Nuggets of Gold – Volume 2

Truth Seekers Ministries Presents…

Nuggets of Gold
Volume 2


A Tribute to the Life and Mind, of Dr. Gene Scott

In this second letter of this series, I will continue to present an insight, into surely one of the greatest minds and scholars in modern history. Dr. Scott’s impact on Christendom may not be fully understood in the “here and now”, but will be known soon. Every 500 years or so, God will send someone, whose purpose is to straighten out the Church, to get it back on track. Dr. Gene Scott was, “One whom God has sent”, for that very purpose.

“If you’re going to be a Christian…then, BE ONE !…”

Doc continues on the Saints..

“God looks at us…through the “Spectacles of Christ..”

When the going gets tough, the tough get tougher… VF-273

Once you give your life to God, it’s harder to get out of His Will, than it is to stay in it… VF-544

Faith, is the substance of things hoped for, “Not Fact!…When that which is hoped for becomes fact, Faith by it’s very nature ceases to operate… VF-546

The Faith connection, can be renewed after 10,000 stumbling. But that Faith connection must be maintained in order for eternal life to be there… VF-546

We are tethered to a stake of sin… VF-546

There are two deaths for the unsaved…the physical and the eternal… VF-546

Trying to conform to be a Christian…is “will worship”… VF-546

There’s nothing more important in this life, than ever increasing Faith… VF-546

God treats us like we are just like Jesus. He gives us eternity, the presence of His Son, our inheritance..seated with His Son in heavenly places…every time we engage Faith action… VF-546

The calling of God…makes us “Trustees”… VF-554

When you give your life over to God, you..”Saint” yourself.. VF-554

We become the habitation of God, through the Spirit… VF-555

We do not have “Saving Faith”, if the outward man dominates our perspective.. VF-555

If we take a step towards God, He will meet you before your foot hits the ground.. VF-566

The born again experience, is the replacement in us, the regeneration in us, of a living substance. And that substance is God’s own life that He gifts to us because we do something he wants, and there’s a condition for that gift…Faith or Trust in Him… VF-589

The “Lusts of the Flesh”, and the “Indwelling Spirit”, are at war in us.. VF-589

Holiness, is about “Commitment posture”, not right deeds.. VF-589

Once God has laid His call on you, there is no neutral territory… VF-662

The greatest weapon Satan uses, is to come disguised as an angel of light. And if he can’t keep you from listening to God, he will come and confuse the issue by intruding distortions of what God said.. S-2817

In my experience, it is much easier to be abased than it is to abound. There’s much greater spiritual danger in prosperity, than poverty. It’s much easier to get interested in God’s rescue efforts when you are down, than to get interested in God’s training efforts when you are up… VF-567

If the devil can’t beat you down with guilt, he’ll do it with “offended innocence”.. VF-567


Cheer up Saints…It’s going to get worse.. VF-567

Christianity is not primarily a religion of feeling,…we need to think.. VF-631

Testing, trials, and pressure, is part of the state of mind that faith produces.. VF-634

Tribulation comes from the word, “Tribulum”, which is the word for the “Rod” used to beat the wheat from the chaff.. VF-634

Sacrificing self, is the first element of “Bearing our Cross”.. VF-641

Supernatural, simply means..”More natural”. We’re just getting closer to God as we go along… VF-970

The principal of Jeremiah 18, is the Potter is in charge, and He is going to do what He wants to do.. VF-989

The purpose of Jeremiah 18, is for the perfecting of the Saints… VF-989

The process of Jeremiah 18 is, the potters field is where all the rejected pots are thrown. Christ paid for this field with His life… VF-989

When you put an offering on the altar and turn loose of it, you have “Sainted” it. That’s where the word comes from. It’s not about perfection, it’s “Commitment Posture”… VF-989

Without freedom, there’s no trust. Without freedom, there’s no love. And God wants trust, and love freely given, and to get it He unleashed a monster called, “Freedom”… VF-989

There’s no one deed that is the “Unpardonable Sin”. It’s a state of mind that produces a condition of no conscience. When someone turns away from what they formally approved… VF-944

Hardening of the heart, comes from the deceitfulness of sin… VF-944

The hardening process goes forward until at last, the condition of hardness is reached. It is the result of refusing to listen to conscience, and not “faithing”… VF-944

If the pressure is between you and God, it will destroy you. If the pressure drives you to God, it will make you… VF-966

When the Word of God, is grafted onto us, we become “Living Epistles”.. LFH-104

Spirituality leads to cross bearing. Cross bearing does not lead to spirituality… LF-110

Christianity gets tougher..not easier.. LF-110

The Faith God wants, is “Tested and Tried” Faith… VF-634

Satan tries to twist the truth of the Word, just enough to deceive… VF-941

Satan will say, You can serve God and still keep ourselves first…THATS A LIE!…VF-941

Now, I want a show of hands from all those that have experienced Scott first hand. How many of you did he just drive crazy sometimes? Come on, go ahead and admit it. Raise them hands up. When the Doc would have you on the edge of your seats, in anticipation of the next line, and then he would just quit. I’d get so damn mad at him, my dad and I both,.. mother was calm about it but we weren’t….”Come on Scott, finish the story!!”… Now if you only saw the Sunday services, you didn’t experience this often, but during the week, on festivals, he seemed to love doing this. He was the worlds worst dangler, or I should say the worlds best dangler. He’d make you laugh, he’d make you cry, or he’d make you giddy with anticipation, and then he’d leave you hanging. And sometimes then, he would just leave…you would have to tune in the next time if you wanted to hear the rest of the story. Or sometimes, he would repeat the same line over and over, leading up to a climax, and he seemed to never get there…and then when he finally did, he would read right past the climax, very quickly, making no big deal of it. This was a teacher, unlike any other in the world. He peaked your curiosity, he grabbed your interest, and he caused a desire to learn, to “well up” within each person that was listening to him, A true man of God. His Faith shined forth for all to see, which in turn, caused us to live ours in like manner.

Doc continues on Christ…

Moses wasn’t allowed to enter into the promised land, because he interfered with God’s plan. He struck the rock twice, and the “Rock” is a type of Christ.. VF-587

Here, Scott proved to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the body of Christ, all true Christians, would not suffer the wrath of God, that would be like God striking Christ again, which He won’t do. We will have oppression, sometimes an even overwhelming ammount, by forces of evil, as we stand up for Faith and Truth. But when God’s wrath is poured out, it will not be on those that are in Christ through Faith, we will be protected.

Every sin…past, present, and future, was laid on Christ… VF-588

Christ specified, he would be in the tomb 3 days and 3 nights… VF-631

Christ died Wednesday at sundown, and arose on Saturday…at sundown… VF-631

There are 3 messages preached by the disciples…1) He Arose, 2) He Ascended, 3) The tomb was empty… VF-631

Christianity claims that you meet God, in the person named Jesus, who simply put on a garment of human flesh, and made claims that only a God could make… VF-970

The Tomb of Jesus was lost to history, because there was no body in it. There was no interest in it.. VF-970

Christianity is about a person, JESUS CHRIST !.. VF-970

Scott’s resurrection message, proved to me and any other listener, the fact of the resurrection, which is the only basis for true Faith in Christ. This was my foundation…Christ resurrected from the dead,… and now I have the assurance of eternal life,… and the fear of death, no longer had a hold on me.

The fundamental text of the New Testament is, “This is life eternal, that a man may know the one true God, and Jesus Christ who He has sent… VF-970

In Mark 6:32, the crowd only wanted to make Him king after He fed them, not after He taught them.. VF-1011

Jesus is the “Proof Coin”, and He offers that “Coin” to cover our sins… VF-1011

Jesus never prayed the “Lords Prayer”.. VF-1154

He said, “When ye pray”…Jesus’ prayer is in John 17

You must either view Christ as one who considered Himself of the order of a “poached egg”, or you take Him for what He says He is. And, if He is God, then He is perfect, and authority does rest in Him, and He is the center of the religious universe, and He did have the qualities necessary to die as a ransom for the whole world, He did have a knowledge of eternity, and He will (and did) rise again. You can’t put Jesus in the “Good and Wise” bland teacher package and forget about Him. He is either a nut, or a fake, or…He is what He claimed to be…

Doc on “God’s Ways”…

God didn’t let Joshua have anything in Jericho, but He let them have all the spoils in AI. Don’t put God in a box. God’s ways are not our ways… LFH-65

God can conquer a city of people with 2, or if you mess up His program, he can send 521,000 to knock down 3 people. He may drop an Atom bomb on a mushroom, or just kick down a wall. Don’t box God in. Come to the Lord and let Him lay the plan… LFH-65

If you want God talking to you, keep that hearing aid on when He isn’t saying anything. Keep stopping in the midst of your activities and scurrying around, and say, “Lord, here I am!” If He doesn’t talk, you aren’t to blame. But if you’re not listening, don’t get mad because He doesn’t knock you down to get your attention… LFH-65

Another symbol.., The Lord said to Joshua, “Stretch out thy spear that is in thy hand toward Ai”. This is a symbol of the one that stays in touch with God. In a symbol like Moses, where Aaron and Hur held up his hands. In this case, Joshua does it alone, and didn’t lower his spear until the city was destroyed.. LFH-65

Principal of Bible interpretation: Never change the certainties of God’s book, because of an uncertain passage. Instead, give meaning to the uncertain passage, by what is certain… LFH-40

We don’t need to discover any new truths, we need to rediscover the old truths… LFH-43

God warns us in His book over and over, “Don’t be dull of hearing”… LFH-43

“Holy”, means “Possession”, not “Performance”… LFH-43

All of the responsibilities are not on the sower. The kind of soil on which the seed falls, determines in part, the fruit… LFH-44

The “Parable of the Sower”, is the key that opens the door to all the parables… LFH-44

God warns us, to not be “Slothful”… LFH-44

“Faith”, is a growing reliance on God Himself and His Word, rather than the phenomenon.. LFH-65

If you want a war to break out, line up with God’s Word… It’s “War”., if you’re doing what God wants you to do. We fight against powers that are beyond flesh. Put on the “Whole Armor of God”… LFH-65

“Am I boring you ?…”


I first started listening to Doc in the early 80’s, because my mother found him on her big dish and then got my dad and I to start watching. As a twenty year old, this guy blew my mind, and I was immediately drawn to this cigar smoking, hat wearing, and even cussing teacher. He was nothing like the stiff necked, somewhat self righteous, preachers I had been listening to. I just loved him, and then I hated him, not a true hate mind you, but he just drove me crazy. I sometimes wished I could reach through the TV, and shake him, and make him get on with it. But all the while, I was so attracted to his persona, this true man of God, who knew more about most anything, than any other teacher I had ever heard from, or had heard of before, and who literally drove me to “Faithe”. After I got married, my wife and I moved to our current home in Griffin, and I finally had my own big dish. I had to work on it, but made sure I had it running, for the sole purpose of picking up Scott. My tracking motor quit once, and I went out, in the cold mind you, took it apart, and manually turned the motor gears, aligning my dish with Scott’s satellite. All this was just so I could pick up the Doc, and there my dish stayed. He wasn’t on regular TV here, back then, nor on any cable channel here that I knew of, so the dish was the only way that I found to… “Get My Gene on”.

There’s only one choice with faith, you will either hang on God’s Word no matter what, or you will orient your being in some other direction.. LFH-83

The book of Hebrews, says that, Faith in God’s Word, until you release it, the happening will not occur.. LFH-83

The “Heroes of Faith”, are nothing but ordinary men, willing to make a choice, to fasten and hang their bodies on God’s Word… LFH-83

The only revelation of God’s substance, is Jesus. And the book of Hebrews says Jesus was the creating agency, He was the Word that brought forth God’s concept and God’s spoken declaration into being. He formed the worlds, and in the early chapters of Hebrews, it says, from nothing, came everything, by the “Word of God”… LFH-83

That which saves a man is not his performance, but his response in faith to God’s Word… LFH-83

Cain, tried to improve on God’s ways. Able did what God said… LFH-83

Your career, working situation, family, anything down here, cannot interfere with that spiritual destiny. Noah saved his house, by keeping his anchor and his compass in the right place. There are priorities. We need to stay at the job of “boat building”…That’s what Faith is… LFH-83

You will never find the “Unknown” will of God for your life, until you are acting on the “Known”… LFH-84

God has a right to anything He wishes to claim… LFH-89

God is not someone that can be added onto our life, He consumes our life… LFH-89

The only way that faith is brought forth, is through the trials… LFH-89

1 Peter 1:6,7. Peter said, you’re going to have persecution, but the trial of your Faith will bring forth, that which is more precious than gold… LFH-89

If you lift God up, He’ll lift you up… LFH-89

In Hebrews 11, God says himself, “There are people of which the world was not worthy”. Yet looking at most of their lives, they probably wouldn’t even be considered for a church membership application… LFH-92

There should be a lot more chapters written about all the great things that Joseph did., but God only chose one act of Faith in God’s Word, to put him into Hebrews 11… LFH-92

Faith is counted as “Righteousness”… LFH-92

We know God’s Will, by knowing Him, or His Word… LFH-104

If you’re in doubt about your next step being in God’s Will according to His Word…”DON’T MOVE”… LFH-104

The best way to read God’s book, is to believe exactly what it says… LFH-104

Unspiritual minds, only look at the effects, and never come to know His ways… LFH-108

Trouble comes, when we put our will in place of God’s Will… LFH-108

God’s book, is like a window to God’s nature. Likewise, God’s Word becomes a point of contact between us and Him… LFH-114

The “Experience” can happen without the ministry, but the “Ministry”, cannot happen without the Word… LFH-114

God has to be careful what He says. When He speaks…He speaks things into existence.. LFH-114

It’s going to get worse, the more mature the Saint gets in God’s Word… LFH-125

The toughest test for Jesus, was at the end of His ministry. Everything before that, got Him ready for it… LFH-125

We glory in tribulation….tribulation brings endurance.. LFH-125

Miracles don’t mean anything, if they don’t line up with God’s Word… LFH-125

Every promise to Israel, in the Spiritual Meaning…the Church can claim today… LFH-129

Believe in the “Unseen”…because God’s Word says it… LFH-151

There are times in our walk, that God will back away and not let us feel His presence… LFH-151

God let Moses stand on the “Mount of Transfiguration”, even with all his shortcomings… LFH-151

There is a clay…Us, being shaped on the wheel by the potter…God… VF-40

God’s the Boss, and has the right to do whatever He wants with the clay… VF-40

Does the clay have the right to say to the potter, “Hey…what are you doing?” NO…the clay has no rights… VF-40

In the potters house, we come face to face with the truth…God is the Boss.. VF-40

God’s not going to change one iota, because of the “belly-aching” the clay is doing, about what God is doing to it. God is the Boss… VF-40

We are hurled into space with the freedom to make a choice. Do we approve what God wants, or do we want God to approve what we want?.. VF-40

Heaven is full of people that are programmed to do just what He wants. He wants someone like Himself, that will choose to say, “Here Lord…work me over”.. VF-40

In the new covenant, He paid with His life, to start over and over again on all the broken, rejected vessels. He bought the whole field to get the treasure out of it.. VF-40

God won’t quit on us….if we keep letting Him put us on the wheel.. VF-40

We, as Gentiles, are grafted onto the trunk of faith that flows out of Abraham’s lineage. We become the recipients of all of God’s promises.. 2 Corinthians 1:20… VF-41

We have to position ourselves correctly through prayer and submission. But the starting point, is “Helplessness in the Natural”.. VF-41

The day you gave your life to God, you not only became His in the sense of turning yourself loose…You became His in the sense that He took you!.. And you know, you only hide what is valuable. God does hide!! And because He hid you, it’s His doing. And because He hid you, only He can allow the finding. And because you’re His that He has hid, He’ll take care of you in spite of what things look like around you…The battle is not yours, but God’s !!.. VF-41

When God was forced to choose between Martha, and her sister Mary… Jesus said that Mary has chosen the better part, and it shall not be taken from her. She was in the inner court… VF-60

God is faithful to Himself…despite of how we let Him down… VF-94

God is the most repetitive preacher in the world. All over God’s book, He’s saying the same thing…He’s just making it look different.. VF-140

We will miss heaven if we try to bargain the “Weeping Valleys” out… VF-142

Our valley’s teach us His ways.. VF-142

Isaiah 50:11…There is, in learning the ways of God, an inbuilt mechanism that must be established. And that’s a distrust of the flesh, and the hesitancy to use it, until the time has been given to look at God’s way first…. VF-143

God’s Way, is trusting in the name of the Lord.. VF-143

The names of God, are nothing more or less, than the specifying of God’s expressive nature to His people… VF-143

If you are in darkness…instead of striking matches, grab hold of God’s Word, and what He said… VF-143

The Holy Spirit…is the “Ultimate Servant”.. VF-159

If nobody hates you…I’d get nervous.. VF-164

God’s Will, does not escape the wrath of men, but God’s Will provides a way of escape… VF-164

We have to be willing to do nothing for a while…if God wants… VF-164

When you’re in God’s Will,…the hatred and the opposition is from those who are under the devils control and want to stop you. It will not go away or stop with time, and there is nothing you can ever do to turn that off… VF-164

As you learn God’s ways…you’ll be able to pass them along.. VF-164

God wants us Humbled… VF-165

We are on trial, by God… VF-165

God wants to find out what is in thy heart, by putting us in the wilderness… VF-165

There can be no desire to come to God, without the Holy Spirit drawing us… VF-166

An altar, in God’s book, is always a place of death. It’s always a place of sacrifice. It’s always a place where adjustments are made to God. It’s always a place where God’s rights and God’s nature are recognized, and where mans lack of rights, and mans need of God is testified to. It’s always a place of adjustment, it’s always a place of new beginning… VF-172

Christianity is not green pastures and still waters only…It’s not tender grass and soul restoration only. He drives us, for His names sake… VF-184

The church, are those that He has chosen out of the world, on whom He will inscribe His name.. VF-184

God’s “Driving”, brings us into the valley where the “Shadow of Death” looms.. VF-184

In Psalms 23:5, the Hebrew for, “You anoint my head with oil”, means..You make my head “fat” with oil. A “Spiritual Fat Head”.. VF-184

The scripture teaches, that when God lays His hand on a saint of God, he enters into a circumstantial mess immediately thereafter… VF-187

God is totally unmoved by prayer not mixed with faith.. VF-194

Saving Faith, is that faith that responds to God’s Word and begins to act on it. Eyes see, and ears understand, and with confidence, that God will back His Word. Your life hangs on it in spite of everything else you see. And, Faith like this…Saves.. VF-555

The tabernacle and the wilderness, are God’s roadmap and symbol of God and man in restored relationship after Adam’s sin.. VF-587

In the wilderness..the Israelites camped in the sign of the cross.. VF-587

The Christian is a channel, not a depository.. VF-588

There’s no graduation from the schooling called Christianity down here. The Sabbath rest happens up there, not down here.. VF-634

We can transcend ourselves with our memory, but our bodies tether us to the physical world.. VF-941

Sacrificing “Self”, is the first element of bearing our cross.. VF-641

God the Father, draws us into a position, that the only thing that can help us, is God’s Word. God’s Word is the most important thing in life.. VF-944

God’s Word, is the “Bread of Life”.. VF-944

When David was anointed with oil, a symbol of the Holy Spirit, trouble followed.. VF-974

Hebrews 12, God chastens those He loves, means to “Child Train”, with the goal to strengthen.. VF-974

Submit to God, and be “God Governed”.. VF-1012

The same life that raised Jesus from the tomb, comes into us.. LFH-44

“We make void the Word of God, by our traditions.”

God views our sinful nature as already dead, all we have to do is stop him from acting like he’s still alive and king… LFH-44

We’re saved by Grace, and known by our works… LFH-44

To who much is given, much is required… LFH-44

Facts in the Old Testament, always symbolize spiritual truths in the New Testament… LFH-45

The Old Testament was based on “Obedience”, the New Testament, is based on “Promise”… LFH-78

Go on to perfection,..we’re related to Him now, “Follow Him”.. LFH-104

The manifestation of His Presence, comes according to the Laws of His Word… LFH-104

The best way to read God’s book, is that it means exactly what it says… LFH-104

The price tag on Salvation,…is Lordship… LFH-110

Jesus went on to do His job,…alone.. LFH-110

The toughest part for Jesus was at the end of His ministry. Everything before that got Him ready for it… LHF-125

Paul said, “I Die Daily”,… that’s how we come to rest at the Altar.. VF-142

The Test of Faith, is when He leaves you, and you don’t feel Him anymore… LFH-125

Romans 8:28, God works together all things…Romans 8:29, That we might all be conformed to the image of His Son… VF-40

Doc on the Tabernacle…

God told Moses, to build a tabernacle, that would be his dwelling place, to the exact specifications He would show him… VF-182

Every item in the tabernacle, every element, every measurement, every detail, every piece of equipment, was designed by God to speak eternal and spiritual truths… VF-182

Everything God told Moses, about how to build the tabernacle, for His dwelling place, laid down the principles of what ought to occur in our life of progress, as the habitation of God, through the Spirit… VF-182

Looking at the Tabernacle, the first thing you would see is a snow white lined fence. Seven and a half feet high, completely encircling the tabernacle area. This fence was to separate God’s presence from the sinful nature of man… VF-182

At the bottom of the fence, protruding out, were oblong blocks of brass. And from the top of the fence to the ground, were chains of brass. Brass in the Old Testament, meant ‘Judgment”. As long as you were outside the fence, judgment was your lot… VF-182

Crowning each of the tips of the posts, hidden behind the fence, were silver. And a Silver chain running from post top to post top all the way around the fence… VF-182

The Silver Chains, lead to one door. Silver is the symbol of “Redemption”… VF-182

The “One Door”, had colors of White, Blue, Purple, and Scarlet. The four colors are spoken of in the four gospels. 1) Luke wrote of the perfect man which is white. 2) Mark wrote of the gospel of the suffering servant. This is the scarlet color which came from crushing a work that exudes as scarlet color. 3) John wrote blue is the symbol of His eternal nature. 4) Matthew wrote of Jesus the King, which is the Kingly robe of Purple… VF-182

When you walk through the door, you have in front of you, the “Altar of Burnt Offering”.. VF-182

“Redemption”, is through a substitute sacrifice.. VF-182

You can’t come into God’s Presence, without the penalty of your sins being paid… VF-182

In the Old Testament, the sacrifice at the altar was an animal. In the New Testament, Christ is the sacrifice. Entrance into God’s presence, is only made possible by the substitute sacrifice Jesus made for us all… VF-182

Christ is “payment in full”, for the sins of the world… VF-182

God would kill anyone, who bypassed the altar and went into His presence.. VF-182

Past the Altar, was the “Laver of Cleansing”. A “Fount” of flowing water that was made from the mirrors of the Israelite women… VF-182

The white fence, symbolizes His “Righteousness”… VF-182

The “Laver”, Christ.. VF-182

Past the “Laver”, inside the Holy Place, was the Candlestick. Seven stems, all gold, typifying God’s Nature. With a cup and a wick at the top of each candlestick. Every morning, under the penalty of death, the priests were to trim the wick and fill the cup with oil until it overflowed. The “Oil”, is a symbol of the “Holy Spirit”…VF-182

We are the Candlestick, that is to shine the “Light”, by the “Oil of the Holy Spirit”. We are a constant “Light of Witness”… VF-182

The “Ark”, typifies “Christ”… LFH-33

The Ark was made of two elements. Black Acacia wood, and Gold, Black Acacia wood, typifies the “Humanity” of Christ. The Gold, symbolizes the “Divinity” of Christ… LFH-33

Wherever the Ark was, it symbolized “God’s Presence”… LFH-33

The Acacia wood was covered with Gold, just like His Divinity covered the humanity by which he moved into… LFH-33

The “Mercy Seat”, is a type of covering of God’s standard, and was between God’s standard and the people’s representative… VF-586

On the top of the Ark, was an oblong block called the “covering atonement”, made of pure Gold. The Cherubim were part of this block… LFH-33

Inside were tablets of stone, symbolizing God’s righteous judgment, or standard… LHF-33

It was carried by staves… LFH-33

To the right of the Candlestick, is the “Table of Shewbread”. There were twelve loaves of bread, one for each tribe. Fifteen tons of Manna rained down from heaven every day…VF-182

Leviticus 24:9, the Shewbread, is the most holy to God… VF-584

God wanted an offering first, before he wanted the sanctuary built, second… VF-586

The Table of Shewbread, is the life of continued giving back to God out of what He has given us, with a cheerful heart… VF-182

In front of the Holy of Holies, is the Altar of Incense, which is our life of Prayer and the life of Praise.. VF-182

When God says something more than once…pay attention.

You can have obedience without faith, but it is impossible to have faith…without obedience..

Living by Faith, is harder than trying to be good, since most people get to a certain point of achievement that seems good to them, and then stop. E.G. “I don’t cheat on my spouse”. But do you look at another, no matter how surreptitiously? Living by Faith, will, over time, change you more and more into a man or woman who not only doesn’t cheat on their spouse, but deep inside the lust that used to control you goes away, and you’ll want to cherish your spouse more…

There is but one reason for this message you’re reading today, and that is to “Inspire Faith”…

There is no better purpose, a witness/preacher/teacher, can have, than inspiring faith in God through His Word. For Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. As I weave this pattern, some old, some new, there is but one goal and that is for you to come to an understanding, that God really does care for, watch over, fulfill His word. You should be able to say to yourself, “God is the same in His promise to me, despite my unworthiness. It is just as important to God that He hasten it to perform it, as these words of promise, to obviously unfaithful people, over and over again…

“Forever, O’ Lord, Thy Word is settled in heaven…”

One of the most important things that Dr Scott did for me, was that he made me feel that I didn’t have to go to a local church, that I may feel uncomfortable in, in order to be saved. I didn’t have to be bound by their traditions. That where two or three are gathered together, Christ is truly in their midst, and we can have church in small groups. After learning from Scott, there weren’t many churches that I could go to, and feel truly at ease. There were some nice ones, but even with them, I couldn’t talk about the things that I was learning from Scott. Their traditions, that I have now been enlightened on by the Doc, made me want to speak out against them. And I did on a few occasions. I’m sure that I upset a few local preachers coming against their teaching on Easter and Christmas. I didn’t however want to be a stumbling block to other established Christians, so I just quit trying with the local churches, and Doc’s teaching made me feel at peace with that decision. He was now my Domata, and my support now went to him. So I started teaching one on one, whomever God would send my way, and He did send people from time to time. In 1999. I started a website to share the things I was learning, in hopes that I could have some impact on not only more people here locally, but now I could reach people worldwide. Now I often feel like a lone soldier, on a quest to spread truth, and I am sure that most of you that have learned from the Doc, feel as I do, these days especially. But Truth shall prevail, and Damn the lies of the devil. We have been given much, and much is required of us. Now I am of no huge impact as one man, but if every person that has learned from the Doc, taught these truths to a few or many, and they in turn share what they have learned to others, then onward and upwards it goes. Then, Dr. Gene Scott truly lives on through his followers and students. We can have an impact on this world even greater than his own, which can be considered, truly, in the “Here and Now”,… Fruits of his work. Rest in Peace Dr. Scott, and my prayer is that every word spoken by this man, this teacher, be preserved for posterity, that all mankind can learn from him as they have been able to, from all the greats, including Martin Luther, Paul, and our Lord Jesus Christ. Satan’s forces are arrayed against us, but we know the endgame. Time is surely running out, as woman in travail. So we must be racing to win, being steadfast in our faith, showing our Lord that He will find faith when He returns. COME LORD JESUS, QUICKLY.

With Love in Christ,
Patrick Robinson, Minister
Truth Seekers Ministries

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