The Mars Connection

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The Mars Connection


What is it that has fascinated mankind about Mars throughout history? The Greek god Mars is the god of war. We have been fantasizing about little green men coming from the red planet, aliens attacking the earth, and they always seem to come from Mars. From the constant barrage of UFO sightings, supposed abductions, and mysterious crop circles around the world to even NASA cover-ups regarding what astronauts have seen, and possible government cover-ups about contact with aliens, even having spacecraft and dead aliens hidden from the general public. (i.e. Area 51)

The numerous sightings of UFO’s and reports from all over the world, from prominent officials to the general public, with even many at one time seeing the same objects, virtually eliminates the possibility of all of them being false or hallucinations. The crop circles are a phenomena in themselves. Sure they, (the authorities) try to make up excuses about the crop circles, from people dragging around pieces of wood, to helicopters blades causing the wind to lay down the grains. There are some fakes. However a close look at the evidence proves that there are many authentic ones. The grains are laid down without any breakage, and form perfect geometric shapes and designs with no paths leading in or out of the areas. Also there are magnetic properties in the areas that differ from the surrounding areas. There really is something unusual going on and I wish to attempt to shed some light on these things. I don’t claim to know all the answers, only God has them, but there is enough evidence to postulate a conclusion that, although may go against the grain of the Church world as a whole and even the government, does not go against God or his word. I will offer some conclusions that, although not traditional, will answer many questions that we have. To understand them we have to take God out of the box we want to keep him in , open our minds to the truth, and let go of our traditions that make void God’s word.

In my letter “In the Beginning”, I give information about some strange things on this earth. There are underwater megalithic sites, all over the Atlantic ocean sea floor, Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid of Egypt, and the giant drawings of animals on the desert of Peru which cannot be seen except from the air. These are only a few of the many unexplainable things that this earth has to offer. Scientists and Archaeologists alike can come up with no viable answer except that there had to be an intelligence, far superior than we now have, thousands of years earlier than our recollection of any civilization, that is responsible for these things. In fact, in Genesis, there are two different creations spoken about. One of these is the Pre-Adamic civilization existing prior to our current Adamic civilization and it is the one responsible for these amazing feats of construction.

Here are a couple of crop circles. Notice the geometric precision, and remember that the grains are not broken, they are laid down and are not hurt at all.


If God were to have created civilizations that existed before our own, who are we to put Him in a box and say that he couldn’t have done that and that he has to be just so. That he has to conform to some kind of pre-conceived ideas that we have designed to accommodate ourselves. God is the creator of all matter. The earth and all of the universe was created by the Word of God. As we learn new truth’s we need to reapply his word to them to find out what his stance is on them (the truth’s). If what we have learned doesn’t go against his word and they are in fact truths, we then have to incorporate them into our knowledge base and by using common sense fit them into God’s word where they seem to fit.

God speaks of the “Watchers” and “Sons of God”. These are heavenly beings encountering and observing the earth. The Sons of God even mated with the daughters of men creating “Giants”(Nephilim). There is no further explanation of them. Could these by chance be the same beings that we now refer to as aliens and their craft as UFO’s. I’m not stating that I believe that they are one and the same but I do believe that God’s word does leave the subject open.

How did the ancient’s move enormous stones, cut them with precision, and place them perfectly aligned with the stars in Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid, and the Mayan Temples to name a few? What about the underwater megalithic sites that are found in the Atlantic? There had to be a technology far greater than we now have to accomplish these feats. There had to be some kind of anti-gravitational devices used to move those stones around. There also had to be a knowledge of the earth’s dimensions, space dimensions and star alignments greater than we now have in order for the ancients to be able to do the things that they did. The earth itself holds many mysteries that we cannot comprehend. The legends of Atlantis and Lemuria, in light of our current discoveries, appear to be more of a possibility instead of mere fables that the scientific men of today put them in.

Now for the Mars Connection…

In July 1976, NASA orbited two unmanned spacecraft around Mars. The Viking Orbiter 1 began mapping the surface of Mars and taking thousands of pictures of the terrain while Viking 2, the lander descended to the surface. Viking 1, on it’s 35th orbit crossed over an area called “Cydonia” and sent back pictures of it along with the hundreds of pictures streaming down to earth. Toby Owen, part of the imaging team studying all of the photos came across the frame 35A72. He exclaimed “Oh my God, look at this”. Staring back at him from the surface of Mars is a humanoid face.


After a few moments of “Gollee, gee wiz and so forth” he and his fellow imaging scientists pass it off as an optical illusion or something and go on about their business. When you view the area around the face and study carefully the surrounding terrain you find not only a face, but several pyramids and other things that would be impossible for the environment and erosion to form. The next picture is of the immediate area, including the face which is a mile wide itself and what is termed the “City” to the lower left.

Notice the almost rocket shaped image in the upper center left area. This is called the “Fortress”. The pyramids shown here are geometrically perfect with the exception of some damage or erosion. Notice the perfect circle to the right of the city that is not a crater. These things shown here could not have been formed by erosion or asteroid impacts. The next picture is an enlarged picture of the fortress area. The image is fascinating to say the least. Within the fortress is an area filled with honeycomb shaped holes, also impossible for it to exist by chance. This cannot be easily seen without digital enhancement.


The next picture is of the whole area, including the face, the city, the D&M Pyramid which is a five sided pyramid, a round mound to the lower right and what is like a landing strip to the upper right. These items are all geometrically connected and interlinked by angles that are found, not only here, but in the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, and in the Crop circles that are found mysteriously all over the world.

Next is an enlarged picture of the D&M Pyramid, which is proportionally the same as Leonardo DaVinci’s picture of the human form also shown for comparison.

The D&M Pyramid is intriguing in itself. The three short sides are over a mile long each. This thing is huge. There is what appears to be damage to the right side but even that doesn’t hinder our ability to understand that this had to be constructed by intelligent beings.

When all these things are considered, the only conclusions that can be made are that at some point in ancient history Mars was either inhabited by humanoid beings that constructed these things, or Mars was visited by humanoid beings from elsewhere that constructed these things. The reason I said “humanoid” beings is because of the humanoid face. When we sent Voyger on it’s journey, we sent it with evidence of ourselves. Pictures and media of humanoid beings sent as a calling card for other beings that it may encounter. Either way the intelligence involved was far more advanced than the intelligence that we presently now have. The bible says that man was once very intelligent and through sin and rebellion went down hill. Only after Christ came have we slowly increased in intelligence to the point that we are at now.

Next I want to show you a few pictures that NASA and our astronauts have taken that are also very mysterious. These are of our moon. The first one is of a perfect equilateral triangle on the surface of the moon, it is not a crater. The second one to the right of the first is of a “crystalline shard”, geometrically proportioned, and possibly made of a glasslike substance, complete with shadow and towering over a mile and a half high from the surface of the moon.


The third one (above) is called the “Castle”. It is also made of a glasslike substance and it appears to be hanging from a sagging cable. It is highly geometric and it is suspended at least nine miles above the surface of the moon. The fourth one, taken more than an hour after sunset, reveals an amazing miles high crystalline grid along the eastern edge of the “Sinus Medii”. It appears to be a highly refractive substance producing a string of “beads” along it’s base by bending the sunlight towards the camera.

For more than thirty years NASA has been hiding these evidences of extraterrestrial intelligence. It seems that the scientists employed by NASA are the only ones that can’t see the truth or at least won’t acknowledge the truth.

Now to sum up all these things.

How does all this evidence fit into God’s plan for man and taking God’s Word into consideration, what does this mean to Christians of today? If you desire to live in a box and choose to ignore the facts presented here, go for it. It would be a lot easier to put blinders on and not to have to think about such things. However, we live in a scientific generation with the youth of today very smart and asking questions that are tough to answer. We, as God’s witnesses to this generation, need to be ready for their questions. This generation, listening to their secular teachers and even college professors, learn of many things that seem to go against God’s Word. They learn of evolution, dinosaurs and our planet being millions of years old, and are turned off on God because of the traditions that are commonly taught by the church. The true Christians need to be always ready to give an account of why they believe. When questions arise that they can’t answer, like ancient civilizations, UFO’s and the like, what answer will we have for them to keep them intrigued in the bible and increase their faith in God and Jesus?

First, we need to be aware that God is not afraid of the truth and he would surely have us seek the truth no matter what we find. There are many instances in scripture that leave open the possibility of ancient civilizations and of beings not of this earth. The first creation account in Genesis leaves open the possibility of this earth being millions of years old and also of ancient peoples inhabiting the earth before our current Adamic civilization which is revealed in the second creation account. The “Watchers, or Sons of God”, in Genesis 6, are definitely extraterrestrial in nature. They are not of this world, yet they saw the daughters of men and took wives for themselves. They mated with the daughters of men which bore them offspring that were “men of ancient times, men of renown”. How can a mating between two beings create offspring that were “men of old, of ancient times, men of renown”? There were also giants in those days, “Nephilim”, with no further explanation regarding them. These are a few passages that leaves the possibility of extraterrestrial beings and unusual earthly beings existing on the earth before Noah’s flood. When God flooded the earth and killed every living thing except Noah, his family and the animals with them on the ark, Atlantis had already existed and vanished. If the peoples of Atlantis were as advanced as the legends and even the first creation account in Genesis have them to be, they could have had the ability of space travel. If God were to allow them to exist after the destruction of their land, but restricted their involvement with the re-creation of mankind through the Adamic race, they could be the “watchers”, they could have what we consider as alien craft, they also could have left monuments on Mars for us to find when the time was right. As we increased in knowledge and as time grew close for the Lord to return, they surely would be checking us out and leaving signs for us. The UFO sightings, the crop circles, and the monuments on Mars could be their way of trying to communicate with us. They would know of God and his redemptive plan for man through his son Jesus. They may even have had their own redemption, looking forward to Jesuss’ coming, as the Old Testament saints of God did.

If you have never seen the Alternative Three video, it is very interesting. I can’t verify if it is authentic, or if it contains actual footage of ships landing on Mars, but it has been around for a long time and does prove very interesting, and considering the other evidence we find, it could very well be true. I have the video posted on my downloads page.

The main point that I want to drive home is that just because we find things on the earth and in the heavens that seem to contradict God’s word, it doesn’t necessarily go against God or what he has said in his word. He wrote his word in such a manner that until we would understand the deeper things, we wouldn’t be confused. However as we learn the deeper things of God and of this universe, we could re-read his word for what is says and we would understand more fully the truth’s he would have us to know. We can never know all the answers until we get there, we can however apply the truths we do know to God’s word and place them where they fit. God will supply the answers in his own time. Just don’t give up on God because of our traditions that “make void God’s word”.

With Love in Christ,

Patrick Robinson, 12/4/00

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