In the Beginning

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In the Beginning…


Genesis is one of the hardest books in the bible to understand. With the explosion of knowledge in science and in archaeology, many of the Christian church’s traditional viewpoints of the creation of this world, seem to have crumbled before our very eyes. Evidences of dinosaurs and evolution appear to totally destroy the creation story of Genesis. The six days of the creation, and the creation of man, now has to be extended back for millions of years.

The evidence we have of some kind of Pre-Adamic civilization, is overwhelming, if our ancestor Adam was created around 4004 BC, as most traditional biblical reckoning has determined. There are underwater roads, buildings, and pyramids off the coast of Bimini. There are underwater megalithic sites all over the Atlantic ocean and remain unexplainable, thus far. There is a staircase carved into the continental shelf off the Puerto-Rico coast that descends to a once lower level of the ocean. Science now has determined that the ocean was at a lower level at about 10,000 BC or about 12,000 years ago. A diver found one of the pyramids off the coast of Bimini island, went down to it and saw an opening halfway up. There was green glowing water rushing into the opening. At the bottom the water was coming back out of another opening. He went inside. Once inside he found a pair of metallic hands holding a spherical crystal. The crystal has many pyramidal shapes inside it. He loosed the crystal from the hands and then decided it was time to leave. He still has the crystal and many have studied it. There is a strange sensation when holding it. These are only a few of the many examples of unexplainable things that prove that there were civilizations existing prior to 12,000 ago.

Science says that man was once a dumb ape-man and slowly evolved and increased in knowledge until now. The Bible says that man was once very smart and lost it. We are just now getting a glimpse of what the ancients knew. Twentieth century science and archaeology now proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the earliest civilizations were much more intelligent than the ones that succeeded them. The Great Pyramid is the most advanced of all the pyramids yet it is the earliest of those built. Those built after it, declined so much in mathematical and scientific precision, that it seems impossible that supposedly only one generation existed between the first and the second pyramids. The ancient Sumerians knew more about astronomy than the succeeding Babylonians. There is a tribe in Africa called the “Dogan” tribe. Their central religious belief surrounds the star “Sirius-B” the companion star of Sirius-A, the dog star. Sirius A is the brightest of all the stars and is a representative of Christ. Sirius B is a white dwarf star that orbits Sirius A on a fifty year orbit. So what? you say. The strange thing about it is that we’ve just recently discovered Sirius B, it is invisible to the naked eye. This tribe not only knew that this white dwarf existed, they knew it had a fifty year orbit, and that it was an elliptical not a circular orbit. They also said that people from the “Land of the Fishes” told them about it. It has been central to their religious belief ever since. Could this be possibly an ancient civilization that would know these truth’s, an Atlantis maybe?

God is not afraid of the truth. If there were a Pre-Adamic civilization, evolution and dinosaurs that are ages back in history and not just thousands of years, then God knew it, he created everything and he has an explanation for everything. He wouldn’t want us to ignore or refuse the truth’s we encounter. We should rethink our “traditions that make void the word” and if God’s word is God’s word then it will stand the test. God’s word will not fail and prove to be false. A deep study of the first couple of chapters of Genesis will prove that God did know, and that he left the wording in Genesis in a way, that until we were able to understand the deeper truths, we wouldn’t question the word. When we see all the evidences that we do, all we have to do is let God guide us through his word and a whole new way of interpreting the creation will shed light on many questions. I will not read anything into scripture that is not already there, but, if you let God say what he means and mean what he says then Genesis will be easier to understand and your faith will increase and many questions will be answered. So grab hold of your brain and don’t be close minded and let’s take a look at, the beginning.

My study of the creation began when my teacher, Dr. Gene Scott, posed a few questions. He didn’t answer them, just asked them.
1: Why are there two accounts of the Creation in Genesis?
2: How did Adam know what a father and a mother were when God presented the woman to him?
3: With the evidence of Atlantis so abundant, where does that civilization fit into the account of the creation?

First let me say that there is more evidence against the evolution “theory” than for it. There are more missing links, or should I say, that there’s not any connecting links between the different species. But even if God used evolution, what’s the big deal ? If he did use it, when he created Adam, he created a different being, with properties from himself that made him distinct from any other species. Adam and his descendants didn’t come from any ape. The apparent conflict between evolution and the bible wouldn’t even exist if we saw that simple truth.

Whenever God exhibits to us a truth, Satan always parks on it, manipulates it, and changes God’s truth into a lie. Evolution is none other than Satan’s attempt at a counterfeit plan compared to God’s perfect creation plan. His tactics involve removing God from the picture. What the “theory” of evolution does is exactly that. By taking God out of the picture and leaving everything to mere chance, you take away the “responsibility factor”, which causes overall morality to fail, and it causes a shifting of focus from the creator to the creature. Statistically alone, the probability of life coming out of chaos over any amount of time, is virtually nil or non-existent. Not withstanding the evolution from simple single cell amoebas to the intelligent humans that now exist. DNA itself assures that there had to be an intelligent source to the creation. I’ll not argue with the evolutionists, there is no need to, as I said earlier. Evolution is no big deal to Adam and his descendants because they are a totally different part of creation, singled out, God-breathed. Evolution has no part in this Adamic civilization.

The first and second verses of Genesis, correctly interpreted from the Hebrew, answers a few questions but also raises others. KJV states: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, and the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. A more literal translation would be: In the beginning of God’s creations of the heavens and the earth, and the earth became a waste and desolation … In the KJV the sense of immediate occurrence between the creation and the being without form and void seems strong. But in actuality there could have been eons of time between Gen. 1: I and 1:2. Easily enough time for the prehistoric time of the earth. God never creates imperfection, only through sin and disobedience to God, comes a falling away from God and his blessings.

Man couldn’t co-exist with the dinosaurs but Satan and his cohorts could deal with them. They were cast to to the earth before Adam and the garden came to be. Then God had to do the re-creation, and said “Let there be light”. With that statement came the beginning of the first day. Be it a day, or a thousand or a million years, the first day occurred after the original creation and a subsequent becoming a waste and desolation. To God there is no time. When he looks at us he sees us past, present, and future. He sees the beginnings and the endings at one glance. So to him a day could be any length of time.

In Jeremiah 4:23 he had a vision in the past tense and he said. “I beheld the earth and it became waste and desolate:(same words as in Genesis) and the heavens and they had no light. I beheld the mountains and lo, they trembled, and all the hills moved lightly. I beheld and lo there was no man (literally Adam), and all the birds of heaven were fled. I beheld and lo, the fruitful place was a wilderness, and all the “cities” thereof were broken down at the presence of the Lord and by his fierce anger. Here Jeremiah sees a past tense earth becoming waste and desolate, the same as Genesis, darkness over everything, same as Genesis. There was no Adam, same as Genesis, Adam wasn’t created yet. All the cities were broken down at the presence of the Lord. The term “cities” means: Meeting places of intelligent beings. Satan is intelligent and would have dwelling places, and God was very angry with him.

So we can see by accurately dividing Gods word that Gen. 1: I and 1:2 were the original creation with Satan’s rebellion and fall becoming a waste and desolation. Then God re-created everything. The millions of years that this earth seemingly existed can fit easily in this part of Genesis. Also notice that the term “God” is “Elohim” which is a plural form of divinity. The trinity is a possible solution, but there is no doubt that it is in plural form.

We’re now at the beginning of the six days of creation and the seventh day of rest for God. God accomplished this in a certain order. He created light or possibly allowed it to penetrate the earth’s atmosphere. He saw that it was good. He divided the light from the darkness or possibly started this earth spinning, creating the first evening and morning. The second day God created a firmament and separated the waters from under the firmament from the ones above it. Thus creating a canopy of water above the earth. The word firmament means literally, a firmness across the vault of the heavens. This canopy of water explains many things. Before the flood man lived much longer, with a reduction of the sun’s rays. Before the flood it never rained, just heavy dew in the morning. This world was like a terrarium, with no seasons, a steady temperature and no rain. This alone creates a problem for our current Carbon 14 dating method. Using Carbon 14, hinges on the assumption that carbon is released at the same rate throughout the time, from the death till the discovery of the object. If this atmosphere had a canopy of water then the suns rays would have been reduced which ultimately will affect the release rate of carbon. Thus considerably affecting the reliability to accurately date fossils.

There are also giant carvings of animals and figures in the Nazca desert in Peru. They can only be seen from the air and without aircraft would be impossible to construct, unless there was a canopy of water above, then like a giant mirror reflecting their image, the construction crew could see their work progress. Also a worldwide rain for forty days and nights could never produce enough water to flood the whole world. But if the fountains of the deep as well as the windows of heaven opening up, a collapsing canopy, then a worldwide flood of universal proportions could have happened. After the flood, why did Noah, after making his first batch of wine, get drunk, taken by surprise with the alcoholic content of his wine? You see if there were a canopy of water above the earth, wine would ferment much more slowly. Noah was taken by surprise by a quickly fermenting wine and caught off guard.

Then on the third day. God said let the waters under the firmament be gathered together into one place. This explains the floating continent theory, they fit together like a puzzle with one piece missing, Atlantis. Then the earth brought forth grass, herbs and fruit trees and God saw that it was good. The curse comes only after we sin and rebel. Notice there weren’t thorns and thistles, only good herbs, grass and fruit bearing trees. Thorns and the curse comes after the fall of Adam. Then God places the stars in the heavens, or possibly allows them to be seen on earth. They are to be for signs, (a prophetical term) for seasons, (not yet existing) and for days and years. He placed the greater and lesser, the sun and moon for light. The term “signs” is a term used to describe a symbolic display of a prophetical revelation from God. God’s perfect gospel message in the stars which is another fascinating subject. Please read my God’s Message in the Stars letter for a deeper study.

Then God said Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life and fowl that may fly above earth. So God created the creatures and the fowl. One interesting thing is that it seems that the birds or fowl are coming from the waters and not the earth. Who knows?

Then the sixth day God caused the earth to bring forth the creatures and beasts of the field after their kind and God again saw that it was good. Then God said Let us make Adam in our own image after our likeness and let them have dominion over the whole earth. He blessed them, gave them dominion over all creatures and they were to replenish the earth. You don’t replenish something that has never been plenished. This is a re-creation that we are talking about. God saw everything that he had created and behold it was very good. Then the sixth day ended. Chapt.2 starts Thus the heavens and the earth were finished and all the host of them and on the seventh day God rested from his labors. He blessed that day, the Sabbath, Saturday, the only Sabbath. Sunday is the Lords day.

Here now is ended God’s summation of the first week of creation. Then we get into the second creation account. After we look at this you will see, that the first and second creations are totally different creation accounts. Which doesn’t make sense, yet.

First, there are no plants or herbs because there was no rain and Jehovah God hasn’t created man yet to till the ground. In the first creation account, Elohim did the creating. In the second account, Jehovah Elohim did the creating. This may seem insignificant, but God doesn’t waste words. There is definitely a separation of the two creation accounts, apparent in scripture. Then Jehovah God caused a mist to go up and water the whole earth, then he formed Adam out of the moist earth and breathed into him the breath of life.

Notice the first creation has all animals and plant life flourishing before Adam is created in God’s image and likeness. In this account, there is nothing before Adam is formed. The words for being “Created” and “Formed” are different. One, more of a creation, the other, kind of squeezed into shape. Then God planted a garden and placed Adam there, he then caused every tree to grow and also the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. Adam was commanded about them and what not to do. Then God decided that it was not good for Adam to be alone. So he then formed every beast and fowl and bought them to Adam so that he would name them. Then Adam named all the animals and he still hadn’t found a help mate. The first account has the animals created first, then man came along. Here we have man first, then the animals with no explanation why. Also if we evolved from apes, surely an ape would do for an help mate. (since we were only supposed to be one step up the line) But Adam would not have any of them, because he didn’t come from any of them.

Then God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, which probably wasn’t hard since Adam just named all the animals. God took a rib from his side and formed out of the rib, a woman and bought her unto him. Notice in the first creation, both were created male and female. Here Adam was first formed and them Eve formed- from him. Then came the surprise statement. The first words out of Adams mouth upon seeing this woman was literally “This, now at last, is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh, presuming a long awaited arrival. Then he said “Henceforth shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave to his wife and they shall be one flesh”. How in the world did Adam know what Fathers, Mothers, Children or wives were? There weren’t any yet. Or were there? If there were two creations, the Atlantean and the Adamic, then God who walked and talked with Adam surely spoke of the prior Atlantean creation, told of their mistakes, but also told of their family life with parents and children. He did foreknow fathers and mothers by a knowledge of a prior civilization. Which is why God told them to replenish the earth instead of plenish it.

The first creation has the created Adams, both male and female, having God’s blessing and a worldwide dominion. The second has Adam and Eve, formed, stuck in a garden. The legends of Atlantis tell of a super advanced society with a flourishing eco system, economy, and technology. With the evidence that exists, you find a total worldwide influence by this civilization. Fulfilling the first creation account but not the second. Then came Satan’s temptation and Adam’s fall. There is no mention of a fall in the first creation, just a blessing. Here the land is cursed, and it takes sorrow and toiling to reap it’s benefits. The first is total joy with blessing and no cursing. The second they are restricted to a garden and before coming out, the curse came and death, For sin comes death and without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins. The animal was slain, shedding blood and he himself a covering for their nakedness. The promise to the serpent was that her seed shall bruise his head and he will bruise the seed’s heel. This truth is also foretold in many constellations, which is another study. Satan’s time to reign was up but Adam gave it back when he sinned.

It is very clear that the two accounts of the creation are totally different. The order of the creation is reversed, circumstances within each are totally different. It doesn’t make sense and we have to spiritualize the meaning or just don’t dwell on it. But if you let the bible say what it means and mean what it says, then you have a story that contains at least two different creations of humankind, and a third period of time even further back with an endless possibility of things to exist therein. We can’t put God in a box and limit him. If he wanted to have an earlier civilization than ours, who are we to question the potter, “What makest thou?” God doesn’t want us to park our brains at the door of the church. I’ll tell you the truth, If this church world don’t revise their thinking, a whole generation of children growing up in this scientific era, will be turned off on God and Jesus, and that is so very sad because God will stand the test and his word will not fail no matter what we encounter.

Many questions have been answered and others have been raised. Just keep the upward look and continue seeking the whole truth and your faith will grow and not be dashed. In these last of the last days, God said that the mysteries will be revealed. I believe that Genesis is one of them and an accurate study of all of God’s word will continue to reveal all the truth’s that God’s intends for us to know until his arrival.

Come Lord Jesus Quickly!!

In Christ.
Patrick Robinson

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