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The “Harbinger”

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I’ve been reading of late, from a book that was loaned to me by a dear friend who wanted my take on it. The book is called “The Harbinger”, and there are a couple of follow up books, by Jonathan Cahn. These books will be in my library, and I recommend every Christian worldwide should read these. More specifically, the people of Great Britain and the United States along with all the Anglo-Celtic-Saxon nations in the world, as well as any nation that has a “Celtic” influence and or presence in their lands along with any peoples that consider themselves Hebrew-Israeli by blood, should read these books and apply the truths we learn in our own lives. The later books were written as the result of some future developments, about which I will share some of as well.

Now, what surprises me, and is just as important in my mind as observing certain parallels between ancient Israel and the US, is the fact that Jonathan doesn’t even recognize the true relationship between ancient Israel including the northern kingdom or the so called lost tribes, with the modern Celtic nations, primarily Great Britain and the United States. You see, Jonathan observes the parallels, between the founding of Israel as well as prophecies to them and the fulfillment of the prophecies back then, compared with, the events relating to the founding of the United States, and the relationship our nation had with God then, as well as more recent events such as the 9/11 terror attacks, the economy, etc. I am here to tell you that he is on to something, even more than he realizes. There are not only what seems to be exact parallels between ancient Israel and current world events, but with the teaching on the “Lost Tribes”, we now know for sure that the Celtic nations as a whole, are comprised of the population of the so called Lost Tribes of Israel, with Great Britain and the United States representing Ephraim and Manasseh respectively.

For studies on the Lost Tribes, you can read my study on the Celts, or my video podcasts about them, or even better… visit my new website “Doc’s Dream” at where, when you register and log in which is free and easy, you can watch or listen to my teacher Dr. Gene Scott on this subject and a great many other important subjects that this world is in need of. I hope to see you there.

Now, back to the Harbinger…

A “Harbinger”, means someone or something that delivers, or is, a warning of future problems even more severe, if the response to said harbinger is not adequate. So, today, I am actually being a harbinger, delivering to you a WARNING, and showing to you other harbingers, or warnings from God to a nation that was once a great nation, blessed of God, and had his hedge of protection around them, but has recently done everything to kick God out of the lives of the people. This nation has now lost that hedge of protection, and will either be destroyed or infiltrated and dispersed as ancient Israel was, unless the people of this nation truly repent and seek God in their daily lives.

Now I can’t claim that current events are in fact the future fulfillment of that ancient prophecy to Israel, for “no prophecy of scripture is of private interpretation”. However, since the Celtic nations and the northern ten tribes of Israel are in fact one and the same people, then the ancient prophecy could in fact have a future fulfillment today, and current events, including the apostasy of this once Christian nation, could very well be a future fulfillment of the same scripture in Isaiah.

Isaiah 9:10 â€“ “The Bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycamores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars.”

Israel had left God, and God had sternly warned them to return to Him. They however kept their course, loving the worldly pleasures and idols, so God removed His hedge of protection. This scripture is the prideful, rebellious response of the people of Israel after God allowed this breach. They didn’t see this attack as a warning from God, but a weakness in their security. They would rebuild better, stronger, and plant much stronger trees. They wouldn’t return to God in humility, by leaving their worldly loves, passions, and idolatry. They instead, kept on their course, so God used the Assyrians, sending them against Israel to punish them for their apostasy. The Assyrians came in, destroyed Israel, and dispersed the nation to the north.

The Assyrians were a people that used terrorism… true terrorists, very similar to the terrorists of today, and not surprisingly, many of the terrorists of today, are of the same bloodline as the Assyrians of long ago, and those that are not of the literal bloodline, are surely of the spiritual bloodline of these ancient terrorists.

Before the events of September 11, 2001, the United States hedge of protection had been removed. Interestingly and in a way prophetically, the day after 9/11, this very same scripture, Isaiah 9:10, was quoted. New York’s leaders, as well as our nation’s leaders, apparently didn’t realize that this scripture was a response from a rebellious people that were warned to return to God. But just as Israel was defiant and determined to rebuild better and stronger to prevent a future attack, the leaders of this country did the very same thing.

Another correlation was the English Sycamore tree, planted in the St. Paul’s Chapel in New York, just adjacent to the world trade center. This church is where our founding fathers, including our first president, the Senate, and the House of Representatives came and prayed to God, dedicating our country to him. The sycamore tree was planted then and became a symbol of our new country and its relationship with God. This ground of consecration at St. Paul’s, in fact included all the land where the world trade center was situated. After the dust settled on 9/11, it was noticed that the sycamore tree had been knocked down by the falling debris, and there was even a brick within the roots of the uprooted tree. They have saved the root system as a reminder. Afterwards, a Cedar tree was planted where the sycamore tree stood, and it was called the tree of hope. Curiously though, soon after it was planted, that tree would start dying and eventually it was taken away. It was not replaced by another, probably as a result of Jonathan’s first book “The Harbinger” and its implications of the meaning of the tree. The prophetic implications of the dying Cedar indicated that nothing had really changed in the people’s relationship with God.

An additional correlation, is the twenty ton block of hewn stone of Adirondack granite, which was placed at ground zero as a corner stone of the rebuilding. This was a true spirit of defiance and a true parallel to what ancient Israel did. In fact, the New York Governor made this comment the day it was laid down, “Today, we, the heirs of that revolutionary spirit of defiance, lay this cornerstone…”

The parallels between ancient Israel and the United States of today regarding this scripture are amazing, and are a warning to us today that if we do not heed the warnings given, and truly repent and turn back to God in humility, seeking His face and will in our lives, that we can expect the very same outcome as what happened to Israel long, long ago.

There are more parallels, quotes by our leaders and further economic woes… etc. I won’t take time now to go over these, but suffice it to say, if our current events are not the future fulfillment of Isaiah 9:10, then God has a funny way of working things out that they appear to be the future fulfillment of scripture. You need to get the books and read them, or just take my words for what they are worth, and seek the Lord with your whole heart daily, praying for this country to repent and to return to the true worship of God.

You may say, “How are we like ancient Israel?” We don’t worship idols and other gods, or offer our children as sacrifices to these gods. I’ll tell you the truth; we have truly, as a nation, left our first love. For this nation used to keep God in our government and schools, but no more. We’ve kicked God out of our government and our schools when we used to seek Him first. The bible used to be a textbook used in schools, now it has to be left out and kids and teachers are even punished for trying to bring it in or for praying in school. We’ve brought in idols of greed, lust, and envy. We worship at the feet of movie stars and sports stars. We’ve made it legal to kill our unborn children, even if it is just a matter of convenience. Hence, we are offering our children as a sacrifice on the altar of the god of our self. We make our self the god we worship, being proud and boastful, not willing to bend the knee to the true God of the universe, and all the while oblivious to the truth of our actions. This country used to be full of hard working people that didn’t want a handout, wouldn’t even take one, but now people don’t want to work, and they expect our government to give them handouts, welfare and such, even having more kids just to get more welfare. We are truly in a sad state of defiance against how God would truly have us be.

Instead of true repentance after the 9/11 attacks, we have done as Israel of old did. Not seeing a spiritual problem, we saw it as a security problem, and hence…“We will rebuild, better, stronger”. But we never truly seek God in our lives every day. The church world today is full of people that go to church to catch up with friends, or to hear messages to make us feel better about ourselves. They figure that their one day a week lip service to God is enough. They may send their kids to church, if at all, but never keep God in the home. Don’t you know that you are responsible for the spiritual upbringing of your children? It is not the churches function, but the parent’s responsibility. This country is full of people that could care less about God, and don’t want him in their lives. Truly, if our nation does not quickly change, it will soon fall.

“We make void the Word of God by our traditions”

Most people today will read this passage and never grasp the full meaning behind it. Our so called “Christian” acts and celebrations of today are nothing but adaptations to earlier Babylonian holidays and festivals. The church couldn’t stop the secular pagan celebrations, so they stamped “Christian” on it, and Walla!, we now have Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas as well as several others, which truly have nothing to do with Jesus at all. In fact, by taking these holidays as the truth, and teaching them as such, the bible then has errors which cannot be explained. Kids are pretty smart these days, and can figure out the problems in scripture with these holidays. However the bible is specific about things, and we can understand the truth, if we don’t let our traditions get in the way. Jesus was born in late September, not on the winter festival called Christmas, formerly called Saturnalia, but before that, in Babylon, it represented the birth of Tammuz, the son of Nimrod. The early church never kept this winter festival, but later incorporated it into Christianity by stamping Jesus’ birth onto it. Even our Christmas trees are but a pagan idol used in this same winter festival that existed back in Jeremiah’s day. He warned people against that as well. Jeremiah 10… read it. When he talks about “Groves” of idols, he is speaking of these very same Christmas trees.

Jesus wasn’t crucified on Friday, and raised up on Sunday morning. That tradition came as the result of the pre-existing festival of Easter, or Ishtar. Jesus was crucified on Wednesday, on Passover, and in the tomb by sunset, and was raised up on Saturday evening at sunset, which was truly Sunday morning on the Jewish calendar, but fulfilling the Feast of Firstfruits. He was the Passover sacrifice for the sins of the world, and he became the Firstfruits of the resurrection. He had to be in the tomb for three days and three nights, if the Bible is true, which can never happen between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The sunrise services are nothing but the adaptation of the sun worship festival of Ishtar, another name for Semiramus the wife of Nimrod, and said festival celebrated a lie, the raising up from the dead of Tammuz, the son of Nimrod and, it was said, he was Nimrod incarnate. All these things can be proven easily, if you are willing to look at the facts.

Now I am not saying that we should cancel Easter and Christmas, far from it. Have fun on these days, recognizing them as what they are, secular. However, we should recognize where they came from, and that they are pagan festivals, and then teach our children the truth about when Jesus was born, when he was crucified, and raised from the dead. Then when they start studying scripture for themselves, they will find out that the Bible has been right all along, that God can be depended on, and that Jesus is truly Lord of all, God in flesh, and worthy of our sincere praise, and worship.

God is a jealous God, so I call on you today, to seek the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul. Pray regularly throughout the day, keeping Him above all others, including ourselves, and then maybe, just maybe, as He did with Nineveh, God will relent in His chastening, and restore our nation and His hedge of protection around us.

This warning is true as well though. If our nation, as a whole, does not return to God, forsaking our idols, God will truly allow this nation to be destroyed as He did with ancient Israel. Pray hard that He relents.

With Love in Christ,

Patrick Robinson – 12/30/2014

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