Rants and Ramblings of a Saint

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The Rants and Ramblings of a Saint


How in the world, can a “True Christian”, reconcile, all the knowledge that exists today, in science and archaeology, that has been learned by mankind over the last few centuries, with a faith in God, and in the Scripture he has given us, as it is now being presented by the “Organized Church” that exists today? We can’t. Christians need to rethink their traditions that, “Make Void God’s Word”, and with an open mind and heart, take another look at what God really says, not what we are told by the church to think, in light of what we know to be true in science and archaeology.

God doesn’t want us to “Park our brains at the door of the Church”, as Dr. Scott put it. God, if He is truly God, knows all things, is not afraid of the truth, has very logical reasons for everything that exists, and He surely would have us to seek truth in everything, no matter whose toes it steps on, even and especially our own. If He isn’t God, then His Word will fail, and we shouldn’t follow a God that isn’t “Truly GOD”, should we? I do have a feeling though, that when a logical comparison is presented between Truth and Scripture, that they will fit together like a well worn glove, perfect. God is truly GOD, His Word will never fail, and Faith which comes by the Word, in light of the Truths we learn, will cause our Faith to flourish and grow.

I’m not exactly sure how this letter will turn out. I have no real plan, other than to talk about truth and scripture, all the while blowing some traditions away. So, here goes…

We are told that Adam was created at 4004 BC, by “good ole” Bishop Usher’s reckoning. Yet we are told, that science proves this earth to be millions of years old, and “Humanoid” remains that are also that old. Even, taking the carbon 14 dating error, that would be compounded dramatically, if the atmosphere was of a different nature, like before the flood of Noah, there is still plenty of evidence that blows the whole 4004 BC assumption, to smithereens. There was a canopy of water covering the whole earth, the bible calls it a, “firmament”, in Genesis, which taken as true, makes the Carbon 14 dating method unreliable. What then can we say? Even if our ancestor, “Adam”, was created around 4000 BC or over 6000 years now, there is nothing in scripture that states, that “nothing” existed before “Adam”. In fact, scripture confirms a prior creation that existed before our “Father” Adam was created. We know by Scripture that Lucifer ruled on this earth before he rebelled and fell. We know from Jeremiah, that there were “Cities”, a term meaning “Meeting places of intelligent beings” before the land became “Waste and Desolate” as in Genesis. These “cities” existed on the earth before Adam was created. We also know for a fact, that between Genesis 1:1, and 1:2, that there could have been eons of time, before this earth “Became waste and desolate”, God never creates anything “Without form and Void”, or literally, “Waste and Desolate”. The term “Was”, that is inserted between the original creation, and the being “waste and desolate”, is also a term meaning “Became”, “came to pass”, etc. So there is plenty of time for the dinosaurs and ancient cultures. Atlantis, and the other, more ancient legend of an island in the Pacific, called Lemuria, could have existed easily and not be contrary to God’s Word. Even evolution, if it were proved as a fact, which it hasn’t been, should not worry true believers in God’s Word. For if God did use some kind of evolution of the species, that is irrelevant to the descendants of Adam. When Adam was created, he was created a different creature, formed out of the dust of the earth, and breathed into, by God Himself, with that breath of life. Adam didn’t evolve from some other species, whether he looks like he could have or not. Humanoids that existed before our ancestor Adam, could have evolved somewhat. So What?

How could God, create the heavens and the earth, in literal, “Earth Time”, six days? Come on, think about it. That feat seems pretty impossible. To God, a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years like a day. GOD is outside of time. A day to Him could be like a thousand years long, or He could squish a thousand years into a single day. Time is irrelevant, so His 6 days, could have been any six lengths of time. Don’t worry about getting so stuck in your traditions, that make void God’s Word, much less alienate your kids when it hits them that that feat seems impossible. Not that doing it in six days is impossible for God. He, the Word of God, could have completed the task in a split second, if that was His Desire. I take nothing away from the capabilities of God, but to the Scientists of the world that see such a feat, as a six day timeline for the creation of the universe, as illogical or ludicrous, we have answers. It may not have been six literal days. It could have been six seconds, or six billion years, no one knows. Instead of assuming something we are not sure of, just admit our inability to know for sure, and go on. When God looks at us, he sees us in a timeline, past, present, and future. He knows our endings from our beginnings. God is outside of time because He created even time itself.

All the above was said to get to this point. None of that hoopla really matters!! It makes no difference whether or not God could create the heavens and earth in six days. This six day creation, is actually a re-creation of a heavens and an earth that was already in existence and use before the land was, “Without Form and Void”. There is no time specified, in scripture, for the original creation of the heavens and earth.

What about this Church, the “Organized Christian Church” of all denominations? There are so many different ideas, and traditions within the denominational belief system that exists today, that are truly making void, God’s Word. The fact that, the various denominations, never see eye to eye, on their own particular ideas, should tell us something. What exactly does the bible say that the “True Church”, is, or should be?

The True Church of Jesus Christ is…

NOT, any one particular denomination, or all combined, whether recognized or independent.
NOT, part of the Old Testament Church or those who looked forward to the Messiah.

NOT, part of the Kingdom of God, or Kingdom of Heaven at this moment.

NOT, the Bride of Christ, although they will be “a part” of the true Bride of Christ, the New Jerusalem and it’s new, and old testament inhabitants.

The True Church of Jesus Christ, is.., an “Ekklesia”, or an “OUT CALLED” body of people, who are believers in the atoning work that Jesus Christ came to earth to accomplish, in order to redeem mankind back unto GOD. This group encompasses people from all nations, and denominations, Christian and Catholic. These people walk in faith daily and die still “faithing” in our Lords completed work. Notice I didn’t say “Believing”, for Satan believes, he knows, and is still going to burn. It takes more than mere belief, faith is a verb, and action is required. We are called out from amongst the fray, the rest of the riff raff. We are called the “Body of Christ”, of which Jesus is the Head. We are called to be HOLY, or consecrated unto God. Believers who comprise this Church, are indwelt with the Holy Spirit, and we are sent out into the world to deliver the “Good News” of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Good News, is the promise of eternal life, reunited with God, through the Atoning work of Christ. People that accept that free gift of God, with simple childlike faith, receive the promised salvation and are indwelt with the Spirit of Christ, which is the Holy Spirit. We are then to be, God’s representative to the world, to be an outlet for God’s Power to work through the Holy Spirit that dwells in the heart of all believers. Paul said, to the Jew become a Jew, to the Greek become a Greek, so that becoming all things to all men we can save some. (paraphrased) To children, we become like them, showing them our faith in Jesus as the One who will never fail us or them. To the atheist, the scientist, all non believers in this world, we come at them through their science. Show God to them, in the Gospel Message in the Stars, in God’s Word written in the design of the Great Pyramid, and in the Truths found by Rightly Dividing God’s Word. They can’t deny the facts of their math, or science, so they will then have to make a choice. Force that upon them, people need to get off the fence. God wants us either Hot for Him or Cold against. Christians need to get out of their comfort zones of fence riding. To the hungry and downtrodden, become their help. To the widows and orphans, we become their staff, their support. If you are going to be a Christian then “Be One”. And, don’t go around bragging about what you are “Doing for the Kingdom”. God will reward you for what you do in secret, you braggarts already have your reward, in the praises you get from your fellow man. When you do our “Alms”, your giving, do it in secret. When you pray, do it in secret and God will answer. I’m not talking about saying Grace, or bedtime prayers, or even praying with someone else for God’s aid. I’m talking about the “Outward Show of Self-Righteousness”, that many preachers and evangelists project regularly. We are to “Go into our closet, and pray in secret”. True righteousness, does seep into our lives as we continue our walk of faith, but “Humility”, first and foremost is required. When fasting, let no one know, except by necessity, and your Father in Heaven will reward you.

I consider myself to be an “interdenominational”. For I look for truth, within everything, encompassing all denominations and even religions. I hold on to that which is true, and toss away all the other trash. I am steadfastly and foremost, a “Christian”. I follow Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords, and Him alone do I seek to imitate. I look at other, more ancient religions than Christianity, as types or shadows, probably needed during their time, but looking forward to the perfect religion, embodied in Jesus Christ. I look at other, more modern religions, such as the “Muslim”, or Jehovah’s Witnesses, and even the Mormons’, as just another way for Satan to throw a wrench in the works. Now I do believe that I may have brothers and sisters within the, “Witnesses”, and the Mormons, but the organizations as a whole, have perverted God’s Word by either changing scripture to suit their own agenda, or coming up with a “new way”, a modern add on to scripture that I find suspicious, even possibly inspired by Satan. To the Muslim, Mohammed never claimed Divinity. He just had visions from Allah, who by the way is none other than the Christian God, Jehovah. Mohammed never claimed divinity, it was stamped onto him by his followers after his death. The same can not be said about Jesus, He claimed Divinity often, and proved it by his resurrection. Satan is always trying to thwart God’s more perfect plan, and since he couldn’t prevent the “Son of Man”, from coming in flesh, he is constantly trying to hinder the Church in some manner. Whether inserting another “way”, or religious system, or causing divisions and strife within Jesus own Church. Jesus statement, however, that, “The Gates of Hell, Shall Not Prevail” against His True Church, is the enabling force behind all true believers, walking in faith, constantly in battle against, and defeating, the wiles of the devil. Jesus’ own Words, becoming the very “Power” used, in fulfilling it’s Statement, for as the “Word of God”, His words weren’t just words, when He speaks, “Things happen”.

We are told to, “Examine Ourselves” to see if we are worthy to partake of the Holy Communion. Claiming, that we need to be forgiven for any unrepentant sins, before we are “Worthy” enough to partake. The truth, however, is that the very fact that the preacher has you examine yourself, makes you unworthy. We are not to look at ourselves, to see if we measure up. We are to look at Jesus Christ and Him alone. His blood that was shed for your sins, symbolically represented by the wine, and His body that was broken for your healing, for “By His Stripes, are you Healed”, typified in the bread aspect of Communion. The word used, that is referenced in Scripture, is “Unworthily”, not “Unworthy”. This is an adverb, not an adjective. Our manner of partaking needs to be examined, not whether or not we measure up to some standard of God, that no descendant of Adam ever will measure up to, save Christ Himself. Paul goes on to describe the problem, “Not discerning the Lords Body”. It’s like lifting up that “Mercy Seat” on the Ark of the Covenant, and peering down on God’s unbroken tablets, and seeing how we measure up. God killed people for less. You can’t take Jesus Christ, as our Mercy Seat, out from in-between God’s unbroken law and us. Jesus is the only way through. If you want to try to make it through the “Law”, God will let you, but you will fail miserably, just as I or anyone else who has ever lived on earth since Adam would.

The trick to understanding scripture, including prophesy, properly, is to first, “Take it Literally”, unless context dictates, or there is a specification to take a certain text figuratively, or spiritually. Secondly, you have to understand the words of the original Greek or Hebrew text. {You don’t have to learn Hebrew or Greek, to be able to get the proper definitions, just get a Greek and Hebrew Interlinear Bible with Strong’s Numbers. Then get a Strong’s Concordance with Greek and Hebrew dictionaries. Strong’s is pretty cheap, but I’m not sure about the Interlinear. You can also get the interlinear in Software for your computer. You can probably find these books in most church libraries also.} For example, when discerning scripture, if scripture states, that Elijah was taken up in a, “Chariot of Fire, and the Horsemen Therof”, well, it was probably a Heavenly Chariot being pulled by Heavenly Horses, and not a UFO. Although, there may have been some of them UFO’s around to see it happen. The evidence of UFO’s and “otherworldly” phenomena, such as ESP, is beyond refute at this point. The Church needs to have answers about such things. Nothing in scripture says that UFO’s don’t exist, in fact Scripture indicates many instances that something seen by people is seen as supernatural, flying, and unidentifiable, therefore, a UFO.

Let me tell you, your kids are being taught by Christian and Secular Teachers, who are being controlled by a secular government, that has decided to take God out of everything. They teach the kids evolution as a science instead of a “theory”, which is what it truly is, and leave out the true science of “Intelligent Design”, by a Creator. We have to always be ready to give an account of why we believe, and if we can’t come up with ways to teach our kids the truth, the “secular world” will swallow them up into a Godless body of atheists, bound for the pits of Hell. You are responsible for your children’s spiritual knowledge. Teach them the ways of God while they are young, and they won’t soon depart from them.

Teach them the truth about Easter, before they learn how to count, and realize that Good Friday, to Easter Sunday, doesn’t add up to three days and three nights, which is how long Jesus had to be in the Heart of the Earth, as foretold by Jonah. So if the Church can’t get right, the very basic tenets of our faith, such as the resurrection, then how are the smart kids of today, ever going to believe in the infallible Word of God. Jesus was crucified on Passover, not on Good Friday, or “Good Freila” day. It was Wednesday evening when He was laid in the tomb, the beginning of Passover. Exactly three days and nights later He came out, Saturday at dusk, which was the beginning of Sunday, the Lords Day. He rose up at Dusk, or soon thereafter, not Dawn, and The Feast of Easter’s or “Ishtar’s” Sunrise services, are just a Pagan fertility spring festival that existed before Jesus resurrection. Jesus raised up from the dead, at the Feast of Firstfruits. I don’t care what your church teaches, if they teach Good Friday, as the day of crucifixion, and Easter at sunrise the time of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, then they are teaching heresy, they are wrong. The Sabbath mentioned in scripture the day after Jesus’ crucifixion, was a “High Sabbath”, not a normal Saturday Sabbath day. The Church will never be able to prove me wrong either, because I am not. Nimrod’s wife Semiramus, became pregnant after Nimrod’s death. She stated that a “Sun Beam” which was Nimrod Incarnate, had made her pregnant, hence Tamuz her son was Nimrod “born again”. Easter or the feast of Ishtar was instituted by Semiramus to commemorate her impregnation by a sun beam. The sunrise services that most churches celebrate, only perpetuate this lie. When the ladies went to the tomb of Christ, it was still dark, however even then, it was already empty. No one knows exactly what time Jesus was raised up, but God’s Word will not fail, and if Jesus was to fulfill all the Feasts of God, and prophesy dictated His necessity of being in the “Heart of the Earth” for three days and nights, then Easter is just wrong, period. Now I’m not saying that “Easter egg hunts”, and bunny rabbits are wrong for the kids to do. Just call it what it is, and don’t call it what it is not. It is a springtime fertility festival. It has nothing to do with our Lord.

Christmas, is another erroneously taught about event, commemorating our Lords birth. This needs to be taught properly. Christmas, or “Christ’s Mass”, is a celebration instituted by the Catholic church to be a “replacement” for the Feast of Saturnalia. This winter festival feast was kept back in Jeremiah’s day at least. He taught against felling a “tree of the forest”, bringing it into your homes, fastening it so it stands up, and “Decking it out” with silver and gold. Plainly calling this practice idol worship. (Jeremiah 10:1-5) The church couldn’t stop this festival, so they decided to designate that date, December 25th, as a “Christ’s Mass” or Christmas, to counter the pagan festival. You know, if you can’t beat them, join them. They stated that Jesus was born on that day, however they were wrong. Jesus was born in the Fall of the Year. We know that Jesus was six months younger than John. We can also know when John was born, by the Priests lists that show when Zacharias was “High Priest”, and became blinded by the Angel. John was born in March, and Jesus, although probably conceived in December, was born in September. Most likely fulfilling the First Trumpet of the Feast of Trumpets, in type. Israel blew two silver “Shofar” horns during the feast. The first trumpet, represents Jesus coming to earth the first time, to redeem the world of sin. The second trumpet represents Jesus coming back to earth the second time to redeem the True Church out of the earth at the Rapture. Jesus was not born on Christmas Day. The Great Pyramid, which I believe to be probably more accurate than any other, places the birth of Christ at September 29, 2 BC. My bet is on that date. Now I am not saying, to not celebrate Christmas, or even telling people to not have a tree. Even celebrating Jesus birthday on Dec. 25th, because of convenience is ok, but don’t teach that He was born on that day. Let the children believe the truth that there was a “Saint Nicholas”, who gave gifts to the children. Let them have their Santa Clause. Just don’t try to tie together these two totally different “Holiday Festivals”, for in doing so you only serve to muddy the truth.

The very fact that I titled this letter, The Rants and Ramblings of a Saint, probably steps on a lot of Christian toes. “How could he imply such an honor upon himself?” I can almost hear people say. But the fact is, I am a Saint of God. So are all, true followers of Jesus Christ, indwelt with the Holy Spirit. We are adopted into the kingdom, we are Heirs and Joint Heirs with Christ. I am not implying any honor whatsoever. I deserve none, I am just stating a fact. I purposely deny the honor of being called “Reverend”, or “REV.”, even though, legally, I am entitled to use it. No one should be “reverenced”, except God. I am just a fellow servant, trying to find my way, and enlighten whomever God sends my way. The word, “Saint”, “Chasid”, meaning, “holy”, “pious”, “favored or gracious ones”. Saints are made by God, and every believer who walks daily in faith, in humility, and in complete trust of God, is in fact a Saint, even in this lifetime now. You can’t deem anyone, “A Saint”, post mortem, that practice is not scriptural. Angels are not Saints either, only redeemed men and women of God, can be called Saints.

And another thing is bothering me. God has not changed his mind about anything. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If He said, that something was an “abomination” to him in the Old Testament, then He still thinks it is today. If he calls something a sin in the Old Testament, then it still is. This government, including the “Church of Jesus Christ”, seems to becoming more accepting of certain sins, almost proclaiming them as not sinful at all. I’m here to tell you that a sin is a sin, whether or not the church “ok’s it”, or our government says it’s ok, is irrelevant. What God says is relevant. Don’t get me wrong, I have my own vices, and sins, and I’m not pointing fingers at anyone, for we all must work out our own salvation, with fear and trembling, but when we start claiming that something is, what it is not, and something that is not, as something that is, then we are just confusing the masses, and spreading lies instead of truth. God is not pleased.

Well, I guess I’ve stepped on most everyone’s toes by now. I’ll quit my rambling, and continue this another day.

Keep learning truth, and growing in faith.

With Love in Christ,

Patrick Robinson, Minister


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