A Disciple’s Study of the Great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid, on the Giza plateau in Egypt, has been the object of scientific and archaeological study for over two hundred years now, in this modem era of discovery. It is the last of the seven ancient wonders of the world, and the only one remaining. Taking a closer look, you find amazing evidence, of the construction ability of the ancients. Whoever built it had to have a superior knowledge of construction techniques that far surpasses what we have now. Notwithstanding, there are many examples in the construction, that a superior knowledge of the universe, and of the earth, are incorporated into the building and it’s measurements. This Great Pyramid is singled out from all other pyramids. It is the oldest, and by the superior construction techniques that far surpasses all the other pyramids, makes it obvious that the Egyptians didn’t build it. They tried to imitate this one, but they never were able to come close. More probably, whoever built it had some divine help and planning.

 When you are through with this written study, you can visit my YouTube video about it.. even more information there. Here’s the link… Great Pyramid Basics   Also… Download this great reference chart on the Great Pyramid. It was created by another Dr. Scott student, and is an excellent resource.

This study will attempt to prove to you the Divine Inspiration behind the building of the Great Pyramid, and will correct the current Egyptian statements about it. The Egyptians say, that the Pharaoh Cheops, or Khufu, built it because of a Cartouche, or Kings Signature Symbol, was found inside. All the pyramids in Egypt are covered with writing and paintings, filled with statues and gold, all except one, the Great Pyramid. In this respect it is silent, except a few “quarry marks” found over the top of the kings chamber. The Cartouche and quarry marks have already been proven to have been a forgery. Zachariah Sitchin proved it. The “discoverer” of these marks, Col. Howard Vyse, was at the end of his expedition and money was running out. He still hadn’t found any treasure, writings or anything in the Great Pyramid. Shortly before he made his “discovery”, a publication by Mr. Wilkinson, the “Materia Hieroglyphica”, published a cartouche similar to the one found in Wellington’s chamber over the King’s chamber. This alone is not proof that he forged it, but there was one glitch, Mr. Wilkinson made a mistake in his cartouche in the book, that was also incorporated into the one that Col. Vyse had forged. The symbol “O” used correctly in Khufu’s name was etched with diagonal lines inside it. The plain “O” was a symbol of a god and very sacred to the Egyptians. This was a fatal error in the signature, and a scribe of that day would have never made that mistake, lest it cost him his life.

Just after Col. Vyse’s discovery, the amended publication was released, that corrected not only that symbol but many other ones that were incorrectly painted onto the walls of the chambers over the King’s Chamber. But it was too late for the Col. to correct his mistakes. Also suspicious is the fact that there are marks on three of the four walls above the King’s Chamber. Good old Col. Vyse just so happened to break into the wall with no writing on it. His errors are probably the only thing that decidedly proves it’s forgery. Herodotus, the “Father of history”, said that Cheops was not buried there, but in an obscure place. There never has been a body in it. There are air passages to the inner rooms which indicate that it is not a tomb. Tombs don’t have a need for air passages, and they would thwart the idea of using a pyramid to aid in the translation to their next life. The air circulation would promote decay of the King. Plus, as we will see, the magnificent and prophetical value of this monument far exceeds the possibility of it being a tomb.

Before we get into the spiritual and prophetical side of the pyramid, I want to show you some of the scientific perfection and measurements, that are built throughout this whole pyramid. Throughout this letter are several diagrams, use them as you develop mental pictures of everything that I’ll cover. The way I’ve been taught, and probably the best way to learn, is by the “Gestalt” method of learning. Normal teaching has it, that you go from point A to point B, learning each one before proceeding to the next. The Gestalt method, can be described like being hit like a shotgun blast. Many ideas and facts that hit you all at once. It is not important that you remember every detail, as you expose yourself to this blast, you will get an overall picture, coming together, that will so stay with you that you can turn around and teach someone else everything you’ve been taught. So it’s not important that you remember every detail, that’s why it is written, so it can be reread. Now, I’ll show you some of the amazing things that these “stone age men carrying their stone axes” just so happened to be able to do.


The Great Pyramid was placed, not only at the exact center of the Nile delta quadrant,


but, it is also placed at the exact center of all the land mass of the earth. That’s right. Lines drawn north, south, east and west from the pyramid equally divide the earth’s terrain. The longest land meridian, and the longest land parallel. The pyramid is aligned with True North, not magnetic north. Our closest achievement in that alignment is the Paris Observatory, it is six minutes of a degree off of true north. The pyramid is only three minutes off and that was proven to be the result of the land shifting and not by an error of the builders. True North is when you take the earth’s axis and extend the north line out into space, it hits a point, usually a star, now it is Polaris.

There is what is called the “Precession of the Equinoxes”. It is almost a twenty six thousand year cycle, 25,920 years, when, as this earth is spinning like a top, there is a wobble, the true north point in space, rotates, completing a circle in the heavens. Thus every so often the North star changes. Embodied within this pyramid is that knowledge. We’re just starting to figure these things out. How in the world did the builders of the pyramid know these things? They did. On one day, at the Vernal Equinox in the year 2141 BC,


Alpha Draconus, the “Dragon Star” in the Draco constellation, was the pole star and it was so perfectly aligned with the descending passage, that if someone was at the bottom holding a mirror, that star would reflect that light. A seeming total impossibility, but they did it. The basic unit of measure within the pyramid is the “Sacred Inch”. This same inch, in the sacred cubit, is also used in Noah’s ark, the Ark of the Covenant, Solomon’s Temple, Stonehenge, and in the New Jerusalem. This inch is only a half of a hair’s breadth different than the English inch and the American inch.

The source of this inch, is the axis of the earth. 1/500,000,000th part of the earth’s axis is equal to the sacred inch. The Metric system uses the circumference of the earth from the pole to the equator as it’s source. Since that distance varies at different places measured, the most logical and accurate system of measurement then would be the sacred inch system, because the earth’s axis doesn’t change.


There were some 144,000 dense, white, marble-like limestone blocks used as casing stones originally on the Great Pyramid. Some were 16 to 20 tons each. They were finished so perfectly that there is a variance of no more than 1/100th of an inch across the plane, some at 35 square feet. The joints between each block has no more than 1/50th of an inch space between each block. A space not even large enough to get a credit card between.
The joints have been poured with a cement covering all the plane. The cement is of such a tenacity that the limestone blocks will break before the cement gives. Our most modern opticians work is what can be compared to the perfect work contained in just finishing the casing stones. How they finished them, moved them, glued them, and placed them so accurately, with the small tolerances that there are, still baffles the experts. We couldn’t duplicate the feat today. The core masonry is comprised of coarse limestone blocks, most of about 2 1/2 tons each. There are approximately 2,300,000 of them.


Herodotus stated, that strangers to Egypt supervised the building of the Great Pyramid, and that the Temples of Egypt were closed during the construction. Also, that during the building process, Egypt suffered all kinds of calamities. Manetho, an Egyptian Priest states, that the Temples of Egypt were closed during the time of the visitation of the “Shepherd Kings”. They came and subdued Egypt without a fight. Men of an ignoble race, had the confidence to enter Egypt, and they easily subdued it with their power. God is behind the building of the of the Great Pyramid, he sent the Shepherd Kings, the divine architects, having divine plans and by using extraordinary means, built that great structure and before we are finished with this study you will agree. The Egyptians, always hated shepherds, which is a bit understandable in the light of these facts.


The Pyramid covers over 13 acres, and, contains nearly 90,000,000 cubic feet of masonry, enough to build 30 Empire State Buildings. The original side width is 755 3/4 feet and the height unfinished is 454 1/2 feet. The original plans would have it at 485 feet tall, equal to a 48 story skyscraper. The top capstone was never set. It was rejected by the builders because it wouldn’t fit. The four base comers have sockets sunk into the solid rock that gives us the original plans. Had they made it to the proper specifications, using modem building techniques, by using the sockets, the pyramid would have been wider and taller. But we would have missed some amazing detail that God didn’t want us to miss. The capstone is also the “Chief Cornerstone” because it is the only corner that embraces all four sides. Originally, shining in the sun, it would have been seen from the moon as a bright star on the earth. It would have made a perfect sundial or timepiece. Reflecting great rays of light, being seen for many miles around. The reflecting beams, if marked at the solstices for the year, would have made a Giant Cross on the Nile Delta in Egypt. Some other interesting scientific features, briefly are…

1) The suns distance from the earth. Built into the Pyramid’s base plans is a figure estimating it at 92,000,000 miles.
2) The mean density of the earth. Most current tests have it at 5.672 times the weight of water at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The pyramid places it at 5.7.
3) The weight of the earth at approximately 5,300,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons and the weight of the pyramid at 5,300,000 tons are proportionally related to each other.
4) The volume of the earth’s crust above mean sea level is approximated at 455 feet, close to the 454 1/2 ft. that the builders left it unfinished.
5) The mean ocean level of the earth. Using geometry and the figure 3,652.42, proportionally related to the solar year and the base circuit of the pyramid, gives a result slightly over 193 ft. 7 in., our approximations now place the mean ocean level at 193 ft. 7 in.:
6) The mean temperature of the earth. It is about 68 degrees F. In the pyramid this temperature is maintained permanently and unvaryingly, in the inner chambers, by the air channels 7) Rotundity of the earth. The curvature of the earth. The sides of the core masonry recede 35.76 inches on each side in the center. (see diagram) A curved line was produced by this and by computing the radius that it would take to make it s circle, the same radius is approximately half the diameter of the earth 8) The universal mathematical symbol of Pi. It is related to the height verses the circumference of the Pyramid .
9) The Great Pyramid is a representation of the northern hemisphere in pyramidal form. An amazing feat by these early Egyptians, since it is considered current knowledge.

But most amazingly, is the evidence of the knowledge of all three ways of computing the year. Namely the Sidereal, the Anomalistic, and the


Solar year. You can measure the year three different ways. The Solar year is 365.24235 days and is when the earth passes the Vernal Equinox. The Sidereal year is 365.25636 days and is when the earth appears to be over the same point in the heavens. The Anomalistic year is 365.25986 days and is when the earth is measured closest to the sun in perihelion. All three ways of measuring the year are embodied in the base side length of the pyramid. Since the side curves in slightly, you can measure it three ways. Using the sacred cubit the different lengths are exactly the same as the three year length’s. (see diagram)

There are many more examples built into the Pyramid’s measurements that I don’t have space to cover all of them. But if your interested, there are many sources of information to be found with only a little research. I now need to go internally, to the passage system, and the prophetical relevance of this monument.

This pyramid is a timepiece of world history. A chronological display of the major events in the earth’s history.
The original Hebrew letters also represent numbers, similar to the Greek. Numerology is a fascinating subject, and is significant to prophetical interpretations. In what some call the “Great Pyramid text of scripture”, Isaiah 19:19-20, we have an eye opener. This text talks of an altar of witness to the Lord in the Last days. This altar is situated in the midst of Egypt but is also at the border of Egypt. There is only one spot on earth that this can be.

The Great Pyramid is in the midst of Egypt but it also marks the ancient border of Upper and Lower Egypt. Either they are going to move this monument or it is the altar spoken of. In the Hebrew, there are 30 words in this text. When you add up all the numerical values of the text the value is 5449. The Great Pyramid is 5449 sacred inches high. Coincidence? We’ll see. If it is this altar of witness spoken of, then what does it say or witness to. Mainly it is a witness of the Christ, but it also tells the history of the world by marking the major event’s in the earth’s history in a timeline. Confused? You won’t be. Just open your mind and heart to the truth and check this out.


The ancient Egyptians called it the “Pillar of Enoch”. Enoch’s “fingerprint’s” are all over it. Did you ever wonder why Enoch lived 365 years? The same number of days in our solar year. More precisely if you go to the Apocryphal book of Enoch, he lived 365 years 88 days and 9 hours. Or 365.242 years. You see, God had it planned that way. He made Enoch live the exact length of our solar year and then he took him. But Where?

Normally you could express someone’s life from birth to death with a straight line. But with Enoch you can’t. His line would be a circle and if you take 365.242 years and reduced them to sacred inches you get the Enoch circle. This same circle can be measured in the Anti-chamber within the King’s chamber complex. It is a “Map” room that gives you the key to interpreting the whole message in the Pyramid. One inch equals one year, as in Enoch’s life.

You have to have a starting point or reference point to start your chronological timepiece.


Back in my letter I told of one point in history that at the Vernal Equinox in the year 2141 BC, Alpha Draconus, the Dragon Star, would shine all the way down the descending passage. There are sharp scored lines within the descending passage that are perpendicular to the roof and floor of the passage. At the same instant that the Dragon star shone all the way down the passage, the scored lines would line up with the Pleiades, in the Taurus constellation. Both are very symbolic, showing mans descent under the influence of Satan, but also points to the redeemed ones, safe between the shoulders of Taurus. God’s message in the stars is also interesting, if you haven’t read that letter I strongly urge you to do so. So these scored lines give you a starting point and a date to go by. if you went one year either way, it wouldn’t work. The then north star wouldn’t shine all the way to the bottom. There can be only one possible date. So with this reference point in mind we can now look at the rest of the story.


The most logical place to measure the years is on the floor. Where you walk. Not in mid-air or on the roof, but, mankind’s descent under the influence of Satan, his path. You measure the inches before and after the scored lines and place dates at one inch equaling one year. It is made of stone, non-elastic, so the dates are accurate. An inch is an inch, no more or less. Going back up the passage to the opening, there are 482″ marking the exterior date at 2623 BC which is the possible date for the building of the Pyramid. Then going down the passage 688″ past the scored lines you get to the place where the Ascending passage floor line intersects the descending floor line and a date in 1453 is noted. This marks the date of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, and the receiving of the Law at Mt. Sinai. The ascending passage is blocked by three granite plugs, indicating that there had to be a miraculous delivery back towards God. The First part of the Ascending passage is low for 1485″ and opens up into the Grand Gallery at the date April 3, 33 AD, the date of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This low passage is the Dispensation of the Law and the open spacious Grand Gallery is the Dispensation of Grace, the Church age. In the passage to the Queens chamber, if you extend the floor line back, it intersects the ascending passage at a date of Sept. 29, 2 BC, the birth of Christ. Jesus wasn’t born on Dec.25th, he was born at the fall of the year and most Bible scholars will agree, but that is a different subject.


This “Christ angle”, formed by the intersecting lines at his birth and resurrection, when placed on the north side of the pyramid and extended out towards Jerusalem, intersects the Red Sea at the point of the Jews crossing it at the Exodus, it hit’s Bethlehem, the birthplace of Christ and it hits the Jordan river where Joshua crossed it. Also there are 2139 Pyramid Furlongs to Bethlehem from the pyramid. (1 Pyramid furlong = 8000 Pyramid inches ) If you start at the fixed date 2141 and add 2139 you get 2 BC, the date of Christ’s birth. A pretty amazing coincidence isn’t it. There is also another smaller triangle formed above the Christ angle, and this coincides with Paul’s ministry. One called out of due season to save the Gospel of Grace. The disciples were leaning back towards Judaism and back to the bondage of the Law, Paul had to revive the Gospel of Grace. At the end of the Grand Gallery you get to the Great Step. The 1840’s knowledge explosion is represented here, a step up for humankind. The very end of the Grand Gallery is low opening into the King’s chamber complex. This marks the date in 1914 and the beginning of the world wars and the ending of the oppression of the Jews by Turkey. If you go on down the descending passage to the point that it levels out it, marks the date in 1521 when Martin Luther’s reformation began by his nailing up his 95 Thesis on the door of the church.

Again and again the Great Pyramid hits major events in the world’s history so precisely that it is impossible for all the dates to have been a coincidence. The King’s Chamber is where the confusion begins. The floor goes horizontal, the blocks change to a red granite. Men have been trying to interpret the Lord’s return and setting dates that are signified in the King’s chamber. When the dates pass with no appearing, they immediately throw the whole concept out the window. But you don’t need to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

God is showing us the history of the world, millennia before it happened. Everything is centered on Christ. He is showing a scientific generation, who could look and understand, the truth of God’s word, God’s Chosen people, God’s sent Messiah and His Church, and this Age of Grace. This Great Pyramid is most definitely a prophetical monument for a witness to the world in these Last Days. He shows us the world, Satan’s domain, and humankind on a downward path with Luther’s Reformation curbing the descent, and the world wars, trying to break up towards God.

There are many details that I’ve had to omit because of space but the research is there, the facts are there. Man is without excuse. Christ is that Chief Cornerstone that the builders rejected. When he comes and reigns as King, then the pyramid will probably be built back to the builders original specs. and then the Chief Cornerstone will be set. Matt. 21:42, and we are that Temple, fitly framed together. Eph.2:20,21. Josephus stated, that the descendants of Seth, wanting to preserve a knowledge of the ancients, and knowing of a coming deluge, made two monuments, one of stone and the other of brick, the brick one in Mesopotamia, and the stone one in the land of Syriac (Egypt). They inscribed their knowledge in them, and that, the one of stone in the land of Syriac remained to this, “his”, day. He was speaking of the Great Pyramid.

There are many evidences of this monument as being Divinely Inspired. The Queens chamber’s dimensions, represents a 1000 year time period, possibly the millennial reign with Christ. The Coffer in the King’s chamber has the same volume inside as the Ark of the Covenant. The Kings Chamber has the same volume as the Holy of Holies in Solomon’s Temple. One of the most important things is that we, are at the point in history that by the timeline inside the Great Pyramid, we are now entering into the King’s chamber, and this is a type of the marriage of the Lamb and the promise of eternal life. There is also a date marked by the “Boss” in the ante- chamber that indicates a correlation with the Mayan long count calendar ending date in 2012. It is happening now people, the fact is that Jesus’ return is so very close. Prophesy foretells it, the Stars foretell it, and the Great Pyramid foretells it. Ask him into your heart and life now, don’t wait. The door only stays open so long. We won’t understand the King’s chamber complex and we won’t be able to fix a date for the Lords return because God said that no one would know the day or the hour. But in the Millennium , this Great Pyramid will be the Altar of Witness, God’s “I told you so” to the people of the Golden age of Aquarius, and then we will understand all the aspects of this Great Monument.

You may say, So what? I don’t need any proof that God’s in control, and rightly so. We shouldn’t need anything more than Christ. But there is a generation growing up in the secular schools that learn anything and everything except God and his marvelous deeds. This monument speaks to a scientific generation that can no longer make excuses. They can’t change the measurements and history proves them correct. They have the ability to see all the research that past scholars have done. You don’t have to believe the measurements that are given. You could go and measure it for yourself, but, you don’t have to. This is the most measured monument in the world and the measurements have been verified over and over.

Another interesting fact, is that Stonehenge, in England, is directly related to the Great Pyramid and the New Jerusalem, and is another possible timepiece of God. If you take the northwest “Station” stone and the southeast “Station” stone, on Stonehenge, and you run a line through them and go straight across the earth, it will hit the Great Pyramid on the head. The measurements in Stonehenge are proportional to the New Jerusalem, and other biblical similarities are present. Maybe I’ll do a letter on Stonehenge soon.

I’ll include here several images of the Great Pyramid, so you can see for yourself the amazing technical and construction ability that these ancient “Egyptians”, just a stones throw from the stone age, were able to accomplish within this awesome edifice.

To the right, is the decending passage entrance, at the exterior of the Great Pyramid.


On the left, you see the few original casing stones that are still in place, which gives us the exact angle and specifications of the original casing.


image308Here you see the decending passageway, not far from the entrance. Here is Adam Rutherford, examining the “Scored Lines” on the passage walls, which give you a starting point for placing your dates.


To the right, is the granite plugs that are blocking the “Ascending” passage. The floorline of the ascending passageway, intersects the decending passage at a date in 1453 BC, which marks the date of the Exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt.


This to your left, is looking upward into the Grand Gallery. This area represents the “Church Age”, starting at the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


The image to the right, is the “Great Step”, at the end of the Grand Gallery, the entrance of which marks the date of the first World War.

To the left, is an image looking back down the Grand Gallery, to it’s entrance from the lower portion of the ascending passageway. The far wall represents the exact time that Jesus came out of that tomb, in all of His Resurrection Power.


To the right, we have reached the top step, and are peering into the “Ante-Chamber”, the “Map Room” that provides you with the answer to the way of interpreting the passages. We can look past the antechamber and into the “Kings Chamber” beyond.


Here we have Rutherford, standing in the Kings Chamber, and looking at the North Wall with it’s so called “ventilation” tunnel, as well as looking back into the entrance that you just walked through. This chamber, as well as part of the entrance back into the antechamber, is lined with a “Red Granite”, very different from the rest of the Great Pyramid.


Here, looking at the far wall of the Kings Chamber, is where the empty “Coffer” sits. It originally sat on the exact bisection of the pyramid from it’s peak. This is the true centerline of the pyramid, the passageways are off by 286.1 P” (Pyramid Inches). Left in Latin means “Sinister”, which is how our descent under the influence of Satan has always been, but we turn back right, to get to God. Remember as well that the Kings Chamber has the same internal volume as the “Holy of Holies”, and the “Coffer” has the same internal volume as the “Ark of the Covenant”. This monument is so amazing… it just blows me away.

So looking at this Amazing monument, the Great Pyramid of Giza, you then have proof in stone, that God’s word is God’s word. And if so, then Jesus Christ is the redeemer, our adequate sacrifice for our sins. The promise, made by Jesus, of our salvation and eternal life is sure, and our redemption is drawing nigh. All the subjects that I study and teach just confirm God’s word. It will not fail, and subject after subject confirms it. My prayer is that everyone that reads my letters will obtain that salvation that Jesus offers so freely to whosoever will believe on his name. Then you can walk in the Peace and the Joy that only he can give. Keep the upward look and let’s show Jesus that he will find faith when he returns.

With Love in Christ,
Patrick Robinson

If you want to view my YouTube video on this subject.. here is the embedded video.

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