Some Poems


In the councils of Heaven before time began, God pondered on things and made a plan.
He wrote it in the stars, for all to see, How he’d redeem us for his family.

Satan’s always changing truth’s into lies, and he didn’t change his ways when it came to the skies.
He led us to worship the creature alone, and humankind drifted apart from the Lord.

All ancient cultures have the same zodiac, if we look at them all we get on the right track.
Virgo to Leo, as the Sphinx indicates, is the right way to divide God’s amazing slate.

Virgo is Mary, bringing forth the Christ child. Righteous Seed and Branch coming from her bowels.
Libra is Christ, paying the price. The Cross, the Victim, the Crown of Life.

Scorpio is the fight with Satan to the end. He bruised Jesus heel, but Christ smashed his head!
Sagittarius, the Archer, both God and man. Rejoicing while wrath is poured on Satan.

Capricorn, the Goat, is Jesus’ sacrifice. The tail of a fish, is him raised in New Life.
Aquarius, is Christ pouring out Living Waters. The Church and the Gospel not to falter.

Pisces, is the Church, new testament and old. Bound to the Monster, but Aries has hold.
Aries is the Ram, Sacrifice of Abraham. Defeating the Monster, breaking chains of the woman.

Taurus is Christ, as a Raging Bull. On the Day of the Lord, Satan’s time is full.
Gemini is a type of the Marriage of the Lamb, to the Church, to all who worship His Name.

Cancer is the Dwelling in which we reside, in the Great Sheepfold that God will provide.
Leo is Jesus the Christ who Will Reign, The Lion of Judah from Jerusalem.

The message in the stars is for all to see. Study for yourself, then you’ll believe,
that God’s in control and he loves you so, that he sent his son to die for your soul.

In Christ,
Patrick Robinson. 09-16-94


If it wasn’t for Christ, paying the price, you and I would die.
Dead in our sins and trespasses, living in Satan’s lie.

He works in very mysterious ways, a little at a time.
Slowly getting control of your mind, filling you full of pride.

Pride is really the only sin, leading us all astray.
Self, he gets you to exalt, making you think, “I’m Okay”.

The first sin of Lucifer, and his sudden downfall,
came as he sought his throne above God’s, “Pretty Stupid Call!”

Flee from pride and self conceit, they lead to all other sin.
Exalting yourself over others or God, makes Satan and his angels grin.

Always Praying, Without ceasing, is really the only way,
to keep your guard against the schemes, of Satan every day.


The lie, the lie Stay away from it.
Jesus is the only way, to stay out of the pit.

The lie, the lie a pleasant sounding bell,
if you fall prey to things he says, you will find yourself in Hell.

In Christ,
Patrick Robinson 9-16-94

The Battle

There’s a war going on, a spiritual kind. Demonic forces invading your mind.
Lust, Anger, and Spiritual Pride are the weapons used by Satan’s side.

Satan only tempts you, he has no control. Christ overcame him so Shalom to your soul.
Just gird your armor and hold fast to your sword, increase your faith by using God’s word.

Our only hope is Jesus our God. He’ll be our fortress, strength and guide.
He died for our sins, the whole world’s sins, and He’s on his way to redeem us again.

Christ can’t return till the way is prepared. We all have a job to do so don’t be scared.
The time has come, His Day is near, the Bride’s getting ready for her Lord to appear.

When the Battle is heated and the darts are flying, remember the parable of the gold refining.
Through fire we are sent, to humble and cure. So we finally can become Holy and Pure.

In the ages to come, we’ll reap our gain. So let your light shine to a world in pain.
Hate the sin but not the person, we’re all under the same curse.

In humbleness help a fallen one up, knowing that all can be tempted by Satan’s cup.
He’s like a lion, seeking to devour. But we’ve already won with the Lord’s Power.

God’s last great trump is about to be played, and when he gets done, Satan’s Filleted.
One day, very soon, the world will see. God’s Power when he raptures you and me.


The Battle is the Lord’s, so let him fight. Through your faith he will show Power and Might.
If your a Christian start acting like one, Get into Battle along with God’s Son.

In Christ,
Patrick Robinson 9-15-94


God was getting angry, So he let off a little steam.
Satan defeated at Armageddon, the World, God redeemed.

Now our job, for a thousand years, Kings and Priests we’ll be.
Echoing love to the whole world, in honest sincerity.

The Rule of Christ, with a rod of iron, makes the world tremble and quake.
Keeping the feast of Tabernacles, teaching the right way.

Jesus will have his bride by his side, throughout all Eternity.
Destined to shine like the stars, the true church will be.

If all this seems so unseen, to the natural eye it will be.
Only in Christ, through Spiritual sight, can you see and believe.

So call on him, he died for your sins, that you may be redeemed.
He’ll come in your heart, so you will experience, the Triumph of the Queen.


The Victory is ours, oh yes, The Victory is ours.
The Lord gave us the battle today, The Victory is ours.

The Victory is ours, oh yes, The Victory is ours.
Watch and Pray for it’s Judgment Day, the Victory is ours.

In Christ,
Patrick Robinson 9-16-94

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