The Mystery of Stonehenge… Revealed

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The Mystery of Stonehenge, Revealed

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In this study, I will show you, not only the astronomical observatory within Stonehenge, which you may already be familiar with, but also the Spiritual significance of Stonehenge, and it’s relationship with other megalithic sites in the world now, and to come in the future, including the Great Pyramid, and the New Jerusalem. I’ll even cover the relationship of it’s measurement and design, compared to our entire solar system. But more important than all of that, is what the evidence in this study does to confirm the existence of, “Intelligent Design by a Creator”. This is “Power”, for believers to take into the world of unbelief, to help draw the called ones into the fold, for our Lord surely cometh. For this study I’ll be using; Bonnie Gaunt’s books: Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid: Window on the Universe, and her book, Beginnings: The Sacred Design; I’ll use: Stonehenge: Plans, Descriptions, and Theories, by W.M. Flinders Petrie; Stonehenge and Druidism, by E. Raymond Capt; and also Davidson and Aldersmith’s; The Great Pyramid, It’s Divine Message. While I do not agree with everything that the authors state within each of these books, and some of the conclusions that they present, they are a great resource for information. They have much truth and many facts contained within. With the exception of Bonnie Gaunt’s books, I can’t recommend any particular one, of the other books, including many other works from other authors, as a complete, non biased, up to date and truthful resources for you. Even Bonnie’s books are heavy in numerology, making them, a fairly hard read. I will use these books to glean facts and information from them so I can present this subject to you in a manner that makes logical and spiritual sense, at least to me. You’ll have to be the judge of it’s significance to you. It saddens me to know that for the most part, all of the really awesome, and faith confirming, information “out there”, is really out of reach of the average “Joe”. Well, maybe not out of reach so much, as out of the periphery, so people don’t know of, hence they aren’t exposed to the information. The authors, that have put in the time and effort, to research and compile these books, or at least the publishers that represent them, seem for the most part to only let the information out at a cost, sometimes substantial. So my job, in advancing the Kingdom of Christ, is to get the resources, compile my own studies, and put them “out there”, for free to the whole world. If you desire, you can then get the resources for your own study.

Josephus, a secular Jewish historian, states that the descendants of Seth, in order to preserve the knowledge of the ancients, constructed two monuments, one of brick and one of stone. The one of stone remained to his day, in the land of Syriac (Egypt), which no doubt has been proven to be the Great Pyramid. The brick monument was in Mesopotamia, or the region of Iraq, Iran, and Kuwait. One possibility, for the second monument, is the ancient hanging gardens of Babylon, for they were called one of the “Seven Wonders of the World”, so apparently these “hanging gardens”, were pretty amazing in their construction, themselves. Now, bear in mind that Josephus was stating facts that he was aware of, that does not necessarily mean, that these two monuments were the only ones on earth constructed to preserve this ancient knowledge. A great many unexplainable astronomical observatories, pyramids, and other “megalithic” sites exist today, all across the world. Scientists and archaeologists are baffled trying to figure out how these ancient primitive people knew enough about the cosmos, and were intelligent enough to construct these monuments, many times working with large multi-ton blocks, and lining them up as precisely as they did. I personally believe that there were many monuments erected, all across the globe, some now underwater, that were designed and constructed to preserve the knowledge that the ancients knew, in mathematics, astronomy, and even depicting the dimensions and layout of the earth and it’s landmasses. Read my Great Pyramid letter, if you haven’t, for some interesting facts about that amazing edifice, which by the way was not a tomb, and was not built by the Egyptians. Tombs don’t have air passages. They tried to imitate it, but never were able to come close.

Scientists and archaeologists, excluding God from the picture, have come up with postulations that are prevalent today, regarding these structures and the knowledge contained therein. They see ancient, “Alien Astronauts”, coming to earth to create the modern humans, through some kind of genetic manipulation of earlier humanoid species. They used these humanoids as a slave labor, extracting gold and other resources that they needed. They, these aliens, constructed the monuments across the globe, or imparted some knowledge to the humans who built the structures, and since the “Aliens” knowledge of the universe was great, then they could have completed the tasks easily. The fact is that this “theory” is a very good one, one in which could explain all the mysterious places on the earth. Now the ancient people, didn’t call the visitors from the sky, “Aliens”, they called them God, or Angels. That is the way I see it. If you or I were there, and some kind of “chariot of fire” came down from the heavens, with beings that had capabilities far beyond what humans have, you would see them as God, gods, or angels, wouldn’t you? In fact, God, Jesus and Angels, coming from another world or dimension, to our world, are indeed “Alien” to us. So don’t worry too much about what modern thinkers are saying, for in this “politically correct” atmosphere we are in today, taking God out of the picture is not unusual, just par for the course. We just need to put Him back in, which is where He has always been, and then come up with postulations regarding the facts we know to be true.

Herodotus, stated that “Strangers” to Egypt supervised the building of the Great Pyramid. That the pagan temples were closed during the construction, and that during the construction process, Egypt suffered all kinds of calamities. The Egyptian priest, Manetho, stated that the “Hyksos” or “Shepherd Kings”, men of an “Ignoble” race, came in and, by their “Power”, easily subdued Egypt without a fight. They closed the pagan temples during their stay, and after their construction job ended, they left. Egyptians have always hated shepherds, probably as a direct result of this event. The Israelite Priests, came from a line of priests extending back to Seth. The Egyptians also call the Great Pyramid, the Pillar of Enoch. Enoch either designed or supervised the building of the Great Pyramid, his signature is all over it. Edgar Cayce, when asked how the people could move such huge blocks, stated that they used the very ability that enabled Elisha to make the iron axe head “swim”, so they could retrieve it from the river. (2 Ki. 6:5-6) The Israelite priests would know of this ability to levitate objects, and this same technology is probably what was used to create all the megalithic sites around the world, including Stonehenge. The earliest Celts, arriving in Europe are none other than the so called ten “Lost Tribes” of Israel. Read my “Celts” letter for that study. There were already, however, earlier inhabitants to the area, descended from the ancient Hebrews. This group, bringing with them the knowledge that was passed down from Adam, Seth, and Enoch, from God, would know how to construct the magnificent monument, Stonehenge. These, along with some of the Celtic priests, became what we know as the Druids, which are in type, almost identical to what became the Israelite Priests, including their overall belief system.

In order to properly understand the meanings behind the measurements within Stonehenge, and how they relate to other monuments, a basic knowledge of what is called “Gematria” is required. Gematria, more commonly known as “Numerology”, is the study of how math and language interact and compliment each other. God, as the first and greatest scientist, gave us our language. Probably the earliest known language is Hebrew. The Hebraic alphabet not only represents letters, but each letter represents a number. There is also a meaning for the sound and a meaning for the number. The Greek alphabet, is also a dual character system, these are dual use languages, it has been proven without a doubt, time and time again, that God inspired the writing of Scripture to implement this “Duality” of interpretation of Scripture. Now numerology is a vast and deep subject in itself, and in order to fully understand and comprehend it, a study just on Gematria would be required, but hopefully I can give you, the reader, enough of an understanding of numerology to enable this study to be beneficial. The truth is, that I would have to take myself to school, learning this subject more fully, to even be able to write a study on numerology. I know just enough to be dangerous. But what I know, I will share with you. Truly, though, the language of mathematics, is the only truly universal language in the universe.

I’ve shown you before the “Great Pyramid text of Scripture”, Isaiah 19:19-20, in another letter. If you add up the numeric value of the letters in the two verses, you get a total of 5449. The Great Pyramid is 5449, “sacred” or “pyramid” inches tall. This is an example of Gematria. You can take the scripture, in which the words themselves point to only one place on earth, where the Great Pyramid sits, and then take the numerical value which adds up to the exact height of the Great Pyramid, these give you “two witnesses” to a thing. My bible says by, “two or three witnesses”, is a thing proven true. The sacred inch, or pyramid inch used in the Great Pyramid, and most biblical references use this same inch, is only a half of a hair’s breadth different than the English inch we have today. That these ancient, “Stone Age” men had a standard for measurement, is something of a mystery in itself. The Great Pyramid and Stonehenge complete each other as witnesses to the same thing, they also point to another witness that God expressed in the Stars, and when this study is complete you should agree with me.

Stonehenge 02
First lets get into the astronomical observatory aspect of Stonehenge. Stonehenge, is comprised of several concentric circles of stones, surrounding a “horseshoe” shaped section of large “Trilithon” blocks. The use of the horseshoe shape provides a way of “witnessing” the sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset at the solstices and equinoxes.
Stonehenge 03Stonehenge 04

The innermost stones are called the bluestone horseshoe. Then you have the Large Trilithon Horseshoe stones. Surrounding that you have the Bluestone Circle, only twenty of these still remain above ground. Then you have the famous Sarsen Circle. This circle originally comprised of 30 uprights, and 30 lintels. The Mean Circumference of this circle is 316.8 feet. This corresponds to the value of the title of our savior, “Lord Jesus Christ” = 3168. This discovery alone, began to change how people thought, about the origins and purpose of Stonehenge. This particular number, regarding the title of our savior, 3168, or it’s decimal equivalent, will be showing up over and over in this study, which should prove to you the divine inspiration and forethought involved in the creation of our universe and everything within it. Even the languages, Greek and Hebrew, used when scripture was written, enable the use of Gematria, and prove the divine inspiration behind it all.
Stonehenge 05
Far past the Sarsen Circle is the Aubrey Circle. Composed of 56 small holes, found in 1666. There are also 4 unhewn monoliths, forming a rectangle, almost on the line of the Aubrey Circle. A perpendicular line off this rectangle, points to the Summer Solstice sunrise. Outside the Aubrey Circle, is a bank and a ditch, with an opening in the ditch and bank facing the summer sunrise. Then you have the Heelstone, which serves as a marker for the summer solstice sunrise. The name is probably derived from “Helios”, or sun, for it is in fact a “Sun Stone”, and it still marks the summer solstice sunrise.

The astronomical observatory is obvious in Stonehenge’s construction and alignment, and left to it’s own, an amazing feat of accomplishment by these “Stone Age” people. However, I want to now delve into the mathematical and Gematria portion of this letter, for in it you will see the true significance of this monument, and I pray I can present it to you in a manner that you can remember the basic points easily, so you in turn can teach others.

The knowledge explosion, regarding Stonehenge, began when Professor Gerald Hawkins, an astronomer in the 1950’s, went to Stonehenge, collected data, and programmed the data into an IBM 7090 computer. When the answers started coming in, he know it was no mere coincidence how the alignments worked out at Stonehenge, even though the standard thought at the time deemed them so. He confirmed that there were 12 points of alignment measureable for both the sun and 12 for the moon, which pointed to their extreme positions respectively. Thanks to his work this monument came alive, and started speaking to us.

I’ve already told you about the Sarsen Circle circumference measuring 316.8 feet, corresponding to the Lord Jesus Christ = 3168. Also the area within this circle is equal to 888 square yards. The name Jesus, is equal to 888. Using the Megalithic yard or MY, which is 2.72 British feet, the Sarsen circumference is equal to 116.4 MY. The value for the title, “Son of God” is equal to 1164. Using Ezekiel’s “Reed”, a measure equal to 10.56 British feet, the circumference is equal to 29.99 Reeds. The Gematria for “Thou art the Son of God” is equal to 2999. The Royal cubit, which is 1.72 British feet, in measuring the diameter of the Sarsen Circle, you get 586. The title, “Master”, has a Gematria value of 586. A square drawn on the perimeter of the Sarsen circle, gives a circumference of 140.8 yards. The title “Savior” equals to 1408. The circumference on the inner face of the Sarsen circle, equals 177.7 Royal cubits, “Jesus of Nazareth”, has a value of 1777. Over and over Jesus name is stamped into this monument. How could they know of Him 2000 years before he came to earth?

Stonehenge 06

The average space between the uprights, is 3.52 feet. “The Way”, a title Jesus claimed for himself has a value of 352. Each upright has an average width of 7.04 feet. There are 30 in all, which when multiplied, give you a number 211.2. The scripture, “A virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Emmanuel”, has a Gematria value of 2112.
The Lintels, forming the perfect circle atop of the uprights, have a mean length of 10.56 feet. There are 30, so multiplying out you get that number 316.8, again pointing to Jesus. Also interesting is that the length of 10.56, is exactly the length of Ezekiel’s “Reed”. This measure also relates to diameter to the outer face of the circle, is 105.6 feet. Both the measures 21.12 and 10.56, have a direct relationship to our Lord in Gematria. “Glory of the Lord” = 2112, “The Joy of thy Salvation” = 1056.

Stonehenge 07

Pi, is also built into the structure, just as it is obviously built into the Great Pyramid. The circumference of the Lintels equals to 31.4159 “Reeds”, or 10 x 3.14159. By PI’s never ending nature, it represents the Almighty creator. “Almighty” in Gematria equals to 314. Also interesting, is that the area inside Stonehenge 08

the outer face of the lintels is equal to .00314159, of a square mile. The angle, 51’51”, or 51.85 degrees, is prevalent within Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid, this angle provides the “PI” answer of base/height ratio that is demonstrated within the Great Pyramid, and is represented, in Stonehenge, by the true north line, in relation to the summer solstice sunrise line, over the Heelstone. Then came the idea, that since it has been proven that the Great Pyramid, contained within it’s passages a chronological timeline of earth’s history, then did Stonehenge contain the same aspects. The rectangle formed by the “Station” stones, points to the Great Pyramid. A straight line from Station stone 93, throughStonehenge 09 91, going across the globe will hit the Great Pyramid, dead center. Also interesting to note, is that number again. The long side of the rectangle is equal to 3168 inches. There is only one place on earth that Stonehenge could have been placed, where the sun and moon alignments would form perfectly square angles in the rectangle. Besides that, the fact that Stonehenge would Stonehenge 10point to the Great Pyramid, all the while proclaiming, “Lord Jesus Christ”, at the same time. Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid, each had to be built exactly where they were, in order for everything to be according to the Architect’s Design. 

 Stonehenge 11

Then it was soon figured out, that using the Aubrey circle, a 7000 year chronometer, lining up with the “heelstone” at a date proven by the precession of the equinoxes, could be placed that not only gave us the birth date and death date of Jesus, but also coincides perfectly with the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus that is embodied within the Ascending Passage in the Great Pyramid. Not only that, on the other side of the Aubrey circle, a date shows Enoch’s birth and when he was 33 1/2 years old. Enoch and Jesus have parallels which is emphasized by this lineup, on the same axis. On the afternoon of April 3rd, AD 33, at 3.00, on Passover, Jesus died on the cross. At 3:06, Greenwich, or Stonehenge time, the moon eclipsed, for seventeen minutes. This was the darkening of the skies that Jerusalem experienced when Jesus died. This event is memorialized in the chronometer of Stonehenge, and in the Great Pyramid alike, millennia before the event was to occur.Stonehenge 12

Now I can hear the skeptics, saying that all this is just a coincidence, you can make numbers say anything, and to a certain extent I agree. Too many times people are venting an agenda, and twist the facts to suit their needs. However, we aren’t done yet. It was calculated that just the 24 points of observation within Stonehenge, 12 for the Sun extremes, and 12 for the Moon extremes, couldn’t possibly happen by mere chance, it was designed this way, for specific purposes.

The Long side of the rectangle formed by the station stones, measures 264 feet. The Greek word for “Signs” is 264, which is translated “wonders”, and “miracles”, in Revelation. ”Truth” in Greek values at 264. Jesus’ title, “The Light” values at 2640, then of course when measured in inches you get that number again, 3168. The diagonal between the station stones that point to the Great Pyramid, measures 96 yards. The Gematria for “The Secret of the Lord”, values at 96, as it is pointing to God’s great secret, the Great Pyramid of Giza.. “A Kingdom” values at 96. In inches, the diagonal is 288. “The Kingdom of Heaven” values at 288.

Palmoni, an angel, spoke to Daniel, showing him future events. Palmoni’s name means “The Numberer of Secrets” His name has a value of 216. The diameter of the Moon is 2160 miles. The divisions of the Zodiac, are 2160 years, God’s Word in the Stars is another great witness to the scientific age, another “I Told You So”, to the world. 216 is the value of the word translated “Power”, and “Might” in the Hebrew. “Lion” has a value of 216, the “Lion of the Tribe of Judah values at 2160. The base of the Great Pyramid, is 216 “Reeds”, measured at the sockets. “The Stone which the builders rejected”, referring to the Chief Cornerstone of the Great Pyramid, which never was set, has a value of 2160.

The Radius of the Aubrey circle measures 1728 inches, or 144 feet. There were 144,000 casing stones originally on the exterior of the Great Pyramid. 144,000 believers in Revelation, the 144 cubit width of the wall of the New Jerusalem. Again and again we find relationships between Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid and the New Jerusalem.

Stonehenge 13

I’ve shown you the “Christ Angle”, which is the angle formed by the floor line of the Queens chamber of the Great Pyramid, and the Ascending passage floor line. This is where we can find the date for the birth and resurrection of Jesus. This angle when placed on the north face of the Great Pyramid, will draw a line straight to Bethlehem, which, by the way, is situated at exactly 31.68 degrees north latitude. The distance between the Great Pyramid and Bethlehem, is 2139 Pyramid furlongs. One furlong equals to 8000 Pyramid Inches. Starting at the Great Pyramid’s fixed datum in the passages, the year is 2141 B.C., if we add then the 2139 furlongs at one per year we come up with 2 B.C., the year of our Lords birth. So this angle, the “Christ Angle”, not only points to the place of Jesus Christ’s Birth, but also looks forward to the year of His birth, which by the way, is also witnessed to, in the passage system itself.

When you place a rectangle in the earth, at the 31.68 degree position, you get what is called a “Golden Rectangle”, the long side values at 3,368 miles, which corresponds to the only other way in Greek that “Lord Jesus Christ” is spelled in the New Testament, it values at 3368.

Stonehenge 14Stonehenge 15

Stonehenge 16When you place a Pythagorean Triangle, the 3:4:5 triangle, at the polar and equatorial axis, the long side is equal to 3168 miles.

Stonehenge 17

If you superimpose a square onto the earth, the perimeter of this square is equal to 31,680 miles.

Stonehenge 18

When you take the total mean distance of each of the nine planets from the sun, add those figures together and (dropping all zeros), you get a total of 9,954. If you divide that number by PI, you get 3,168. In other words, taking 9954 as a circumference, the diameter then would be 3168.

Stonehenge 19

If you place the moon on the earth, and draw a circle around them both, the circle would be 31,680 miles long. Other similarities involving the name “Christ” occur, involving both spellings of the name.

Stonehenge 20

The circumference of the Bluestone circle is 248.814 feet. The circumference of the earth is 24,881.4 miles. The circumference of the moon is 2,488.14 MMi, or Megalithic Miles.
Stonehenge 21

When you take the earth-moon combination, you also can insert the Great Pyramid, to scale, which has the 51° 51’ 14” angle that gives you the Pi-πfigure in the Great Pyramid, by comparing the base perimeter to the height.
Back to Stonehenge, the Sarsen circle equals to 316.8 feet, which relates to the perimeter of a square laid on the Bluestone circle at 316.8 feet. These also correspond to the Inner Bank, if you change the length of the outer face of the bank circle, into a square, one side of that square would be equal to 3,168 inches.
Stonehenge 22

The long side diagonal of the rectangle formed by the station stones, equals to 3,168 inches. Taking again the inner bank, the inner face of the bank has a circumference of 316.8 yards. These figures relate to the diameter of our Sun, at 316,800 MMi.

As stated above, the perimeters of the squares of the earth and moon have that same numerical value, but also the radius of the earth, measured in furlongs, is equal to 31,680 furlongs.

Stonehenge 23

Our atmosphere, relates also mathematically to our Lords number 3168. For combining our Lithosphere with the Atmosphere, you get 60 miles, reduced to feet we have that total again 316,800 feet.

Stonehenge 24

Even the distance to our sun, at 93,000,000 miles, if you convert that distance to inches, and divide by the speed of light, you get the figure 3,168.

Stonehenge 25

A seven sided star, God’s “Perfect Number”, can be placed on the Great Pyramid, giving the exact angle of the sides, also when placed along the passages, gives you the exact passage angles, including the “Christ Angle”.

Only a seven pointed star can be placed on the earth-moon pyramid figure, placed on Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid, the New Jerusalem, and the Molten Sea.

In Looking at the New Jerusalem, described in Revelation as being “four square” and it’s length, width and height of it are equal, so we are talking about a box, or maybe a pyramid. The length of one side is about 1500 miles, so this is not just a city, it would stick out like a sore thumb if it were on the earth, with most of it residing in outer space. The perimeter of the New Jerusalem is 31,680,000 feet, which corresponds to the 316.8 feet circumference of the Sarsen circle of Stonehenge.

Stonehenge 26

The diameter of the New Jerusalem has a measurement of 7,920,000 feet. (not miles, the image to the right is wrong) This corresponds to the diameter of the Bluestone circle of 79.2 feet, the diameter of the earth, at 7,920 miles, and the perimeter of a square drawn on the molten sea at 792 inches.
Stonehenge 27

The number 528, is of great significance regarding the earth and the sun. It is representative of how fast the suns light progresses across the surface of the earth, which is 528 miles per hour. This is where the British statute mile comes into play at 5280 feet. This distance was in use as a measurement of length, long before Great Britain began it’s use. Evidence is known that Noah’s ark, using the “Great Cubit”, is 528 feet long. Exactly half of the “Reed” given to Ezekiel, is 528 inches. It is the value for half of each “Lintel” on the Sarsen circle and, to the outer face of the Sarsen circle, said radius is 52.8 feet.

People I can go on and on, I have barely scratched the surface of a huge boulder. It is truly amazing how God has planned things, measured them, laid them out, and the fact that the evidence is still there today, after so many millennia, simply boggles the mind. The relationships in math and geometry, with both numerical and alphabetical meanings to letters and names and verses of Scripture, are as deep as we care to look for them. I feel very humbled to have opened up a subject, that even though I know very little about, it still provides such a wealth of information and understanding to my readers. I urge you, if this subject fascinates you, to dig, dig, and keep digging. You won’t be disappointed, and fear not, GOD’s Word will not fail.

God has chosen to reveal Christ to us. He has provided three witnesses to attest to the Christ. God’s Word, expressed in the Great Pyramid, has one central theme, the “Lord Jesus Christ”. God’s Word, expressed in Stonehenge, has one central theme, the “Lord Jesus Christ”. And last but not at all least, God has another witness expressed in the Stars and Zodiac. The central theme of it’s message is again, the “Lord Jesus Christ”. The Zodiac has been preserved throughout history, in all the ancient cultures, virtually unchanged. The meanings of the names of the stars, and meanings behind each constellation, have the same consistent message, across different cultures, separated by thousands of miles, across the globe, yet the message remains. All three witnesses are now being taught, and shown to a scientific generation that seeks facts, figures, and proof. Well the proof is here, MAN IS WITHOUT EXCUSE.

The proof of a “Grand Architect”, should be beyond refute. There is no way, that all the different facts and figures you have just seen, have all been a coincidence. There was a plan, it was laid out, and executed by our Creator. There is a few scriptures that come to mind, that after thinking about this subject, seems to be more relevant and have a much deeper meaning than before.

Genesis 1:1 ; “In the Beginning, GOD created the Heavens and the Earth.”

God created everything. The distances and relationships were determined and measured by Him. This earth couldn’t support life at all, if things were only slightly different. If a “Big Bang” started this universe, then GOD LIT THE MATCH.

Job 38:4-6 “Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? Declare, if thou hast understanding. Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? Or who hath stretched the line upon it? Whereupon are the foundations fastened? Or who laid the Cornerstone thereof.”

God is declaring to us in scripture of his intelligent design of the earth, hence the solar system, and even the universe, are all within His design parameters.

Job 38:31-33 “Canst thou bind the sweet influences of the Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion? Canst thou bring forth the Mazzaroth in his season?, or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons? Knowest thou the ordinances of heaven? Canst thou set the dominion thereof in the earth?”

Here God is plainly relating to us, the Gospel in the Stars, through the Zodiac, or Mazzaroth. The Pleiades also is significant in the geometry of the Great Pyramid. God also relates to us of His knowledge of the “Ordinances of Heaven”, meaning our solar system, and starry universe, and He then states his dominion over the earth.

Jeremiah 32:18-20 “The Great and Mighty God, the Lord of Hosts, is his name…Which has set signs and wonders in the land of Egypt, even unto this day, and in Israel, and among other men..”

Here, Jeremiah tells us of GOD’s Might and Power, and able to do anything. He states that God had set up “Signs and Wonders”, in the land of Egypt, in Israel, and “among other men”. The term “signs” is a prophetical one, and the Great Pyramid is a prophetical monument that points to Christ. It also contains a wealth of information, in mathematical form, that proves it’s designer divine, for no human could have known the dimensions of the earth and solar system, which is embodied within the Great Pyramid, nor could have been able to predict the exact date of our Lord’s birth and resurrection.

The second one in Israel, relates to Solomon’s Temple, for just as in other “wonders”, a knowledge of the universe is contained within it’s measurements. I guess I need to do a study on it as well.

The third “sign and wonder”, is “among other men”. And what better and likely place for this wonder than Stonehenge. It not only relates to Christ, as does the Great Pyramid and Solomon’s Temple, but the knowledge contained within it’s construction, could not have been known by the locals. We are just now getting advanced enough in our science and math to be able to figure these things out. These stone age men, with simple tools, couldn’t have known enough to construct the megaliths, much less know how to arrange them.

God has yet given us another witness, though, preserved in the Stars, detailing a Virgin birth, a battle with Satan, a price being paid, a resurrected life, a victorious church, a “stamping out” of Satan’s rule, and the Lion of the tribe of Judah, ruling the earth. If you haven’t read my God’s Message in the Stars letter, I urge you to do so, for in it you have the ammo needed to face this world full of mystics, and astrologists, and prove to them the truth behind the lie that they believe.

“By the mouth of two or three witnesses, is a thing proven.” God is giving us four. Stonehenge, that mysterious monument that many have speculated wrongly about, now lays before you, open like a book, but not like any other book in the history of books. This book draws in works from across the globe, even the universe, guiding us to truths that have been hidden since the foundation of the world. God has chosen to reveal to us, “Mysteries”, in these “Last Days”. He wants the whole world to look, and if possible to understand and know so they can respond to that calling, that only a few people are privileged to be a part of. For the rest of the world, they can’t say they weren’t warned. It will not be long before this “Cycle” ends and things get a little hairy for the world, yet even then, God will be willing to take them in, for He desires that no one would perish. So much so that He planted irrefutable knowledge, for man to find when he became “smart enough”, and God, being patient, waited. Man is truly without excuse. Yes, you may not believe in Jesus, because you can’t “See or feel” Him, but you can see and feel, measure and diagnose that great monument Stonehenge, then do the same for the other one, the Great Pyramid of Giza. They are God’s Witnesses in Stone. And they too, are pointing you to a Savior, Jesus Christ, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.

Keep seeking truth,
With Love in Christ,
Patrick Robinson, Minister Truth Seekers Ministries

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