to him. This just aggravated their feelings for him. They wouldn’t bow to him. They sold him into slavery in Egypt and told Jacob that he was killed by wild animals. God used this for good. Joseph went from being an imprisoned slave to become the greatest in Egypt, second to Pharaoh, and he helped save the nations through a 7-year drought that was coming. Israel, his sons, their children, and all they possessed came down to Egypt. There were 70 in all that went down to Egypt. Joseph had two sons himself, Ephraim and Manasseh. When Jacob had blessed his sons, he also blessed Joseph’s sons as if they were his own. By the time that Moses led Israel out of Egypt, they had multiplied to about 2 1/4 Million.

When the 70 went down to Egypt, Joseph was in charge of everything. He and his family were exalted above all Egypt and even the people of Egypt loved Joseph and his family. It seems strange that by the time of the exodus, that all Israel was in bondage, slaves of the Egyptians. Churches do nothing to explain this mystery, among many others. What is not known by most people is that there were two exoduses out of Egypt. After the death of Joseph, the firstborn line of Zarah ruled Egypt. I may need to explain this. Judah had two sons, Zarah and Pharez. Because Israel gave Judah the Scepter, his firstborn son was to rule. The sons of Joseph, after his death, gave over the rulership to the line of Judah. Over the next 150 years the non-ruling Princes of the Zarah line of Judah, migrated out and founded the cities of Troy, Athens, Miletus, and more. Brutus, later founded New Troy, the birth of London. About 150 years before the Exodus, the King of Upper (Southern) Egypt, conquered the Hyksos (foreign), hence, the Zarahite rulers. The ruling family fled leaving the Pharez line, and all of the other sons lines, the rest of Israel, in Egypt. The historian Diodorus writes of this first exodus.

After the years of bondage, a miraculous exodus, and because of their lack of faith that led to an extra 40 years of training in the wilderness, God finally settled Israel down and divided out the land for them. There were many battles and times of God’s blessing, then hard headed Israel would rebel and lose God’s blessing. This occurred several times. Israel wanted a king, to be like the other nations, so God provided Samuel, the Prophet, he warned them of the consequences but because of their determination for a king he chose Saul. At first Saul was a good king but he soon failed to follow God’s plan and Samuel took the throne from him and gave it to David. He’s the one that killed Goliath, remember? God blessed King David and even called him a man after his own heart. God also promised David that, “David shall never want a man to sit upon the throne of the house of Israel” Jeremiah 33:17.

By that one statement alone, have many lost their faith. They look at Israel, and the Jews, and rightly see that there has been no king ruling Israel, sitting on a throne, anywhere in the world. May God’s word be true and all men liars. God knew what he was talking about, and he knew that there would be those that think that He, God, had failed in this promise to David. I believe that God, in his omniscience, knew that the House of Israel would be lost, to men, and those that lost faith over David’s promise of an eternal throne and perpetual kings, were never chosen by God to begin with. You may hear, from “the learned churchmen”; that the line of kings stopped with Christ and it will return when Jesus comes to rule. They fail to mention the fact that there were no kings ruling “Israel” when Jesus came, there hadn’t been for some time. Jesus knew the truth though as you will soon see. There are also those that say that the kingship was to be of the line of Judah, not the house of Israel. That is a true statement and it will prove itself to be so soon in this study.

To understand this perpetual throne, you first have to understand that God divided “Israel” and “Judah”. Jacob gave promises to his sons that were fulfilled totally. He gave Judah, the scepter, the right to govern by laws. To Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh, he gave the Crown, or kingship. I have to reiterate that God did not give Judah the Crown; they received the Scepter, meaning “Namesake”, and were to be the keepers of the Law. Israel soon divided itself. Judah, with the Levite’s and part of Benjamin, became the Southern Kingdom. These were the ones that would take on the names of “Jews”. Ephraim, Manasseh, and the other ten tribes would become the Northern Kingdom of Israel. The Northern Kingdom of Israel had the throne and King. The southern kingdom or “Jews”; were the Lawgivers and Priests. However, both the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Southern kingdom of Judah placed kings over themselves. Simeon took on the Priestly role for the Northern Kingdom, while the Levites were the Priests of the Southern Kingdom.

Because of Israel’s, the Northern Kingdom’s, idolatrous ways, God divorced them. God said that he would scatter them to the ends of the earth. He said that they wouldn’t remember where they came from. He did this by allowing Assyria to conquer them.

Assyria relocated the House of Israel, along with some thousands of Jews, below the Black and Caspian Seas. They were used by the Assyrians as a buffer zone, to block off any advances by the Medes. This happened around 732-700 B.C. Assyria also allowed the kingdom of Judah to retain her king for some time yet. By the time of Christ, the Romans ruled the kingdom of Judah, and the kingdom of Israel was already migrating across Europe.

The Great Pyramid in Egypt, indicates that there was to be a knowledge explosion in the middle to the latter part of the 1800’s. The next bit of information in this letter falls perfectly in place with the message in the pyramid and gives us another confirmation of the accuracy of the message that was left to us as recorded in the Great Pyramid. If you haven’t read that message, I urge you to do so.

Recent archaeology has uncovered concrete evidence regarding the House of Israel, and their migrations. Sir Henry Rawlinson discovered the Behistun Rock in 1840. This gigantic carving into the mountainside is some 300 ft from the base of a 1700 ft tall mountain. The engravings are about 100 ft high and 150 ft wide. The writing is in three languages. Darius the Great commissioned the engravings as an ode to his great accomplishments in 515 B.C. This gives us evidence of his subjects, as Israelites, under different names that were given to them by their conquerors. The word, “Cana” and “Sakka”, Canaan and Isaac, are some of what they were called. Saka becomes Gimri in Babylonian. Sakka comes from Isaac, and becomes Saxon. Gimri, from Khumri, (Omri) becomes Gimmiria and Greek Kimmerioi to Cimmerian. We now can find that most of the names found in European history are traceable back to the Sakka, Gimri, and Scythians.

Another example is to be found in the Assyrian Tablets. In 1847, Sir Henry Layard, uncovered the Assyrian City of Nineveh. The Royal Palace contained some 23,000 clay tablets with everything from business deals to government spy reports. Just like the Behistun Rock, these tablets tell the names given to the Israelites that Assyria placed above them to be used as a buffer state.

The evidence is abundant regarding the name changes of the Northern Kingdom of Israelites. If you or I go to a foreign speaking country and inquire about what they would call you, they would give a derivative of your name that may or may not sound like your name. I urge you to study the evidence about the Behistun Rock, and the Assyrian Tablets. They contain concrete evidence regarding Israel’s capture and scattering.

Israelites, called Gimira by Assyria, and Kimmeroii (Cimmerians) by Greeks, established a reign of terror in Asia Minor, from 710-590 B.C., and finally migrated to Europe; to a place they called Arsareth. (2 Esdras 13:40-44 in the Apocrypha) This group was a part of the Israelites that left Egypt before Israel came under bondage.

Assyria was conquered, and between 600-500 B.C. the Northern Kingdom of Israel, as Scythians, were driven north by the Medes, through the Caucasus Mountains and settled in south Russia.

Cimmerians in Europe moved up the Danube, named by the tribe of Dan, and they became known as the Celts. (Greek derivative of Keltoi) This was around 650-500 B.C. The Celtic expansion from central Europe came in waves and most of them finally settled into France and Britain, this happened from 400-100 B.C.

It seems that there was a huge collision of millions of people of the House of Israel, that went through the Caucus Mountains, with the Celts, millions of them, that came from the same area and migrated westward around 600-500 B.C. The Celts, who called themselves Caucasian (hint-hint), because of their origin, brought with them many traditions of the Israelites. They lived in Booths, same as Israel. They had banners that portrayed similar symbolic pictures as the Northern Tribes had. Their warriors were fierce, and always took the heads of their enemies, the same as did Northern Israel. Millions upon millions of Israelites disappeared north of the Caucus Mountains at the same time in history that millions and millions of Celts appeared at the same place. Either there was a huge collision of many millions of peoples or, most obviously, they are one and the same. The only logical conclusion is that they are the same people, called by different names that were given them by Assyria, Greece, Persia and others. They lost their remembrance of who they were, yet God preserved knowledge of them that he would reveal during the time of the end when he said that all the mysteries would be revealed.

As the divorced wife, Northern Israel-the Ten Lost Tribes, scattered over Western Europe, she knew not her husband. God, however, provided that after her husband died, (Jesus as God) she could then remarry. God said that he would join again together the two sticks and they would again become one. God would reunite the sticks in the last days and she would remarry him again. Why is it that only the United States, probably Manasseh, and Great Britain (Ephraim) have been joined with the Jew, supported and defended them and helped to establish the current country of Israel? Without Great Britain and the U.S., Israel as it exists today, would not be. The two sticks are being joined again. God is pulling the strings of the nations, and He is fulfilling all of the old and new testament prophesies. Praise God, and Jesus Christ his son, for his perfect Word that was given to us.

Getting back to David’s throne now, if God be true, there has been, continuously since David, a king, descended from David, seated on some throne ruling over the House of Israel. David is of the tribe of Judah. The last king of Judah was King Zedekiah. He was conquered by Nebuchadnezzar in 586 B.C. All of his sons were killed and it would seem that the kingly line of David was interrupted. King Zedekiah, however, had two daughters, one of them was named Tea Tephi.

The prophet Jeremiah, called by God even before his birth, was to be more than a prophet. He was Grandfather to King Zedekiah, but most importantly he was God’s guardian of the Throne and Bloodline of David. Jeremiah’s tasks have confounded scholars for decades. He was to root out, pull down, destroy, and throw down kingdoms. We can see by history how he has accomplished this. He was also, however, supposed to “build and plant” the nation of Israel. This part, of his command by God, hasn’t been understood until recently.

There is only one place in the world that claims to have the burial place of the Prophet Jeremiah. There is only one country with tales of an old man, his scribe Brug, bringing a king’s daughter from Egypt. More Jerry’s come from this country than anywhere else. This place is Ireland. Jeremiah 41:10 indicates the presence of “king’s daughters” with Jeremiah’s traveling group. They travel first to Tahpanhes, Egypt. There is still a structure that bears the name, “Palace of the Jews Daughters”. Isaiah 37:31 confirms this saying, “a remnant of Judah” shall escape and “take root downward”. Most likely there were five in his group, Jeremiah, Baruch, Ebed-Melech, Tea Tephi, and her sister (unnamed). History has Jeremiah taking with him that “Jacobs Pillow”, the rock that the Israelites crowned all their kings on, this same rock was carried with the Israelite’s forty years in the wilderness for water. This rock symbolizes Christ. There are many tales in Ireland about this group of people, with many variations to the stories. There is however a few underlying facts that are in agreement to each, and they are: The “Stone of Destiny” came from Spain; Before that it came from Egypt; It was bought by an aged guardian who was called “Ollam Folla”, meaning Revealer or Prophet; Accompanying the man was an eastern king’s daughter. Eochaidh (Eremhon), of the ruling kings line of Ireland, married the daughter, Tea Tephi; the old man became the most influential statesman and spiritual leader of Ireland. God was beginning to draw together the two sticks. Israel and Judah, were on the right track to join together again in God’s eyes.

When they arrive in 583 B.C., the High King of Ireland gives Jeremiah complete control. He instituted laws, schools, and congresses. We owe our own constitution and schools to him. He, being the guardian and Great Grandfather of Tea Tephi, gives her to marriage to Eochaidh, a Celtic king. Eochaidh was crowned King on the coronation stone, that Stone of Destiny, Jacobs’s Pillow, brought there by Jeremiah. All the kings of Israel and Judah were crowned standing on or beside this stone. Eochaidh and Tea Tephi fulfilled Jacobs command that Judah should rule over the people of the twelve tribes. Eochaidh is descended from the Zarah line of Judah, and Tea Tephi was of the Pharez line of Judah.


The stone was used to crown all the Ireland Kings, and then taken to Scotland, it was used to crown the Scottish Kings. It now rests under the coronation chair in England, where it has been used to crown the English royalty who are of Scottish lineage. All of the kings, Ireland, Scotland, and more recently the English kings, have been directly descendant from the line of Judah. Recently, in 1996 (I believe), Britain moved the stone back to Scotland as a good faith gesture since King Edward took the stone from Scotland to England in 1296 A.D. The promise to David has been and still is being fulfilled to this day. Interesting to note, the stone has two iron rings that was used for carrying. The rock between the rings is worn considerable; also the rings are worn badly. This could not have happened from Ireland to Scotland and then to England. Forty years, however, of wandering in the wilderness carrying that stone could well have worn the rock and rings as they now are. The rock, also, is of red limestone, native only to the Red Sea area.



If you are of Celtic origin, the Caucasians, you are directly descended from these Tribes of Israel. The Jews of today encompass only the tribe of Judah, the Levites, and a small part of Benjamin. The rest of Israel can be found in the Celtic nations, Great Britain, the United States (those of Celtic origin), and Canada. Even the Japanese have their origins in the tribes of Israel. There was found, an epitaph, on a tombstone north of the Black and Caspian Seas that state that a portion of Gad, Reuben and half of the tribe of Manasseh had moved away eastward “as far east as China”. This among other pieces of information proves that the Japanese definately come from the tribes of Israel. God did say that he would push them eastward and westward. That is why the Japanese eyes and their color are different than the Chinese.

The Scottish tartans, a multi-colored plaid cloth, used by the Scottish clans, have their origins; it is believed, in Joseph’s coat of many colors. Tartans have been found dating as early as 400 B.C. Each clan has different colors in their tartan. The Celtic Druid Priests, have their origins from the Israelite Priests. Their belief system so closely resembles that of Christendom, that when the gospel was sent to them they wholeheartedly changed over to Christianity. The term British, means simply “covenant man”. In heraldry, the banners and colors of the different tribes of Celts have similar pictures and emblems as do the tribes of Israel.

I have researched my lineage and what I’ve found is that the Scottish name Robinson comes from the Clan Donnachaidh. They had taken their name from Robert the Bruce, of “Braveheart” fame. The Clan Donnachaidh is one of the oldest clans in Scotland, and they are descendant from the earliest Kings of Scotland. I’m almost sure that I am from the tribe of Benjamin as was Jeremiah. It makes me feel honored to be part of that heritage, however, we must be humbly reminded that all of the members of the clan are not a blood relative to the King. Many people that are of the clan had taken the name to themselves to honor the King. They became literal members of the clan even though they weren’t directly related to them. Below, is the particular tartan, badge, and motto of the clan that I am part of. The motto of the clan reads,”Glory is the Reward of Valor”. Every clan has different colors and patterns for their tartan, which makes identity of someone easy by discerning the color and pattern of the tartan that is worn.


I now want to relate to you a somewhat different yet fascinatingly connected story.

When Jesus was growing up, we have no record of what he did between twelve and thirty. Some say that he went to Egypt, to India, even to the America’s. There is, however, evidence that he spent a lot of time in Glastonbury, England. Travel, back in Jesus’ day, was not cheap. You had to have considerable finances, compared to the average person, to attempt a long voyage by land or sea back then.

Have you not wondered why John the Baptist didn’t recognize Jesus at first? He even sent his disciples to question Jesus if he was the one that John was expecting to come. Even when Jesus spoke in the synagogue, people asked if he wasn’t the son of Joseph the carpenter. If he had lived with these very people during his teens and twenties they would have immediately known for sure who he was. When Jesus was asked to pay tribute, it was a tax on foreigners and was paid with the Greek Stater, right out of the mouth of a fish, not the Jewish shekel that was used for the temple tax. He was an outsider to them and he had not been living there for many years.


It is known that Joseph had died when Jesus was just young. It then came upon the next of kin to support Mary and her family. Joseph of Arimathea was wealthy, and there are stories about him taking Jesus on his many trips. He also took Mary on some of the trips. Joseph was a dealer in metals and other goods. He is known to have taken many trips to Britain to obtain these metals. One such story has Joseph taking Jesus and Mary to the “LakeVillage”, he dropped them off before heading to the lead mines of the Mendip Hills. Joseph found accommodations for the boy and his mother and then departed. Jesus then went to a neighboring island and began to construct a “Wattle Hut”, similar to those of the lake village. When it was finished, the boy and mother moved to the hut and Joseph sailed away.

You may ask, as some have, that why did Jesus choose Britain to live in. There are several reasons. First, here was a place that abounded in fish and game. There was fertile soil to grow food. There was an ample supply of water from the spring, or “Chalice Well”. It has been, since ancient times, known as “Jesus’ Well”. One story has it that the Holy Grail, that was


used by Jesus at the Last Supper was taken to the well by Joseph and buried next to it. There are many stories of the healing powers of the water from the well. Stories also have it that Jesus and Mary came to live in the home that Jesus had built with his own hands. This “Isle of Avalon”, has been sacred for centuries. Even King Arthur is said to be buried there. Another reason for Jesus picking this island to live on is that it was totally free from the Roman rulership. Jesus was right at home regarding his worship among the Druidic worship of the area. The Druidic Priests are known to have a very similar worship. It is told that they had knowledge of the One God yet a triune God. Also they believed in a coming “Yesu” or “Hesus”, the messiah that would redeem man back to God. This is the reason that the Druid’s readily accepted Jesus as the true messiah after Jesus’ death and resurrection. The Druidic faith anticipated Christianity and even called their messiah by his true name. Though Jesus did not reveal himself to them as their messiah, they came to revere this Holy Man for his teaching and knowledge.


This famous, “Isle of Avalon”, was an island during the time of Jesus. It became attached to the mainland as the estuary retreated to the sea and six lakes were formed. The lakes were in existence up until the 16th century. Today some of the former lakes still have their original names such as, “Meare Pool”, which is now a field. The “Tor” (mount), part of the island is raised higher than the surrounding area. There still exists a tower which is what remains of a church that was dedicated to Michael the Archangel. It is said that Michael appeared to a group of fishermen there in 495 A.D.

Joseph of Arimathea is known mostly in the Bible as the Great-Uncle of Jesus. He was a secret disciple of Jesus. He defended Jesus to the Sanhedrin, and by his relationship to Jesus, he rightfully claimed the body of Christ. It is not commonly known of his whereabouts after the resurrection and Ascension of Christ. The Eastern church confirms, as does the Talmud, that Joseph was the Great Uncle of Jesus and the Uncle of Mary. It is also known that Mary’s husband Joseph, had died early in Jesus’ life. Jesus other siblings were from Joseph’s first marriage. The next male kin to Mary would take over as guardian of the family. Hence, it fell to Joseph of Arimathea. Another important piece of information is that Jesus sibling’s mother, Joseph’s first wife, was the sister-in-law of Zacharias. This made them full cousins to John the Baptist. It seems strange that the Bible does not mention Joseph of Arimathea at all after the burial of Jesus. I would presume that after the resurrection and ascension of Jesus that Joseph would become an ardent follower of Jesus. The facts are that Joseph became the first Apostle to Britain, more than 500 years before St. Augustine set foot there.

Why did Jesus tell the disciples, regarding a woman of Canaan and her daughter that was “vexed” with a devil, that he was not sent but unto the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel? (Mt.15:24) I believe that he knew that Christianity would spread throughout the Celtic nations, starting in Britain, his home before he began his ministry. Several ancient manuscripts indicate that after the Passion of Christ, Joseph was commissioned by St. Phillip, the Apostle, to take the Gospel to Britain. A great persecution arose against the disciples and followers of Christ. Legends have it that Joseph, with several other disciples including Mary, the mother of Jesus, was set adrift off the coast of Caesarea with no oars or sails, by the Jewish Sanhedrin. They arrived at Cyrene unharmed. They obtained sails and oars and proceeded to the south of France. Records have the Bethany family, including Mary Magdalene and Lazarus, teaching and preaching in southern France. The party then parted, leaving the Bethany family in France. While some of the party settled in France, Joseph, Mary, and eleven other disciples journeyed on to their destination, the Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury England. There are two traditional routes, that is said, that was taken by them, one by land and the other by sea. What is not in question is that they arrived there. They were met by King Arviragus of the Silurian Dynasty in Britain. He and Joseph were well known to each other because of the former “metal trade” that Joseph was in.

King Arviragus was converted to Christianity chiefly through his relationship with Joseph of Arimathea and the Cross became a main symbol of Britain. It is recorded history that King Arviragus granted to Joseph and his followers “twelve hides of land” about 1900 acres, in “Yniswitrin”, a marshy tract of land, which was called in later times as the “Isle of Avalon”. This Royal Charter is written in the “Domesday Book of Britain”. In this book it is stated that, “The Domus Dei, in the Great Monastery of Glastonbury, called the Secret of the Lord, the Glastonbury Church possesses, in its own villa, XII hides of land which have never paid tax.” This grant gave the recipients many favors including citizenship, which offers a range of things, including freedom of movement through all districts even during time of war. This land was given to them under their title, “Judean Refugees”. This Domesday book was compiled by King William, his chroniclers used all possible information to bring up to date their knowledge of history.

William Malmsbury, historian of Glastonbury, referencing ancient documents states that, “in the year of our Lord 63, twelve holy missionaries, with Joseph of Arimathea (who buried our Lord) at their head came over to Britain preaching the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. …The king …gave for their habitation a certain island bordering on his region….Called Ynis-wytrin.”. After obtaining this grant from the King, Joseph and the others began to build homes for Mary, and the rest of them. Archaeology recently confirmed a central large building surrounded by twelve smaller homes. This was the first church ever built and it was built in Britain.


Of all the traditions of Glastonbury the story of King Arthur, making his final resting place among the graves of the earliest disciples of Jesus and his mother Mary, is proudly regarded as truth by the earliest Monk’s of the Abbey. As the mighty King Arthur lay dying from fatal wounds he received in Cornwall, he asked to be conveyed to that Isle of Avalon to be laid to rest there. There is not much recorded history of this mighty King of Britain. It was some two centuries after Arthur, that there were recorded, the first words regarding him and his many battles with the Picts and the pagan Saxons. Modern research has proven fruitful regarding this great leader and his Knights of the Round Table. It no longer is deemed legend, that he existed, or that his mighty sword Excalibur was literal. It is stated in 1191AD by the Abbot of Glastonbury that “King Arthur and his Queen Guinevere were buried in the monk’s graveyard between two pyramids”. An eye witness to the search relates that at the depth of seven feet a large flat stone was found. On the underside of the stone was fastened a lead cross. The cross was taken from the stone and on the side facing the stone were found the words, “Hic jacet sepultus inclytus Rex Arthurius in Insula Avalonia”, meaning “Here lies, buried in the island of Avalonia, the renowned King Arthur”. Under the stone was a huge coffin of hollowed oak that contained two cavities. Occupying two thirds of this coffin at the head was a man of “gigantic” stature. His large skull had ten wounds, nine of which showed signs of healing. A woman’s bones lay in the remaining third of the coffin. A large tuff of yellow hair was found by her bones that disintegrated when touched.


King Edward, in 1278, having kept the festival of Easter at Glastonbury, had the relics of King Arthur and Guinevere put on display. He then ordered them put into separate coffins and sealed in a black marble tomb. This tomb had survived until the Abbey’s dissolution in 1539. The tomb was found again in 1931, near to the original position of the High Altar. Modern excavations uncovered what is believed to be the original resting place of Arthur, and it is still marked as such today. On the river Brue, a mile from Glastonbury, is to be found an ancient bridge with four arches. This bridge called today, “Pomparles”, has been said to be the place where Arthur gave up his sword Excalibur. King Arthur was an avowed Christian. He used his faith to bind Britain together to defeat all her enemies. What seems strangely interesting to me is that King Arthur’s lineage is directly descended to Joseph of Arimathea. The historian John of Glastonbury gives us his lineage as being the 10th direct descendant from St. Joseph of Arimathea. This relationship of Arthur to Joseph, leads us to understand more fully the relationships among King David, King Solomon, Judas Maccabees, with the traditions surrounding King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table and their quests, among which is the quest of the Holy Grail.


There are two stories regarding this Cup of the Last Supper, the Holy Grail, that circulate among the faithful at Glastonbury. Tradition has it that Joseph had the cup with him when he came, bringing Mary the mother of Jesus. He is said to have buried it in the earth at the “Chalice Well”, or “Jesus’ Well”. This would explain the miraculous healing properties that the faithful proclaim the water of the well has. There is however another interesting theory. There exists a relic of old, a knarled Olive wood cup. This story begins with Henry VIII. In his ruthless destruction of monasteries, he had the Glastonbury Abbey destroyed. The last Abbot, Richard Whiting, entrusted a wooden cup to his monks to carry to safety. He claimed this cup as being “the most precious treasure of our Abbey”. These monks fled to Wales, then having to flee again from Henry’s destructive force. They fled over mountainous and marshy land for some fifteen miles where they arrived at the, “Nantous Manor”. The Lord of the manor took them in, gave them lodging and food, and provided them work so they could stay indefinitely. As the years past, the monks numbers dwindled, until only one was left. As he lay dying, he entrusted the Lord of the Manor with the cup and the secret behind it. He was told to keep it in the possession of the Manor “until the church claims her own”. This cup, the “Nantous Cup”, has been claimed responsible for healing many, many people over the centuries. They had to fashion a glass bowl to keep the cup in, so people wouldn’t bite a chip off of it. This dark, blackened wooden cup resembles half of a coconut shell with much of one side broken or bitten off. Whether or not this cup is the “Holy Grail”, is not questioned by the people that have been healed by drinking from it. The written history of people that have been healed is beyond refuting. Who knows? Maybe Joseph broke a part off of the cup to be left in the well and gave the rest of it to be kept by the monks.


Perhaps one of the most intriguing legends surrounding Glastonbury, is about the Holy Thorn tree. It is said that when Joseph of Arimathea arrived, he took his staff; some claim it was Jesus’ staff, and he thrust it into the ground. He was claiming that his journey was over. This staff, in the moist earth, took root and budded, growing into the famous “Glastonbury Thorn”. What is significant about this Hawthorn is that it blooms twice a year, once in May and again in December. Botanists agree that it is a Levantine Hawthorn that is indigenous to the area of the Eastern Mediterranean, not England. What is strange about this “Holy Thorn”, is that it blooms in May, similar to the Ireland’s native Hawthorn, and in December it blooms which is when the Hawthorn’s of the Middle Eastern countries bloom. The mid-east variety only blooms in December and the British Hawthorn only blooms in May. This is the only Hawthorn in the world that has been found to bloom twice a year. Cuttings of this thorn tree that are taken even to the U.S. still retain the properties of the original, blooming twice a year. Because of the fanatical Puritans, the original thorn tree was destroyed, it is said of the person wielding the axe that he was wounded in the eye with a thorn from it causing him to go blind. The original tree was gigantic, with two main trunks. One of them was cut through and the other was cut almost through. It survived like this for some thirty years, and a descendant of the original now grows next to where the original did. Cuttings from this tree have been sent worldwide and many new Hawthorn trees have been produced, all of which still retain the characteristics of the original Holy Thorn tree, grown from the staff of Joseph of Arimathea.

Now I’m getting down to the end of this study. My objective, in all my letters and teaching, is to prove that, time after time God’s word is found to be faithful. Every word that he has conveyed to us has or will come to pass. If we look at truths and promises, that God has given, and we can prove that all of them have come to pass, then we can be assured that the prophesy remaining to be fulfilled, will be fulfilled, every jot and tittle, by God Almighty. When we find the accuracy of God’s word in spite of our own feelings and traditions that make void God’s word, then we can stand confident in our future and destiny as Heirs of God and Joint Heirs of Christ. As Christians and followers of Jesus Christ, we are to be Kings and Priests for him in the future. Our destiny is to be conformed into the image of Christ. We need to learn to put on the whole armor of God to be able to withstand all the darts that Satan throws and will throw at us. Knowing, that we know, that we know, that God is in control and He will see us through all the trials and afflictions that we are called to endure. He is just molding us, sharpening our swords to be ready for battle. A smart General, will never send his troops into battle if they aren’t ready. And so God, being ever more knowledgeable and loving us as his sons and daughters, is in the process of preparing us and this earth to be able to accept Jesus, ruling and reigning, as our Lord and Master forever.

It is written, that we should always be ready to give an account for why we believe. That is why I teach on various subjects that are typically avoided by the majority of church leaders. I have a calling to shout from the rooftops, truth’s that confirm God’s plan, that he is in control, and that we know the outcome of the battle of the ages that we are marching towards. I beg of you, if you haven’t accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord of your life, to do so now, before it is too late. The truth, is what we should seek, and God has provided a way for all mankind to come to a full knowledge of God’s plan for him. For he has said that at the time of the end, mysteries will be revealed. During the previous centuries, some of these truths have been known only by a few. God has provided, that, through modern archaeology, through the internet, and through his true believers, His truth’s can be found and understood by all men, so that mankind is truly without excuse.

The so called “Lost Tribes”, were never lost. They were just forgotten, until the time of the end when God saw fit to join again the two sticks. The Kingdom of Israel joined again with the Kingdom of Judah. The very lineage of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles can be known by all, and it begins with Judah. You, having read these truths, are being called in Christ, to fulfill that number of believers that will inherit the lost third part of heaven that Lucifer gave up in his rebellion. Please do not resist God’s calling. If you haven’t yet asked Jesus into your heart, do so now, right where you are, and God will receive you unto himself and write your name in the Lamb’s Book of Life. I pray that my words may affect a spark of faith in someone, anyone and everyone that reads my letters. For God led you to my site for a reason. That the few chosen will live by faith, knowing that God is in control and He always gives us grace, sufficient to endure this ungodly world, full of sin, until he whom it is destined to reign Lord of all, comes again to his own.

There is still tons of information that I have not covered. What my purpose is in this letter, is to show you the truth about the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel, and regarding the traditions of Glastonbury, that go hand in hand with the each other. I want you to understand, and be knowledgeable enough to be able to discuss these things with others, and to receive it in a very concise form that makes it readable without having to research through many books some of which would be large and unreadable themselves. I hope and pray that I have accomplished this so you don’t have to be a full time college scholar to understand what miraculous things God has done for us. I urge you to study more of this for yourself, check out my resources page, in it you’ll find the ISBN# for The Traditions of Glastonbury, and a couple of links to more of the Lost Tribe teaching. I also have some videos regarding this subject, where I am going over this subject in greater detail. They will be on my video’s page.

With Love in Christ,

Patrick Robinson, Minister


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