To the Called Ones

Truth Seekers Ministries Presents my first message…

To the Called Ones


Jesus Christ is coming back very soon and I would like to show you some very interesting facts and prophesies concerning the soon return of our Lord. There are many books out regarding the second return of Christ but the things I’m going to tell you about will be different and will cover various subjects, scientific, prophetical, biblical, and archaeological facts.

Why are Israel and the Arab nations so determined to keep trying to make the peace when it seems the people are so determined to fight each other? The Governments are secretive and obsessed with it. Not that peace is a bad thing, but God is pulling the strings and Satan is playing right into his hands. There has to be a false peace under antichrist during the first half of the Tribulation. Antichrist will be revealed after the force that withholds him , probably Michael the Archangel, is removed out of the way. He will be a false messiah and will usher in the Tribulation by signing a seven year peace treaty with Israel and other nations. The current Pope recently gave an interview and revealed some amazing predictions. Among them he said that he was fearful that the next Pope could be aligned with the antichrist. He said that there were so many bishops and cardinals that didn’t believe that Jesus had come in the flesh, which is the spirit of antichrist. He said that they could easily elect a Pope that held the same views as they do. Another Pope stated that around the year 2000 would be when the ” Fullness of Times” would be fulfilled. I don’t know if his statement was God inspired or by some astronomical predictions, but I will show you just how correct that statement was.

There is a book called ” 5-5-2000 ” by Richard W. Noone. In it he stated that there will be a Grand Junction of planets, and that the scientists are predicting possible worldwide catastrophic events to occur with this alignment. To verify his information I bought a computer program that plots the stars and planets. I was amazed to find out that he was correct. The lineup involves Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun, the Moon, and other celestial objects. The planets start lining up a couple of months earlier and finish separating a couple of months later but the closest alignment occurs on 5-5-2000. I am not saying that on 5-5-2000, the Lord will come, or that a cataclysmic event will happen then, but the alignment is, I believe, a very important sign for Christians to acknowledge. Its kind of like God’s intergalactic timepiece. Another lineup with the galactic center occurs on 12-21-2012, when the sun lines back up to the center of the milky way galaxy, and also when the Mayan calendar cycle ends. To the Christian this should be very exciting. There’s more….

No one knows who named the stars, planets or the zodiac symbols. Whenever God expresses a truth to us, Satan will park on it and change the truth into a lie. However if you look at and study about the earliest pictures and records of the zodiac, you will find a depiction of God’s dealing with mankind in and through Jesus Christ. Starting with Virgo, she is seen as a virgin, who is carrying the righteous seed in one hand and the righteous branch in the other. The picture and symbols of the Virgin Mary and Jesus are obvious. Then you go all the way through the zodiac and end with Leo the Lion, representing that Lion of the tribe of Judah ruling and reigning forever. Please read my, ” The Stars Speak ” letter. Taurus the Bull represents the Day of the Lord. Jesus, coming on the scene as a raging bull with vengeance and judgment. The fascinating thing about that is that the coming planetary alignment occurs in the Taurus constellation, more precisely, between his shoulders. Aligned with the Pleiades, a type of the true church, safe in the heavens, between the shoulders of Taurus while the Great Tribulation unfolds. The alignment is kind of a prophetical time clock in the heavens. God is in control. There is more …..

The Bible says that the test of a prophet is that if what they say comes to pass then they are of God. And that we should test the prophets to see if they are of God. Of all the modem day prophets, there is only one who stands out above all the other riff raff. Edgar Cayce may or may not be a true prophet, but anyone who has studied his life and his “readings” would have to recognize that there was some positive force influencing him. He was a fundamentalist Christian who had only an elementary level education. He taught Sunday school and was himself astonished by many of the things that he said while in a “trancelike” state. As he gave the readings, he revealed events that are even now coming to pass. He healed thousands of patients using various methods. Just knowing a name and address he could “tune-in” on the patient, give the diagnosis, and the remedy. He actually knew when one patient died, by stating “he’s gone” at exactly the same time that the person had died. His accuracy was unbelievable and he had many doctors across the nation that would routinely call him for advice on hard cases. Then one day his questions changed to a more spiritual or prophetical type. His responses were astonishing and revealing yet may not be contrary to God’s word if we take off our blinders and throw away our preconceived ideas about how God should be, and how he accomplished things when relating to humankind. All of this is well documented and easily proven with only reasonable research.

Edgar Cayce may or may not be a true prophet of God, but I wouldn’t count him out just yet. In his readings he stated that in 1936, at the core of the earth, the magnetic pole would shift. This would start a series of events, destruction, earthquakes and weather phenomenon culminating in the earth’s polar axis shifting between the years of 2000 and 2001. Of course that was wrong, but his prediction could have been for the beginning of changes that would happen. He, at the time of the readings, couldn’t have known about the coming planetary lineup in exactly the same year that he predicted the pole shift. The magnitude of pull on the earth during this lineup and the future lineup in 2012, could trigger the finalizing of the pole shift. This lineup may just be the start of God’s stopwatch. He, Cayce, said that there would be worldwide catastrophic events, the breakup of western America, Europe, Japan, and a rising again of the lost continent of Atlantis in the Atlantic. The time frame from 58′ to 98′ would be a testing period for the world and then ushering in a long time of peace on the earth under the ruler ship of Christ.

Another confirming prophecy that has came true since I first wrote this letter, is that he stated that as we approach the time for Christ to return Egypt would find a room underneath the right paw of the Sphinx, this room would be a connecting chamber to another underground pyramid. A hall of records, that would be a library containing evidence of the existence of Atlantis. Only in this past couple of years has this room been found, exactly where he said it would be. They also stated that it was a connecting chamber to something else, but Egypt, or whoever is really in charge, is keeping everything about it a secret. I can’t say for certain that Edgar Cayce was in tune to God, or demons, or some universal knowledge, but time and time again he was correct, and when reading many of his “readings”, there is no doubt in my mind that many are truly inspired readings. We just have to beware of any deceits inserted by the evil one.

The true followers of Jesus the Christ may be persecuted by the antichrist. There will be three and one half years of false peace under the antichrist first, then he will persecute the Saints fiercely when he is empowered by Satan, who was just thrown out of heaven. God’s wrath will be poured out in the “tribulation, the Great Tribulation”. For anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear, he is coming back very soon. The time is now very short and everyone that is part of the “Called Ones, the Body of Christ”, needs to know this and be ready and watching for the soon return of our Lord and for certain judgment on this present evil world.

David Wilkerson, author of “The Cross and the Switchblade”, had a vision in 1973 of the end times. In it he saw the Harlot Church. A materialistic, self-centered one, and a people who didn’t care enough about God to devote even one hour to prayer or reading God’s word. We see this very prevalent today. He also saw a group of true Jesus followers, who see the signs of the times and of the soon return of Jesus. They rise up like commandos proclaiming this news. They will be a thorn in the Harlot Churches side and they will be opposed by demonic forces. Just getting this first of my letters finished and printed has been a battle of strange occurrences, and I know that the worst is yet to come. He saw, in his vision, a sudden evacuation of the true Jesus followers that would take the world by surprise. This will happen during the time that their message is being preached.

There are many other subjects that are worthy of a deep study by Christians. The Great Pyramid in Egypt is a chronological, scientific and mathematical wonder. The ancient Egyptians called it “The Pillar of Enoch. It shows specifically, many of the major events in the earth’s history, in chronological order through it’s passages. The Exodus of Israel out of Egypt, the birth and resurrection of Christ, Paul’s ministry, Martin Luther’s reformation, the World wars I and 11, and more. Attention has been turned away from the study of the Great Pyramid because of some people trying to set dates for our Lord’s return and it then not coming to pass. But just because of someone misinterpreting the data, sometimes for their own personal agenda, you shouldn’t discount the message that is written in stone within. It is a scientific wonder that couldn’t be duplicated today.

A far superior intelligence was behind the design and construction of the pyramid than what the Egyptians had or even what we now have today. It was never intended to be used as a tomb. Tombs don’t have air passages. The empty coffer in the king’s chamber has the exact internal volume as the Ark of the Covenant, and the kings chamber itself encompasses the same volume as the Holy of Holies. Isaiah 19:19,20 says about the last days, “in that day there shall there be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt and a pillar at the border thereof to the Lord, and it shall be for a sign and a witness to the Lord of Hosts in the land of Egypt.” There is only one spot on earth that this altar of witness can be and that is where the Great Pyramid sits. It is both in the midst of Egypt and it also marks the ancient border of upper and lower Egypt. Either they are going to move it or it is the altar of witness spoken of.

A study of the Great Pyramid will convince you of it’s prophetic and biblical significance. I believe it will be rebuilt, or finished, during the millennium as an “I told you so” to a scientific generation who could have understood and should have. The Sphinx in Egypt is also of interest. It has the head of a woman (Virgo) and the body of a loin (LEO). God has his message in the stars, in stone in the Great Pyramid, and of course in his word. When all knowledge is known, God’s word will not fail. We as followers of Christ shouldn’t fear of learning new truth’s and proving ourselves worthy by studying various areas of God’s workmanship. If there are new truth’s that we can know, God knows and is not afraid of us learning them, he has a reason for all things and his word will not fail us.

Atlantis could have existed and not be contrary to God’s word. Genesis 1: 1 and 1:2 reads, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and the earth was without form and void”. It can also be correctly read, “In the beginning of God’s creations of the heavens and the earth, and the earth became waste and desolate”. Jeremiah sheds light on this. There could have been con’s of time between Genesis 1: I and 1:2. Plenty of time for dinosaurs and other ancient civilizations. Please read In the Beginning, for a deeper study.

There are many books that were in the Septuagint version the bible of Jesus’ day that are not incorporated in our version of the bible today. Even the first version of the King James in 1611 had the apocrypha included. The Puritans influence had them taken out of canon because they didn’t go along with their traditions. We make void the Word of God by our traditions. We need to look at all scripture and let the Holy Spirit discern if they are from God. The book of Enoch says that there were Watchers on earth before Eden. Jeremiah sees a past tense prophecy of the earth before there was Adam, yet there were “cities”, the term meaning “meeting places of intelligent beings”.

Science will eventually conform to what the bible really says and God’s word will not fail. God doesn’t want us to bury our heads in the sand and not be “thinking believers”. We need to go on to spiritual maturity and get into the meat of the Word. Most of the church world is stuck on the milk and can’t weaned off of it. They are immediately offended by anything of science or that may go against their traditions. It is time this church world woke up and started learning about this God we profess to love, his son our Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit our comforter. There are marvels to be known and understood if we would just open our eyes, mind, and heart to the facts.

Please study about and proclaim the good news of Christ and his soon return. If we see truth’s and don’t proclaim them, then we may have innocent blood on our heads and we don’t want that. He said that blessed are those whom he finds waiting and watching when he returns, and that the wise would understand and see that day approaching. So keep the eternal look because our redemption really is drawing nigh.

With Love, in Christ.
Patrick Robinson 1986

Copyright © 1986 Patrick Robinson

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