God’s Message in the Stars

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God’s Message in the Stars


In other letters I’ve alluded to a message of the Gospel of Christ written in the stars and zodiac. Until now I’ve not dedicated a letter to this subject. It’s Time…. First let me say, before anyone puts me in a crazy box and thinks I’ve gone off the deep end, that I don’t believe in current astrology, the zodiac, and the New Age Movements. They are caricatures of God’s truth. They are Satan’s counterfeit.

Whenever God expresses a truth, Satan will develop a counterfeit that makes us take our minds off of the creator and on to the creature. Every ancient culture has the zodiac. All over the world. They are divided up the same and carry the same message and meaning. Contrary to popular belief, the Greeks didn’t start the zodiac. The ancient Maya had it, ancient Egypt and the Sumerians had it. No one knows who created it or who named the stars. How it survived virtually intact over these millennia is an amazing feat in itself The names of the stars carry meanings that support the meaning of each constellation, reinforcing and confirming the total message. When we get through with this study, you’ll be amazed at the connection, not only with the zodiac and the Gospel of Grace, but the relationship between the twelve old testament patriarchs, the twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve foundation stones of the New Jerusalem and the twelve zodiacal signs. There is also another ancient zodiac, the Lunar zodiac. In which there are twenty eight divisions of the sky. But amazingly, the same area of stars retains the same message.

With all of these things taken into consideration, the message in the stars can be from none other than God Almighty Himself. For who else could so arrange the different cultures, developing differently and apart from each other and still retain a message of grace that each culture could relate to and all pointing to the one and only messiah, Jesus the Christ, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. Each symbol of the zodiac has three additional supporting constellations called “Decans”. They have always been associated with each zodiacal sign. The same three decans with the same main zodiacal sign. There then are forty eight total ancient constellations that when correctly divided and studied, reveal a coming messiah, born of a virgin, the struggle and defeat of Satan, the judgment and rulership of Christ and the eternal rest and blessings of the redeemed ones.

One has to correctly divide the zodiac to get a complete message from start to finish. We currently divide the zodiac wrongly. The correct way to divide it is told through the most ancient records and also in the Sphinx. For as the Sphinx has the head of a woman and the body of a lion, the correct way to divide the zodiac is Virgo the virgin to Leo the lion. You may say that the Sphinx is a “man’s head”, and although that is possible, the meaning then is that the Divine Son, born into this world from Virgo or “Mary”, becomes the Lion of Judah. In this way Christ’s comings from start to finish are told in correct succession from the babe in a manger to the Lion of the tribe of Judah ruling and reigning forever.

There are three major divisions within the zodiac. The first four have to do with The Person, Work, and Triumph of the Redeemer. The second four have to do with, The Fruits of his work, his Mediatorship, and the Church. The last four have to do with, His Judgement, Rulership and Eternal blessings of the redeemed.

God himself said that there were prophetical messages in the stars. In Genesis 1: 14 he said “Let them (the stars) be for signs”. The term “signs” is, literally, a prophetical term meaning that the stars were to carry a prophetical message. The Psalmist stated that the Heavens declare the Glory of God. The only glory of God that can be revealed is the outraying of Christ himself, as we will see, revealed in all his magnificent aspects through the symbology and meanings within the constellations and the stars.

With man increasing ever so much in technology and in the knowledge of the ancients, he now stands without excuse. As God said that in the last days his mysteries will be revealed, he has revealed to man mysteries hidden from the foundation of the world and judgment is now impending. For he is about to split the sky, take his true bride for himself, and unload the Great Tribulation period on this ungodly world. Bear in mind that as we go through each of the constellation’s meaning and star names, that I’ll be referring to all the ancient zodiacs and star definitions, thereby getting a fuller, more complete message.

This study hardly does justice to the whole message that is written in the stars. I can’t go into every detail in this letter. I just strongly urge you to get into a study for yourself As you do you will be amazed at the detail involved. Two of the most complete works that give the most details and research in the smallest space are; “The Gospel in the Stars” by Joseph A. Seiss and “The Glory of the Stars” by E. Raymond Capt. The answers and conclusions of this study are not a current fad or undertaking. Seiss’ book was first published in 1882. This is just a touchy subject for most traditional Christians because of the Satanic deception that we currently face. If we just scrape off the outer shell of deceit, then the inner truth’s will so shine and confirm to the whole world God’s plan of salvation for mankind. MAN IS WITHOUT EXCUSE!

One must first understand the Gospel story if we are to relate it to a message in the heavens. The Gospel is, basically, the fall of man and separation from God at the subtlety of Satan. That Dragon, the old Serpent called the devil, deceiveth the whole world. Then God sent an adequate sacrifice, Jesus Christ, fulfilling all prophesy, to recover fallen man. The only possible way was for God son, God in flesh, to kin himself to humankind. He then had to die, willingly, as an adequate sacrifice, fulfilling all of God’s laws. Then resurrecting and ascending to the right hand of God and calling out for himself the Bride of Christ, the true church of God with the promise of eternal salvation and blessings to the faithful followers of him. With that thought in mind, we start with Virgo.

Here we have a virgin, reclining, carrying an ear of wheat in one hand and a branch in the other. In all records this woman is a virgin but also motherhood is associated with her. Bringing in the illustrious seed. The Spica, the best of seed. Interestingly, it is the “seed” of the woman that would bruise the head of the serpent. She is also carrying a branch. Christ is the root of David, the Branch out of Jesse, the Branch of Righteousness, the Branch of the Lord and God’s servant the Branch. Both items in her arms are symbolic of Christ and of course his miraculous birth through a virgin, symbolized in Virgo herself.


The first supporting Decan is Coma: She is a seated woman, also a virgin, nourishing an infant boy. The boy has a Hebrew name “Ihesu”, which in Greek is “Christ”. The woman in Virgo and the woman in this first Decan are one and the same. The infant here is also identified with the Seed and the Branch there. The Prophets called Christ the Desired one, the desire of women, the desire of all nations. The name “Coma” in the Hebrew and the oriental dialects means ” The Desired”, or ” The Longed For”.


The second Decan of Virgo is Centaurus the Centaur. It is a vital part of our faith for Christ to have two natures. God in flesh, true God and true man in the same person. He had to be our kinsman redeemer, yet he had to be God to fulfill all of God’s requirements. The dual naturedness of Christ is signified in the Centaur, and you can bet on which end is God and which end is man. God has called us “wild ass men”. Attributed to the Centaur is great wisdom and righteousness. Renowned for his skill in hunting, music, medicine, gymnastics and the art of Prophesy. He is a friend of the Argonauts on their voyage, explained later. The name of this Decan in Arabic, and Hebrew means” The Despised”. The brightest star is Cheron which means in Hebrew, ” The Pierced”. The next star is Pholas, in Hebrew means the “Making of a Prayer”, “The Meditation”. Another name is Toliman, which means, “The Heretofore and the Hereafter”. Thus in this sign, the traditions and the Names all point to Christ’s earthly life and fate.


The last Decan of Virgo is Bootes, “The Coming One” meaning “The one that was to come”. He is the Guardian and Shepherd of the Greater and Lesser bears, more accurately the Sheepfolds, as you will see, just as Christ is our good shepherd. He is also bearing a sickle, showing him as the Great Harvester, as Christ is the harvester of souls. The brightest star is Arcturus, meaning guardian or keeper. The next is Arktos, which connects the idea of enclosure. Thus, Christ is the harvester of souls and the keeper of the sheepfold.

So detailed in Virgo and it’s supporting decans, you have the message of the virgin birth, the dual naturedness of Christ, the Coming harvester and the Great Shepherd. These things already are amazingly accurate concerning the Gospel message. But we’ve just started….


Next we have Libra the scales: There was a price to pay for the redemption of man. Not only did Jesus have to have the adequate price, but he had to willingly pay the price. This is symbolized in Libra. In Hebrew it is Mozanuim, the scales, weighing. In Arabic it is Al Zubena, which is purchase, redemption and gain. In Coptic it is Lambadia or house of propitiation. In Arabic Lam is Grace and Badia is Branch. Hence you have the Atoning Grace of the Branch. Some of the star names are, Zuben al Shemali, the price which covers, Al Gubi, heaped up high, Zuben Akrabi, the price of the conflict. This sign is symbolic of the Price necessary for the redemption.


The First Decan is the sign of the Southern Cross, the Crux, in which the Centaurus is advancing towards. The price to be paid is also symbolized here. Jesus had to go to the cross. He was our propitiation and he had to go to the place of propitiation. The original Hebrew name is Adom, meaning cutting off, as Messiah was “cut off. In the zodiac of Dendera, this constellation is a figure of a Lion with it’s head turned backward, his tongue hanging out of his mouth in a consuming thirst. Christ, when on the cross, had a consuming thirst, and of course he is the Lion of the tribe of Judah.


The second decan is Lupus, the victim slain. Slain by Centaurus, a type of Jesus laying down his own life, no one took it from him. He went to the cross, becoming tile victim. Modern charts have this victim as a wolf or a dog, but there’s no ancient evidence to support this. The Greeks and Latin’s commonly called it the animal. Ulugh Beigh says that it was anciently called Sura, a sheep or lamb. Thus we have the lamb slain from the foundation of the world.


The last decan is Corona, the Crown. Jesus, after paying the price was given the Crown of Life, seated at the right hand of God. The ancient myths have this crown as the reward of the “seed” of the woman. Through his great love for the mortals, he came to grief, persecution and death by his own free will and paid the divinely exacted price to buy his love out of the dark labyrinth of sin and condemnation. His father was very pleased and thereby rewarded him.

So in Libra and it’s decans we have the perfect picture of Christ paying the adequate price by going to the cross, becoming the victim by his own doings, and obtaining the Crown of Glory so that every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.


Then we have Scorpio, the scorpion, in the ancient Egyptian he is the monster serpent. His head is being crushed by Ophiuchus, the strong man, but he is also raising up his tail for an attack to Ophiuchus’ other foot. The name in Arabic and Syriac is Al Akrab, which means wounding, conflict and war. In Coptic it is Isidis which means attack of the enemy. So we have Satan’s attack and battle with Christ, who, as the Seed of the woman, is to bruise Satan’s head while Satan bruises Christ’s heel.

The next two decans are combined. We have Serpens, the serpent, trying to obtain the crown. And Ophiuchus, the serpent holder, in a struggle with the serpent, keeping him from the crown. Serpens, is that Great Serpent himself in a struggle with the strong man, Christ, for the Crown of Glory. Satan’s always trying to dethrone God, and he doesn’t seem to care that he has already lost. He will take as many of us as he can, down to Hell with him.


Ophiuchus then is that strong man, in a struggle with the serpent, overcoming and keeping him from the crown. He also has one foot raised, crushing Scorpio’s head while the other foot is being attacked by Scorpio. The Coptic name for him means the Chief who cometh. In Greek he is Aesculapius, the healer, the physician, the Desired one, one who brings cure. The story goes that he not only cured the sick but lie raised the dead by blood from the sides of the goddess of justice and the slain gorgon and finally himself suffered death from the lightning’s out of heaven because of the complaints of the god of hell, but he was raised to Glory by the influences of Apollo. So in this decan we have the strong man fighting with the serpent, also the sent healer and redeemer of mankind.


The last decan in Scorpio is Hercules, The Mighty One. Holding the serpents in one hand and bruising their heads with the club in his other hand. The serpents are also in the midst of the prized “Golden Apples”, denoting the reward of the fruits of the tree of life that Satan has for so long kept from man. Now being taken back by Christ, who, bruises Satan’s head while taking back the keys of Death and Hell. The brightest star is Ras al Gethi, meaning “the head of him who bruises”. The second star has a meaning of “The Branch Kneeling”. The Phoenicians worshipped this man as a Savior at least five centuries before the Greeks did.

So in the constellation of Scorpio and it’s decans we have the obvious picture of Christ’s struggle and battle with Satan, keeping him from the crown. Our redeemer and healer, the bruiser of the serpent. Our Branch, Christ Jesus.


Then we have Sagittarius, The Archer. Again the dual naturedness of Christ comes out. He has a bow and arrows, with one pointed at the heart of Scorpio. Psalms 45:: 4, 5 is interesting. “And in thy Majesty, ride prosperously, because of Truth, Meekness and Righteousness, and thy right hand shall teach thee terrible things. Thine arrows are sharp in the heart of the kings enemies”. This centaur is “Cheiron”, the chief centaur, the righteousness dealing centaur. Most centaurs are mean and beneath humanity. But Cheiron has always been Noble, Just, Refined and Good. Even Superhuman intelligence, Dignity, and Power are associated with him. Some of his names denote graciousness and delight. So we can see that Sagittarius symbolizes Christ’s attack of Satan, but also his Goodness, Majesty, Glory and swift action.


Then we have the first decan. Lyra, the Harp. Symbolizing the rejoicing that is in Heaven and on Earth when Christ attacks and overcomes Satan. This is signified as “Wonderful Jubilation”. The Church always has been a singing and rejoicing group, because of our Savior. When he takes is bride out of this earth, then the singing will stop. The brightest star is Vega, signifying “He shall be exalted” and “The Warrior Triumphant”, because Christ the exalted and triumphant one causes great rejoicing in the Heavens and the Earth.


Next we have Ara, The Altar or Burning Pyre. With the altar fires being poured out. Gods wrath being poured out on Satan. Called in Arabic AI Mugamra, signifying “tile completing, the making of an end, the finishing. Ara, Mara, and Aram, denotes “a curse, utter destruction”.


Then the last decan is Draco, the Dragon cast down. The star Draco, means “the trodden on”, or Al Waid, “who is to be destroyed”. Thuban, “the subtle”, Al Dib, “the reptile”. The second star is Rastaban, “Head of the Subtle”, Third is Etanin “The Long Serpent, Dragon”. Another is El Athik, “The Fraudful”, Another is Grumian, “The Deceiver”, Another is El Asieh, “The Humbled, the Brought down”, and Gianser, “The Punished Enemy”.

So in Sagittarius we have Christ attacking Satan, Rejoicing in Heaven while God’s wrath is being poured out on Satan and that Great Dragon, Draco, is cast down forever. How amazing is the symbolism contained in these first four constellations and their supporting decans. You should be “Sold” on this story already, but if not, don’t worry, you will be.

Now we get into the second four constellations which signify, the fruits of his work, the Church, and His Mediatorship.


First we have Capricornus, The Goat. Here we have a dying goat, kneeling, with the Live Vigorous tall of a fish blended into him. Half goat, and half fish. First, the Goat is a sacrificial animal. God commanded the children of Israel to “Take ye a kid of the goats for a sin offering”. Lev. 9:3 1. This dying goat represents Christ Sacrificial death for the sin of the whole world. Gedi and Dabih are the most prominent stars. In Hebrew, Arabic and Syriac mean, “The Cut off, The Hewn Down, The Sacrifice Slain”. Then the picture of another kind of life coming out of the sacrifice. It takes it’s being from the Goat. The Coptic name of this sign means “the Station, or Mansion of Bearing”, signifying Christ dying as a grain of wheat, but resurrecting and new growth, the Church, coming from him. The Church has always been compared with a fish or fishes. We are to be fishers of men. The early Christians were called Ichthues and Pisces or “Fishes”. In the titles of our Lord ; Jesus, Christ, God’s, Son, and Savior, the Greek letters form a word or name which signifies a fish. (IXOYE) Hence Christ is the mystic Divine Fish who in the waters of baptism begat a multitude of fishes.


The first decan is Sagitta, the Arrow. Coming from an invisible hand. It is tile death arrow of the Almighty’s Justice. Piercing the spotless Son of God, in place of guilty mankind. Psalm 38 has this very arrow of God sticking fast to the Mysterious Sufferer. There is also a spiritual piercing and slaying to all believers, for as we die to ourselves and this world, we take also this arrow. Being crucified with him that we may also live with him.


Next is Aquilla, the Eagle. The pierced and falling eagle, another picture of the sacrifice slain. The main star is Al Tair, or “the wounded”. The second star means “the scarlet colored, covered with blood”. Third star means “the Torn”, yet another means “The wounded in the Heel”. These star names are impossible to relate to just an eagle, but our Sacrificial Christ fit’s them perfectly.


The last decan is Delphinus, the Dolphin. A vigorous fish, jumping upward. In connection with Capricomus, represents the new life springing forth from the Grain of Wheat. We thus have, in symbology, both the Sacrifice and resurrection of Christ along with the birth of the True Church, the followers of Christ.


Then we have Aquarius, the Water Bearer. Here is a man with a great Urn in his right arm, pouring out waters from the heavens and the Southern fish is swimming therein. In Mythology, he is Ganymedes, the bright, glorified and happy one. As Christ died and poured out living waters that we may live, so is Aquarius. Christ said that if any man thirst, “let him come unto me and drink” . In Coptic, Greek and Latin, the names of the signs signify, “the Pourer forth of Water”, “the Exalted Waterman”. The main star is Sa’ad al Melik, meaning “The Record of the Outpouring”. As Christ not only poured out “Living Waters”, but, “Poured out his Spirit upon All Flesh.


The first decan is the Southern Fish, Pisces Australis, drinking the waters poured out by Aquarius as the true followers of Christ, follow him and drink of His living waters.


The second decan is Pegasus, the Winged Horse. A Great horse pushing forward with full speed. His name signifies, “The Horse of the Gushing Fountain”. The first chapter of Zachariah has such horses that are symbolic of those whom “God hath sent to walk, to and fro, through the earth” not only to see and report their findings, but to shake and disturb the nations so as to restore Liberty, Peace, and Blessings to God’s people. His name, broken down, means, “The Chief, swiftly coming or returning with the idea of Joy Bringing”. Hence, “the Chief, coming forth again in great victory and with good tidings and blessings to those whom he comes”. Star names include. Markab, the returning ; Scheat, he who goeth and returneth; Enif, the Branch; Al Genib, who carries; Homan, the Waters.


The last decan in Aquarius is Cygnus, the Swan. In rapid flight as in Pegasus. Bringing glad tidings. The brightest star is Deneb, The Lord or Judge to come. Next is Azel, who goes and returns; Fafage, glorious, shining forth. Arided, He shall come down.

So with this group in Aquarius, we have the perfect picture of the living waters, with the Church and the Glorious Gospel message of Glad Tidings, going forth to and fro throughout the world.


Then we get to Pisces, the fishes. Two fishes swimming in different directions, tied together at the tails with a band, the band is also tied to Cetus the sea monster. Aries has his leg crossing the band, between the fishes and the monster. Again we have a type of the Church in the fishes. The fish has always been associated with the Church and early believers were called “Pisces”. Some of the star names are Okda, The United; Al Samaca, The Upheld. In Syriac, it is Nuno, the fish prolonged, the idea of posterity or successive generations. In Coptic, it is Pi-Cot Orion, the fish, congregation, the Company of the Coming Prince. These fish are none other than the pictorial representation of the True Church. The “Two” fishes could represent just the multitudes of fishes, but, more probably represent the Church before and after Christ. Both Stuck in Satan’s domain, but both protected by Aries. They are both God’s chosen ones and members of the great sheepfold.

The Band or Ribbon,attached to Pisces, is the first decan. It is attached to both fishes tails, and to Cetus the sea monster’s back. The Patriarchal Saints are tied to the Christian Saints. The saints before Christ could not be made perfect without us. But, we wouldn’t have a Christ if it wasn’t for that preparation for him through the Old Testament Saints. Both are bound to this world and Satan’s domain, but the arm of Aries protects them both, and we will see why coming up.


The second decan is Cepheus, the Crowned King. Symbolic of Christ seated at the right hand of God. He is holding a scepter in his left hand and still symbolically holding the ribbon of the fishes in his right hand. Still tending his fishes, protecting them from the Evil one. This Cepheus wears a crown of stars, (remember Corona?) he is a glorious king, One foot on the pole star, he is at the true north watching over us. Heaven is spoken of as being in the “North”. Some of the star names are, Al Deramin, the quickly returning; Al Phirk, “The Redeemer”; another means “The Shepherd”. The Egyptians called him, Pe-ku-hor, the Ruler that Cometh. Cepheus means “The Royal Branch, the King”. Who else but Christ could this be, he is the Branch, the Redeemer, and he Cometh Quickly.

The last decan in Pisces is Andromeda, The Chained Woman. Again symbolic of the bound church to this world, awaiting her redeemer, Perseus, the breaker, to free her from her bondage. She is the mystic woman called and appointed to


rule and in guardianship over men. The Church will Rule and Reign with Christ for the thousand year millennium, right after the great tribulation period. Some star names mean, The Broken Down, the Weak, The Afflicted, The Chained. The true church has been persecuted and afflicted since it’s birth. Christ said that we would have tribulation. If you are not being persecuted and in tribulation at times, you better take a good look at yourself because Christ said that if they hated him that they would hate us. The whole world is in a mad rush to consolidate, to unify, and to bring in the New World Order. Satan’s tactics exactly. Just take God out of the picture and exalt yourself as god’s over your own world.

So in Pisces and it’s decans you have the miraculous picture of the saints of all ages, bound to this world, but watched over and cared for buy our King and Shepherd.


Then we come to Aries, A Vigorous Ram. Aries means “the Chief’ or “the Head”, as Christ is the Chief and Head over his Church. In Syriac he is Amroo, the Lamb, also the Branch. In Arabic he is Al Hamel, the sheep, the gentle, the merciful. The principal stars are, El Nath, EI Natik and Al Sharetan, meaning “the Wounded”, “the Bruised”, “the Slain”. This couldn’t have been an accident. Here is that sacrifice of Abraham, our Christ, the head of the Church, the Lamb of God, the Branch, the Merciful, also showing his death. But, this one is vigorous. He didn’t crawl out of that tomb. He came out with such a blast that others in the area were resurrected by the power that he emanated.


The first decan is Cassiopeia, the Enthroned Woman. Here is a picture of the true church of God. Exalted out of the evil world, and seated with her redeemer in Heaven. Star names are, Shedar, the Freed; Ruchbah and Dat al Cursa, meaning the Enthroned, the Seated. At her right hand, the king is handing out his scepter to her. All records have them pronounced as husband and wife. Here is the Church, triumphant, seated in Glory, Before that Day of the Lord, coming up. The Church will not go through any part of the Great Tribulation. We are heirs of God and Joint Heirs with Christ, not appointed unto God’s wrath.


The second decan is Cetus, the Sea Monster. Here we have that Old Serpent again. Satan is a defeated foe and he knows it. Mira, a star in the neck means, The Rebel. It becomes invisible every 300 days. It once disappeared for four years. He is going down. Menker, means The Chained Enemy; Diphda, means the Overthrown, the thrust down. He is none other than that Great Dragon, the True Leviathan, sent to devour Andromeda, but, Perseus comes just in time to free her.


The last decan is Perseus, The Breaker. This is Christ, the breaker of Andromeda’s chains, the redeemer of the Church. Micah 2: 12,13 says of a time when the flock of God will be gathered. The king pass before them and the Lord on the Head of them. And this shall be when, “The Breaker is come up before them”. He is our deliverer at the rapture, any day now. Star names are: Atik, He who Breaks; Al Genib, One who carries away; Mirfak, who helps. He is carrying Medusa’s head, Symbolic of Satan himself. Medusa means “The Trodden under foot”. Stars in her head are ; Al Ghoul, or Algol, meaning Evil Spirit. Rosh Satan and Al Oneh, means, Satan’s Head, The Weakened, The Subdued. This is a perfect picture of our deliverer, conquering Satan.

So in Aries and it’s support, you have our Christ, a Powerful Risen Savior, with the Enthroned Queen, a conquered enemy and a redeemer carrying off Satan’s head. It just boggles the mind to find out these things that God has preserved as a testimony of his true Lordship.

We need to all keep Jesus as the central role in our lives. What is it, that has Lordship in each of our lives? Is it things, jobs, money, alcohol, drugs, etc… ? Or is it a man, Jesus who is from Nazareth, but who is also God in flesh. kinning himself to man to provide a way for us to drink from that fountain of youth and eat of that fruit of the Tree of Life giving us ETERNAL LIFE AND SALVATION. I throw out to you a challenge, really not a challenge but an ultimatum. Make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life above everything else, and be will pour out such a blessing that you can’t contain. If not physically, surely spiritually. You can’t lose. If you decide not to, then maybe you are not one of the chosen. For many are called, but few are chosen. But if you feel any nudging, or drawing in to God, that is the Holy Spirit working on you and you shouldn’t keep putting Him off, he may just decide to leave you alone, then you would care less about God and your eternal destiny, decided. Sadly it would not be where I know you truly would want to be.

We are now through the second set of constellations, dealing with Christ’s fruit, his work, and mediatorship in the Church. Now comes the Judgment and Rulership of Christ.


Beginning with Taurus, The Bull. Here we have a raging bull, blended in with, yet coming out from the triumphant Aries.. This is not a common bull but an wild ox, a “Reem”. He is in intense rage, barreling down on his enemy. To the Egyptians he is the “Head” or “The Captain”, the Mighty Chieftan who cometh. The Chief star is Al Debaran, (in the bull’s eye), means the Captain, Leader or Governor. In mythology, he is a snow white bull. Signifying Righteousness and Royal Judgment. Out of his passion for Beautiful Europa, whom he won by his gentleness, he bore her on his back across the sea to Crete. Afterward became mad and wrought great havoc among the Cretians. What a perfect example of Christ and his Church. The Church is redeemed and safe in heaven, then God’s fury is uideashed. The Pleiades, or the Seven Stars or Doves. The peculiar star cluster of the “Sweet Influences” was with the ark of Noah, and those saved by it. The “Seven Stars” which are also connected with the church; (Rev. 1: 16 – 2: 1) are on his back, high up between his great shoulders, protected while he goes forth.

The Bible has seven passages in the KJV that use the term unicorn, or unicorns. The word is “Reem” or wild ox. This is not a typical ox. He is a wild, untameable, giant ancient ox, with huge horns. This ox was close to the size of an small elephant and very prized. Psalm 92: 1 0, My horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn (Reem). Job 3 9:9-12, says, Will the unicorn be willing to serve tliee, or abide in thy crib? Canst thou bind the unicorn with his band in the furrow? Will he harrow the valley’s after thee? Wilt thou trust him because his strength is great.Or wilt thou leave thy labor to him? Wilt thy believe him that he will bring home thy seed, and gather it into thy barn?. This animal was distinguished by his great outspread horns. Joseph (Deut. 33:17) in his superiority of power is likened to the unicorn (Reem) of which his two sons, Ephriam and Manasseh, were the two great horns that were to push the people to the ends of the earth. Towards the church, he is the Lamb. But to this unsanctified world, he becomes the Terrible Reem. This is why the Grand Junction of the planets is very important. Not only because the scientists don’t know what to expect, because they do expect something major to occur with it. But, more importantly, the lineup occurs in the Taurus Constellation, more precisely, The Pleiades. The Day of the Lord, just around the corner. What an amazing timeclock our God has! And what an exciting time to be alive, witnesses to God’s revealing glory, in his son’s Spectacular return.


The first decan is Orion, The Glorious One. One of the Grandest of the constellations, once it is learned it is never forgotten. It is a figure of a great hunter, with a mighty club in his right hand in the act of striking. And in his left hand, the Head and hyde of a slain lion. One foot is crushing the enemy’s head. His name is Orion, He who Cometh as Light, the Brilliant, the Swift. Beltelguse, a star in his right shoulder means “The Branch Coming”. Rigel, in his raised foot means “The foot that crusheth”. In his belt are three called the Three Kings, and Jacob’s Rod. (Isa. I 1: 1) and the Ell and Yard, giving the rule of celestial and righteousness measurement. Just as it is said of the Rod and Branch from Jesse’s roots. Star in his left breast is Bellatrix, meaning “Swiftly Coming”, “Suddenly Destroying”. Arabs call him Al Giauza, The Branch, Al Mirzam, The Ruler and Al Nagjed, The Prince. In myths he is described as the greatest hunter in the world. He claimed to be able to conquer any animal. Because of this claim, a scorpion sprang up out of the earth and gave him a mortal wound in the foot. But he was raised to immortality and placed in the heavens over against the scorpion. He is said to have a great love for the Pleiadic Maiden, and out of his affection for her he cleared the country of all the noxious beasts, bringing the spoils to his beloved. So in the names and myths, you have a perfect example of the Conquering Christ, Smashing the enemy’s head, that Lion, Satan that was seeking whom he may devour.


The next decan is Eridanus, The river. A river of fire, flowing from the crushing foot of Orion, down to the regions of darkness in the Underworld. It is Eridanus, “The river of the Judge”, Daniel sees this “River of the Judge” coming from before the Ancient of Days. There are many references in the Bible of a fiery river that the wicked are cast into. Here then is that river of Judgment, issuing from before Christ in Orion.


The last decan is Auriga, The Shepherd. Here we have a Conductor of the Reigns, this Shepherd is holding the same bands as the other’s are. This man is seated on the Milky Way, holding on his shoulder a she goat with two frightened kids on his lap. The perfect picture of the church, safe in Christ’s bosom, while the wrath is unleashed on this earth. Isa. 40: 10,11 says, Behold, the Lord will come forth with a strong hand, and his arm shall rule for him. Behold his reward is with him, and his work before him. He shall feed his flock like a shepherd. He shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that give suck. The name of the star in his right arm is Menkalinon, in Chaldaic means, “The band of the Goats or Ewes”.

So in the constellation of Taurus and it’s decans, you have the happenings during the Day of the Lord. The Church, safe in Christ’s bosom. while the enemy is crushed. The Truth’s are so obvious, it seems impossible that Satan could cloud out these truth’s, but, he could never block out the truth from being revealed, in God’s Good Time.


Then we get to Gemini, The twins. Here we have two figures, male and female in the most ancient records, embracing in a loving union. One holds a Great Club in his hand while the other hand is clasping his companion. The other one holds a harp in one hand, and a bow and arrow in the other. The figure in the Egyptian Sphere signifies the Coming One, the Messiah, the Prince. The Coptic name is Pi Mahi, signifying, the United, the Completely Joined. As Christ and the Church are to be as one, in the marriage of the Lamb in the heavenlies, during the Great Tribulation, after the Day of the Lord has Begun. Amazing accuracy, even in the timing, compared to scripture. The star names tell the same story, The left foot of the southern figure has one named Al Henah, the Hurt, the Wounded. Star in his head is Pollux, The Ruler, the Judge. So this figure is none other than Christ, whose heel was bruised. The other is the Church, who is to be just like him when we see him.


The first decan is Lepus, the Hare, the Enemy of the Coming. In the Persian and Egyptian zodiacs, the figure is a serpent, trodden under Orions foot. Also called Bashti-Beki, the Offender Confounded; Star names are Nibal, Rakis, and Sugia, meaning, The Mad, The Caught, The Deceiver. Hence we have Satan, caught and confounded.


The next decan is Canis Major, The Dog. The great dog or wolf, the special hunter of the hare. Sirius, the main star means Prince, Guardian or the Victorious. Taken in connection with the Egyptian Sphere, we have Naz-Seir or Nazir. Who it was that was to be called Naz-seir-ene. The Sent Prince. We get the term Nazarene from this star. Netzer in Hebrew means The Branch. Christ is obviously connected with this sign. Other star names are Mirzam, “The Ruler”; Muliphen, the Leader or Chieftain; Wesen, the shining, illustrius, scarlet ; Adhara, the Glorius; Al Habor, the Mighty, all are linked to Christ.


The last decan is Canis Minor, the second dog. Following along with Canis Major, as Christ comes back, so the Church also comes along with him. The Egyptians call him Sebak, the conquering and victorious. Main star is Prozyon, meaning the Redeemed, or Redeeming. Al Mirzam, adds rulership here. Al Gomeiza, also signifies redemption but adds other past aspects of the Church as in The Burdened, Loaded Down, Enduring for the Sake of Others.

So in Gemini, the perfect symbology of the Marriage of the Lamb to the Church. Satan confounded, but a glorious union taking place in the heavenlies, just as Christ and the True Church are about to fulfill.


Then we come to Cancer, the crab. This animal, born of water, just as the Church is, has rows of legs signifying the multitudness of it’s members. The Ancients called it Praesepe, meaning multitude, offspring, the young, the Innumerable Seed. Latin’s understood it as a manger, the Stall, or Stable, or Fold. Hence we have the resting place of the Church. The Egyptians called it Klaria, the Folds, the Resting Places. Kan-Cer means, travelers resting place, and embraced or encircled. So Cancer means “Rest Secured”. The final rest of the called ones.


The first and second decans are Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, the Greater and Lesser Bears. Originally Dubheh or Dubah, not meaning bear but a collection of domesticated animals. So we don’t have two long-tailed bears, we have two sheepfolds or flocks. Star names are, Al Pherkadian, the calves or Hebraically the Redeemed; Al Gedi, the Chosen of the Flock.; Al Kaid, the Assembled or Gathered together.


So here we have two major Sheepfolds, a gathering of God’s chosen ones. The Bride and the Friends of the Bridegroom.


The Last Decan is Argo, the Ship. Safely in home port after a long voyage. With the brave travelers, the Lost treasure regained. The battles and toils are over and blessed rest is their inheritance. Canopus, means the possession of Him who cometh, which we are Christ’s possession. Sephina, means multitudness of good. Tureis, means the Firm Possession in Hand. Thus the whole constellation of Cancer represents the Churches final rest and reward, safe in the Heavenlies, the trip finally over.


Then last but certainly not least comes Leo, the lion. Meaning “he that rends”, that tears asunder, that destroys, that lays waste. Christ is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, ruling with a Rod of Iron. No one can overcome him. The Chief star, Regel, means the Feet which Crusheth, as Christ crusheth everything under his feet. Next is Denebola, the Judge, the Lord who cometh with Haste. Al Giebha, the Exalted; Zosma, the Shining Forth; Al Defera, the putting down of the enemy. Hence we have the victorious Lion, crushing the enemy, Himself Exalted as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


The three decans are combined. We have Hydra, the Serpent. Crater, the Cup pouring out wrath on the serpent. and Corvus, the Raven, grasping and pecking at the serpent. Hydra is that old serpent, the Great Dragon. His length reaches a full third of the heavens. Just as Satan bought down a third of the angels with him, so this is also typified in Hydra. Here he is fleeing for his life. But he is caught, not able to escape. Hydra means, the Abhorred, Al Phard, the Separated, the Excluded, the Put out of the way. As Satan is bound for one thousand years, so this Hydra is also put away. Minchir al Sugia, meaning the Punishing or the Tearing to Pieces of the Deceiver. Crater, the cup of wrath. placed directly on the body of the Serpent. While Corvus, the Raven is grasping the serpent with his claws while tearing at him with his beak. Star in the eye of the Raven is, Al Chiba, the Curse inflicted. Minchir al Gorab, the Raven tearing to pieces.

Thus Leo is obviously Our Lion of Judah, finally putting that Old Serpent, that decieveth the whole world, away.

The Gospel in the Stars is for all to see. I’ve only shed light on this subject. But unless you are totally blind you will have to agree that God does have his message in the stars and there can now be no denying it. Not the false teaching that so pervades the world. But, the underlying truth that Satan can only attempt to cover, and it now stands beautifully uncovered for you. So amazing is our God, that he preserved this Gospel message, foreknowing, Christ’s advents and his total work, before the world’s were formed. But this is still not all. There is a definite relationship between the meaning of the twelve zodiacal signs and, the twelve OT Patriarchs, The twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve foundation stones of the New Jerusalem, and the Ancient Lunar Zodiac. Next I’ll include a few charts comparing these with the meanings of the zodiac, as an afterthought or another confirmation of the total message. The Day of the Lord is right at the door. There is no time to waste. Join with me in the message that Christ said would be proclaimed just before he came back. Just as John the Baptist proclaimed “Prepare ye the Way for the Lord”, let us also say, Lift up your head because our redemption really is drawing nigh.

Here then is the comparison with the constellations of the zodiac, and the meanings of the names of the Old Testament Patriarch’s

Virgo = Adam: the bright, the excellent, the godlike, also to suffer death, the seed of the woman in Virgo is the Second Adam.

Libra = Seth: Appointed in the place of another, our compensation for our sins, and paying the price to redeem.

Scorpio = Enos: Mortal, suffering, afflicted; Stricken, smitten of God

Sagittarius = Cainan: means acquisition, forcible gaining of possession, to bruise the serpents head, riding forth in Majesty.

Capricornus = Mahalaleel: The display or praise of God, as Christ was delivered for our offenses and raised again for our justification.

Aquarius = Jared: The descending or coming down. As the Holy Ghost shed forth to quicken and energize humanity.

Pisces = Enoch: Means Consecrated, initiated, taught and trained. Characteristics of the Church in all ages.

Aries = Methuselah: Means released from death. Type of Christ as being slain Lamb of God, raised and having the keys of Death and Hell.

Taurus=Lamech: Means the Strong, Mighty One, the Wild and Invincible Overthrower.

Gemini=Noah: Means rest, a rest for the people of God after the wicked are destroyed, a calm repose with our redeemer.

Cancer = Shem: Means Name, Renown, the standard of Empire. Symbolic of the Glorious kingdom given to the Saints.

Leo = Arphaxad: Means the Strength, the Stronghold of the assembly. There is no other stronghold than our Lord, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah..

Now for the Comparison between the zodiacal signs and the meaning of the names ot the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

Virgo = Zebulon: dwelling, his jewel was Bareketh, meaning Glittering or Bright. Christ is the brightness of his fathers glory.

Libra = Levi: Offering sacrifices for the peoples sins, bearing the redemption price.

Scorpio = Dan: Judge, judging and punishing as an serpent and an adder by the way. His symbol was the serpent.

Sagittarius = Asher: The Blessed, happy, the triumphant going forth. Jewel is Shoham-the lively, the strong.

Capricornus = Naphtali: a “Hind”, wrestler with death, falling, yet joyously bringing forth abundant new life.

Aquarius = Reuben: Behold a Son, New Beginnings. Going on to excel as water flows. The Jewel is Nophek, the pouring forth as water and light.

Pisces = Simeon: Hearing and obeying. United, joined together, bound. Moses assigns them blessings of prophetic lights and perfection’s.

Aries = Gad: “Seer”- Lamb has seven eyes, pierced but overcomes. Jewel is the Diamond, cutting and breaking as well as shining.

Taurus = Joseph: The “Reem”, Ephriam and Manasseh are his two horns, pushing people to the ends of the earth. Jewel is Tongues of Fire.

Gemini = Benjamin: 2 names; Benjamin-“son of my right hand” and Benomi- “Son of my sorrows”. Both are beloved of the Lord. The later dwelling between the shoulders of the other just as in Taurus and the Pleiades, confirming it as Christ and the Church.

Cancer = Issachar: Recompense; Jewel is Pitdah- the reward. Thus the Church safe and rewarded.

Leo = Judah: Praise and Glory and Majesty of God. “The Lion of the Tribe of Judah”. The lion, tearer into pieces, the Glorious Victor.

Now Comparing the Zodiac to the meanings of the names of the Foundation stones of the New Jerusalem.

Virgo = Jasper: Most precious, bright and.clear; Meaning is said to be “Coming to bruise and to be Bruised”.

Libra = Sapphire: Means number, the count of Price and Weight.

Scorpio = Chalcedony: Affliction and Torture.

Sagittarius = Emerald: Defending, Keeping as a mighty protector.

Capricornus = Sardonyx: Means “the Prince Smitten”

Aquarius = Sardius: Means “the Power Issuing Forth”

Pisces = Chrysolite: He who binds, he who holds with bands, the bound together.

Aries = Beryl: The Son, The First bom, The Exalted Head.

Taurus = Topaz: Distinguished gem of Ethiopia, meaning “Dashing to Pieces”.

Gemini = Chrysoprasus: “They who are United”.

Cancer = Jacinth: Possessing, He shall possess.

Leo = Amethyst: He that destroys, the “Destroyer of the Destroyer”.

Now for the Lunar Zodiac, compared to the same section of the sky as the Solar Zodiac.

Virgo –

1. Al awa: the Desired

2. Simak al Azel: Branch of the Power of God

3. Caphir: The Atonement, The Propitiation by Sacrifice

Libra –

4. Al Zubena: The Redeeming, the regaining by purchase, the buying back

5. Al Iclil.: The Complete Submission


6. Al Kalb: The cleaving or wounding

7. Al Shaula: The Sting, The Deadly Wound


8. Al Naim: The Gracious, The Delighted in.

9. Al Beldah: Hastily Coming, as to Judgement


1O: Al Dibah: The Sacrifice slain


11. Sa’ad al Bula: Witness of the rising, or drinking in

12. Sa’ad al Su’ud. Witness of the Swimming or the Outpouring

13. Al Achbiya: The Fountain of Pouring


14. Al Pherg al Muchaddem: Thie Progeny of the Ancient Times

15. Al Pherg al Muachher: The Progeny of the Latter Times

16. Al Risha: The Band, The Joined Together


17. Al Sheraton: The wounded that was cut off

18. Al Botein: The treading underfoot

19. Al Thuraiya: The Enemy Punished


20. Al Debaran: The Leader, The Governor, The Subduer

2 1. Al Heka: The Driving Away


22. Al Henah: The wounded in the foot

23. Al Dirah: The ill Treated


24. Al Nethra: The Treasure, The Possession

25. Al Terpha: The Healed, The Delivered, The Saved


26. Al Gieba: The Exaltation, The Prince

27. Al Zubra: The Heaped up as sin and delayed punishment.

28. Al Serpha: The Burning, The Funeral Pyre

In Christ, with Love,

Patrick Robinson


In the councils of Heaven before time began, God pondered on things and made a plan.

He wrote it in the stars, for all to see, How he’d redeem us for his family.

Satan’s always changing truth’s into lies, and he didn’t change his ways when it came to the skies.

He led us to worship the creature alone, and humankind drifted apart from the Lord.

All ancient cultures have the same zodiac, if we look at them all we get on the right track.

Virgo to Leo, as the Sphinx indicates, is the right way to divide God’s amazing slate.

Virgo is Mary, bringing forth the Christ child. Righteous Seed and Branch coming from her bowels.

Libra is Christ, paying the price. The Cross, the Victim, the Crown of Life.

Scorpio is the fight with Satan to the end. He bruised Jesus heel, but Christ smashed his head!

Sagittarius, the Archer, both God and man. Rejoicing while wrath is poured on Satan.

Capricorn, the Goat, is Jesus’ sacrifice. The tail of a fish, is him raised in New Life.

Aquarius, is Christ pouring out Living Waters. The Church and the Gospel not to falter.

Pisces, is the Church, new testament and old. Bound to the Monster, but Aries has hold.

Aries is the Ram, Sacrifice of Abraham. Defeating the Monster, breaking chains of the woman.

Taurus is Christ, as a Raging Bull. On the Day of the Lord, Satan’s time is full.

Gemini is a type of the Marriage of the Lamb, to the Church, to all who worship His Name.

Cancer is the Dwelling in which we reside, in the Great Sheepfold that God will provide.

Leo is Jesus the Christ who Will Reign, The Lion of Judah from Jerusalem.

The message in the stars is for all to see. Study for yourself, then you’ll believe,

that God’s in control and he loves you so, that he sent his son to die for your soul.

In Christ,

Patrick Robinson. 09-16-94

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