About Me

My name is Patrick Robinson. I was born in Pennsylvania in 1963, but I was raised in Georgia and have lived here since I was one year old. I asked Jesus into my heart at 12, but I kind of went wild during the High School years, drinking and drugs that is, but I always knew of my sure salvation deep down. After those years, God placed a strong call on my life to tell others of his soon return. He gave me several vision-like dreams, and then led me to a great teacher, Dr. Gene Scott. I was shown the error of my then current thinking about “Christianity”. He led me to the truth of a life of grace and peace, as opposed to the legalistic frame of mind that I had grown up in, and He truly set me free from the traditions of the Church. There really is a peace that passes all understanding. God is willing to give it freely to all who sincerely seek Him, and the truth about Him. I have been teaching to all who seek from me since 1986. I was licensed as a Minister in 1994, which is when Truth Seekers actually began. I started “Truth Seekers Ministries”, website, in 1999. I was Ordained in 2005.

Here in the so called “Bible Belt”, there have been, and will be, continual persecutions and roadblocks to the teaching on many of the subjects that I teach on. I tend to step on the toes of tradition that make void the Word of God. The truth, is that the more upset that the “Church” gets at me for my teaching these truths, the more “zealous” and persistent I get. I finally left organized religion as a whole, and just started teaching on my own, to whomever God would send my way. My messages are not just for Christians, but to anyone who is seeking answers, and willing to remove the blinders of tradition. If anyone does find themselves called and saved by the Holy Spirit’s drawing, then all the better. There are however many truth seeking Christians, that can be changed and enlightened learning some amazing things. These truth seeking Christians, and the youth of today who question everything, are to whom God is sending me.

Much of the information on these pages is from my own experiences and research but I truthfully cannot take much credit. Dr. Gene Scott PHD, from Stanford Univ., is the one that turned on the light of truth in my life, and has taught me as well as thousands worldwide, on most of these subjects. God has blessed his ministry and until his death in 2005 you could watch or listen to him 24 hours a day, across this entire planet.

Keep the upward look for our redemption draweth nigh.

In Christ,

Patrick Robinson, Minister

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