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A Disciple’s Dreams & Visions from GOD

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In 1986, God opened my eyes to a realm that I’d only ever imagined of. This started, several years of encounters with the spiritual side of life and this universe, that only a few of God’s chosen ones are given the privilege to witness. There are other encounters, with the evil side of the spirit realm, and to the people that are exposed to this type of encounter, I understand what you have been through, because I have also had encounters with some demonic entities, and as long as this age of God’s Grace continues, I will pray for you. Soon, will come the day that God’s grace will end, and that day will be here sooner rather than later. Through these encounters, and by God’s directing me into a different kind of Christian teaching, I was truly changed, and Jesus became to me, a personal Savoir, one that even a sinner like me could live in a relationship with. I grew up in a southern missionary Baptist church, one that taught from a very legalistic viewpoint. I will say, though, that the Hell Fire and Damnation teaching, scared the hell out of me, and is what caused me to walk down to the altar to invite Jesus into my life as my Lord. Through the several years of my mother taking me to church, I began learning and reading for myself. I remember skipping the church services, sitting in the rear of the church bus, and reading Paul’s epistles, I came to know a God of Grace and Peace, and I started questioning what was being yelled out behind the pulpit just inside the building. I quit going to the church when I became a teenager, and my mother never tried to force me to go. In fact, she is the one that found Dr. Scott on her satellite dish. She had my father, whom I don’t remember ever going to church, and myself, watching and learning of God’s grace and peace from the Doc. These legalistic preachers; the do do this, and the don’t do that preachers that can’t keep the law themselves, and soon began being caught in the very sins that they preached against, just didn’t get it. We are living in the age of grace and peace. If we will walk in faith, with Jesus Christ as our goal, God’s promise is that he would write his law on our hearts. We will find ourselves, keeping God’s commandments, not because of some legalistic preacher beating us over the head with the law, not even because we have to, but because it will be our very nature to do so. After breaking ties with the traditional church and all that baggage that it brings, and learning so much from Dr. Scott and from many sources covering many topics, I started praying to God and Christ, to speak to me, to show me what He would have me do. This went on for a couple of weeks, and being even more desperate, I prayed even more earnestly for some kind of message from God, so that I would know what He would have me do. That night, I would have an encounter that I have yet to get over, and I don’t think that I ever will.

As soon as I lay my head down, God gave me three visions, in succession, in one night. It happened like this. I closed my eyes, and, as soon as I did, I was immediately in a vision. I was in our back yard, there was loud explosions, smoke and fire were all around, there were balls of fire, maybe four or five feet in diameter, crashing and exploding all around me. I was petrified, but as I looked up into the sky, my terror would multiply exponentially. In the dark sky, there was what appeared to be a huge ball of lava, slowly rolling across the sky in a southerly direction. This ball, comet, or whatever, seemed to be several miles across and floating above the earth a couple of miles. It could have been the size of the moon rolling south; it then would have been some hundred miles or so above the earth, if it were the size of the moon. I looked intently at the surface; it looked like lava, swirling across the surface with red and black patterns moving across it. It reminded me of watching a volcano with the lava flowing before my eyes. Out of this huge ball were some hundreds or even thousands of the smaller balls of fire shooting out of it and crashing to the earth all around me. It slowly was rolling south; it would have taken some 30 minutes to leave the area above my head. I fell to my face, pleading for God so save me from this devastation. There was no where to run or hide, I just prayed intently, with my face on the ground, not wanting to see what was happening. Then suddenly, just as I finished praying, “Dear God Please Help Me!!” there was an eerie silence. This was such a silent silence, that it was scary. You just know that something terrible had just happened, and that something far greater is on its way. The anticipation, the not knowing, seemed so thick you could slice it. Then an invisible hand helped me to my feet. As I looked around, there was total devastation. I saw my car, a 70′ Monte Carlo, this was my first “cool” car, and I really loved that car. As I walked around to where I could see the drivers’ side, I saw that it was totally demolished; the driver’s door was crushed in almost to the passenger seat. I just figured that one of those balls of fire had hit it; everything was on fire and smashed. I realized that all of my possessions, in one unexpected instant can and will disappear. I knew that God was showing me things, that are going to occur, and that, since I had experienced these things, I saw them, that they would happen during my lifetime. A lifetime is such a short time in comparison to eternity. I knew why God was showing me these things. I needed to warn people, to shout out, to all that would listen, that the end of life as we know it, will happen very soon. Then, just as suddenly as this visionary dream started, it stopped. I opened my eyes, my body was shaking, sweat was pouring off my face, and my sheets and pillow was soaked with sweat. I recalled everything that I just went through, then immediately, just as fast as the first vision ended, I found myself back in this devastated world. The huge ball of fire and the fire bombs were gone. I walked towards the neighbor’s house to the south. I noticed that my car that had been destroyed was gone. I was wondering what it was, that God was showing me, when I saw it. In front of me, towards the left, some fifteen to twenty yards was a black, evil specter. I sensed an evil presence emanating from it. This demon like being, wearing a black hooded robe was waiting on me. As I walked over towards this being, I could feel the evil radiating at me. As I got closer, about five feet or so, it slowly raised its head and I saw this face. It was so demonic, I shuddered, and I still do just thinking about it. What I saw was a deep red skull face, with pitch black eye and nose holes. The red was glowing bright, and the black of its eyes was such a dark black, that they caught my attention. This being seemed to smirk at my gaze, and, when I got to about two feet or so from it, I reached out with my right hand, and touched the left side, facing me, of its skull. I touched it right on its cheek bone. As soon as I touched it, the being disappeared. I immediately awoke, crying and pleading to God that he wouldn’t let me be me be deceived by Satan. Again, I was shaking, and the sweat was just pouring off of my head and body. I remembered everything that I was just shown, then suddenly I found myself back in a vision. This next one was different. I was in line, in what seemed like a school cafeteria. There were people that I had worked with at Xerox, there also. It seemed that this situation had to do with work or business. We were all signing these small pieces of paper. I don’t know what they were but I sensed something bad about this and I really didn’t want to sign it. Somehow, though, I knew that my job totally depended on my signing it, so I did sign it. We then were told, to go outside and run around the football field. I had a feeling that I was going to regret everything that I was doing at this place. I looked out the cafeteria door and saw that the football field was going out lengthwise from me so that the sides were then 100 yards long. The door of the cafeteria was centered behind the end zone. I didn’t notice any goalposts though. I saw people running around this football field, spaced apart but there were people scattered around the whole field. So I started running on the right side of the field, running counter clockwise in the same direction as everyone else. I had reached about half way down one side, when I was struck on the rear, right, top part of my head. I was immediately thrown flat on my face. I couldn’t move anything, but I didn’t feel any pain, nor did I feel anything at all below my head. I did feel the blood running out of my ears, eyes, and nose. I knew that my body was dead, yet I was still consciously seeing the grass. I had been killed so suddenly, that in my spirit I was still looking out of my eyes. Suddenly a very powerful hand grabbed my right arm just below the shoulder, and raised me upright. As I was being raised, I turned to try and see who had picked me up, and then I opened my eyes, wide awake. Back in my bedroom, shaking, sweating, and awestruck at what just had happened to me. I don’t know what picked me up, but no human could have raised me like that one did, with only one hand. It had to be an angel or some other superhuman being. I just wasn’t to know who or what it was at this time.

After these visionary dreams, I knew that God was trying to show me events that are soon to come crashing on this earth. It was strange that during this whole time, my wife lay sleeping soundly next to me, never the wiser. At that moment in time, as I sat up in bed, I knew that God wanted me to start telling people to get ready and prepare for his return. These disasters that are prophesied to occur, just before Jesus returns to reign as King, will happen to this earth soon. The disasters will take everyone, not in Christ, by surprise. I also felt that I may not have much time, before the powers that be take my life. That really didn’t matter though, what matters more than anything else, is that I start teaching, warning, and preparing God’s chosen few to be ready. Jesus return is much sooner than most of Christendom realizes.

I did fret a little, over why I would even walk over to an evil being, much less reach out and touch his demonic skull, for a face. God would give me the answer to that question though. Some ten years later I was learning about the Shaman Masters. They would use certain drugs derived from wild herbs or something, to make them enter into the spiritual realm. What seems strange was that they warned the new interns, that if they were ever to be approached, by an evil spirit, to not be afraid. They were to simply reach out, and touch this evil spirit, and then the spirit would depart from them. Finally, what I did in the vision that I had seen years ago made a little more sense, and I quit thinking about why I would do such a thing. My pleading for God to not let me be deceived by Satan, I believe, was also God’s way of getting me out of the traditional church. This Laodecian church age, is so full of man’s traditions that make void God’s Word, and there is such a lukewarm-ness towards God and Christ. God knew that if I were to stay in that atmosphere, I never would have pursued my teaching, nor would have I studied such a variety of subjects that God would have us to study and know. Satan, the lord of lies, and the “Prince of the Power of the Air”, in charge of this current earth, is constantly changing God’s truth into lies in order to keep these truths from coming to light. God had other plans though.

This first set of vision like dreams was the start of many dreams from God, and his guiding me to where I am now. I have stepped on many religious leaders toes, and have been called many degrading names. These things only make me more determined to get the message out that Jesus will soon come for his true believers. We may see some devastating times just ahead, and surely we will see some tribulation, but God’s grace will see us and protect us through it all, and the rewards for our steadfast stewardship will far outweigh anything that Satan can throw at us. I sometimes even desire to stand in front of Satan, face to face, then I would belt him across the head with God’s Word. If Satan kills my physical body in the process, there is no greater privilege, than to be martyred for my Lord.

About two weeks after my first visions, God showed me another awesome dream. My situation leading up to this night is very similar as the last one. I was deeply concerned about my first night of visions. I felt like I needed some deeper meaning and direction on how I needed to get the message out, and who I needed to give it to. Just before went to lay down, I was praying for guidance, then as soon as I closed my eyes, I found myself in a strangely different, very peaceful place. My wife and I were riding, a matched pair of 10-speed bicycles, down a path. The bikes were a bright red, showing that the blood of Christ is what we have to use, to ride on, and to depend on in life. The trail wandered down the left side of an open field. The green grass or wheat, was about two feet tall. We had only gone a short ways, when we passed an old well on the left. It was the real old kind, with a bucket that you had to let down with a rope. The old wood roof was aged and grey; it had been there a long time. The open field soon gave way to a dark, jungle like, path. Further down, we both came to a stop. The path just ahead, about five feet, narrowed to just about a foot wide. On the right, the bush was very thick, it was thorny and dangerous, it came right up to the edge of the path, and its height was way over my head. To the left of the path, it dropped off very steeply, and it was dark and eerie. Christine looked at me with serious concern, and I was a little concerned too, but I said that we should just trust Jesus and God to see us safely over it. I went first, and she followed me, I remember riding across the first five feet or so, and then almost instantly, it seemed, we had passed over this treacherous part of the path. The path opened up gradually, and then it ended into a small village. This was a place, like there would be close to the tropics. It was all dirt, there was a central fire. There were straw huts all around. The huts were all, probably, six to eight feet tall at the peak, and eight feet or so wide. I saw many darker tanned natives, and there was such a peace in this place. I looked over to this one particular young girl, close to the fire, who was leaning over to pick up something, and I saw a golden cross hanging from her neck. This made me feel loved, and at peace in this tranquil place, knowing this was a village that has dedicated themselves to our Lord. We were directed to the right, to one of the larger huts, where we met the leaders of the village. There was also a man, named Carl Davis, he had attended the same high school as I did. I never had really talked to him, because he was in the next higher grade, but I always had a feeling that he was a Christian, and it made me glad to know that he was here. We sat down in the hut, and I talked to them for some time. I don’t know how long we spoke, but it seemed like a long time, and I don’t even know exactly what I was telling them. I guess, that, what was said, was not important for me to know at this time. My audience seemed very attentive and excited though. Then, I stood up and told them that it was getting late and we had to go. They were saddened to hear that, and invited me to stay, but I reassured them that, we would be back, on August, 10th. I don’t know what was special about that particular date, but for several years after that, I always kept that date in my heart. I don’t know which year, but at some future year on that date, God has something special to reveal to his called ones. Anyway, as Christine and I were getting back on our bicycles to leave, the elders of the village told us, to “Make sure that we stop at the old well to get what was in the bucket”. I had remembered seeing the well on the way in, and I told them that we would. On our way back out, I don’t remember going over the narrow path, and then it seemed that we were already at the well, and it seemed that we hadn’t gone through the bad part of the trail at all, although we could have and probably did. I went up to the well and pulled up the bucket. When I peered inside it, there were several big gemstones and I think there was some gold. I picked up a handful of them, probably two thirds of what was there, and I put them in a pouch, the rest of them I left in the bucket. I don’t know why I left some. It seemed that they had a need, and the gems I left in the bucket would be needed. I felt like this village had been saving for a donation of sorts, and we were supposed to take it back to Jerusalem, to give to Jesus. We got back on our bikes and as we rode off it seemed like everything got lighter, and we just took flight. Then I woke up. With this vision, like my others, I was sweating badly, and shaking. My wife didn’t wake up either, like before. I had these visions back in 1986, and although I knew, that as Christians, we are supposed to take the straight and narrow gate to life, and not the wide gate that leads to destruction. I hadn’t been exposed to any of the Apocrypha writings or much else, yet something I found in 2 Esdras, which is part of the apocrypha, some five years or so later, helped me to realize, that God gave me this vision.

In 2 Esdras Ch.7 Verse 6, I found;
…;There is also another thing; A city is built and set upon a broad field, and is full of all good things:
7: The entrance thereof is narrow, and is set in a dangerous place, like as if there were a fire on the right hand, and on the left, deep water:
8: And one only path between them both, even between the fire and the water, so narrow that there could but one man walk across it at once.
9: If this city now were given unto a man for an inheritance, how shall he receive his inheritance, unless he passed through the appointed danger?

When I found this verse, it hit me. I am the man that has an inheritance, and to obtain what Jesus has for me, I have to take a path that is hard and treacherous, but it is very much worth the risk. This same analogy is given to me in a later vision, which I will include in this letter also.

These first two sets of visions that God gave to me, changed me totally. I physically felt strange for many days after the first night, and after the second one I knew God had a job for me to do. God gave me a zeal for seeking truth. My desire, for learning what God would have me do and to teach others what I have learned, was set ablaze. My priorities were realigned. I now had a deep yearning to tell people to get ready, and to teach this younger generation, truth’s that have been so long twisted by Satan and changed into a lie. I wanted to help this scientific generation of kids, growing up in the secular schools, learning any and everything except for God and Christ Jesus. I wanted to show the kids that are into astrology, the truth’s that God had originally made the stars for and how he named them to show us the gospel message. To show God’s handiwork in the designing the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, and many other megalithic sites around the world. I don’t know what God’s plan is for me, I only know, the things that he has shown me, and ,that I have to shout those things from the rooftops.

This started a walk with God, and Christ, who has given me several visions over the next several years. I will include these visions in this letter also. My life was turned upside down. My wife, whom I love dearly, was suddenly thrown a curve. I was having bible studies with people at constant but irregular times. I was being called, people would just drop by, and anytime someone would inquire of me, I would teach. I was teaching primarily on the return of my Lord Jesus Christ. This went on for several years, and then my wife had had enough. She said that she didn’t marry a preacher, and wasn’t going to put up with it. She finally gave me an ultimatum, that if she heard the word “rapture” one more time, that it would be over. We had been married for some thirteen years, and had two sons, and I was forced to make a choice. When God puts a call on your heart, and shows you the things that he has shown me, He has to be priority one. I made my choice. I chose to go with my heart, and keep God first.

Friend, I urge anyone that is in the same or similar circumstances as I was in, to choose God. We are to love and support out family, putting them above work, cars, or anything that would be in your life. But, God has to be priority one in your life. Even over your family. If you are forced to make a choice, choose God, because if you do God promised to bless you in your choice. But, if you choose anything, and I mean anything over God and his call, not only will you lose God’s call, and lose what great things he could have had you do. But, you could also lose the thing, that you have placed over God. If you chose man over God, you might not lose what you have chosen; but, you could also lose an eternity with God and Christ Jesus.

I believe that God blessed my decision. Not only do I have my family back, but Christine and I were remarried. We’ve been together for twenty three years now as of Feb 13, 2006. The best part is that I am still teaching and urging people to get ready, for our redemption truly draweth nigh. I try not to upset Christine, but she knows that whenever I am led to talk to or teach anyone that I feel God is leading me to, I have to follow that urge.

The next dreams came…I was lying on my hammock, in our back yard, and I was just dozing off, when I heard the sound of despair. I heard a scream from across the road at the top of the hill. There was a child running towards me and crying out for me, calling me by name. There was urgency in her voice, and she said, “Please hurry, it’s my brother”. I reassured her, and ran with her up to the house she lived in. As I entered the home, the mother was sobbing, and the daughter introduced me to her. I shook her hand, and she said that she had heard of me and that if there was any thing that I could do for her son, to please try. The teenage looking boy was laid out flat on the living room floor. I kneeled down and looked close at him, and I saw that he was dead. I had a feeling that he had overdosed on drugs. I said a silent prayer, then, I positioned my body on top of the boy, face to face. I closed my eyes and prayed, then I breathed into the boy and as I did I saw and felt this power, flowing from me into his body. I felt this flow of energy from my head and my chest, entering into this boy’s body. After I did this, I raised up and the boy started breathing. He opened his eyes, as I climbed off of him and stood up. This boy stood right up, he then started crying and he hugged his mother who was also crying for joy. I then exited the house and started walking away. I was walking towards town, though, and not back to my hammock. I then noticed that this boy was following me. Then something strange happened, as if what I had just been through wasn’t strange enough, I noticed that this boy had changed, and that now he was Jeff. Jeff is my best friend and a fellow believer that I have been in fellowship with since just after high school. It was strange to me and I didn’t understand why the boy, who was a total stranger to me, had turned into my close friend. I haven’t raised Jeff from the dead. Apparently, this was a dream that will not have its full understanding, until we get there and come to the fullness of the nature of Christ. I can’t wait.

This next dream started like a normal afternoon. Christine, my wife, and Christopher, my youngest son, had just left to go to town. I think they were going to the grocery store. I remember watching them drive down the road, and I looked at the sky and saw an ominous black sky that seemed to be growing from the south. I prayed for their safety and wondered if they would make it back home before this storm broke loose. The season seemed like spring or early autumn. The trees were green and full, so it couldn’t have been too late in the season. The next thing I see, I am in our back yard, and the hair on the back of my neck is starting to stand on end. I start hearing the deep tones of distant thunder, and the wind is picking up. The air is electrified. Then I start seeing lightning, striking all around. It is starting to rain now, and then I notice these balls of iridescent light energy, about one foot or so in diameter. They seem to be flying all over the place randomly, even horizontally. Then I try to make it up our back porch steps to the back door, and then several of these balls are trying to hit me. These things are trying to hit me. They are all coming from a southerly direction, and I am dodging them. I get to the top stair on our porch as one is flying at me from about ten feet away. It was coming fast, and I barely moved my head fast enough for it to just miss me. As it passes, I turn my head to watch it go by. I see it smash on the 4×4 post at the end of our porch. When it hits the post, it of explodes into billions of tiny glowing particles that just fall ineffectively. Then I make it into the back door. I am standing inside, dripping wet, and I holler for Patrick, my oldest son, but he doesn’t respond. I holler his name again and he runs in from the back bedroom, he is crying as he jumps into my arms. I just hold him, and try to reassure him that it is going to be ok. Then for some reason, I find myself back outside, in the back yard, and it is pouring down rain. You’ve heard the expression of it raining in sheets. Well multiply that by ten or so and that’s how much rain was falling. The rain that was coming down was only surpassed by the amount of lightning that was zapping and popping all around me. It was so loud, and the air was so electric, that I knew, that lying in this water, I was about to die. For some reason, I grabbed a piece of plywood that the boys had been using as a backstop for baseball. I am on my hands and knees in the grass, I pull this sheet of plywood on top of me and I am lying down under it, on my back, facing up. I have to hold on to both sides because the wind is blowing wildly. I am just lying there, in this wet grass, covering myself with a piece of plywood. I guess that I am thinking that it will protect me from the lightning, the logic seemed right to me then, I’m not sure why. I lay there for, what seems like hours, when suddenly everything stops. No rain, no wind, no lightning or thunder, just an eerie quiet that is anything but peaceful. I move the plywood to the side, and I notice a dark sky. This sky was very dark, a stargazer’s paradise. Normally there would be city lights and neighborhood lights on that would hinder your stargazing, but not now. I don’t remember ever seeing so many stars before. As I am staring straight up, and I am looking at all these stars, suddenly, my balance feels off a little. When I see the billions of stars, falling straight towards me. It feels like the earth is hurtling through space, and I am watching the stars zoom by. They, the stars, seem to be falling, for what seems like four or five seconds, and then I am suddenly shocked wide awake. My eyes open with a gasp. I am sweating profusely and shaking. My heart is pounding.

This is incredible, what the Lord is showing me. As I am thinking about this, I realize what it was, that I was just shown. I saw this earth, tilt on its physical axis to a new location. If the axis changes suddenly, like it has done before, and like it is prophesied and predicted to do again, and you are looking up at the night sky, at the very instant that the axis of this earth changes to a new position, you will see what appears to be stars falling, or maybe they would be moving fast across the sky. The image that you see would depend on exactly where you are, where the axis changes to, and how quick it gets there. Other evidence that would prove what I saw was an axis shift, is the electrical energy that was all around. The polar axis of this earth, and the magnetic field that surrounds this earth, work hand in hand with each other. When one of them moves or changes, the effects are felt by the other. When the physical axis shifts, it tends to move in response to what the magnetic field is already doing. The study of the earth’s magnetosphere and how the wobble of the physical axis is affecting each other is very interesting. It is known, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the axis has shifted several times in the, not to distant, past. There are changes, in the magnetic north and south poles orientation, that are fingerprinted in the layers of iron and stone deposits, at various levels of depth, showing dates in the past that this has happened. This is why, in Siberia, they found a frozen Mammoth, with frozen tropical vegetation in its mouth and stomach. The mammoth was frozen so fast that when it was found, the dogs started eating the meat. Siberia, had to once have been close to the equator, in order for there to be tropical vegetation growing there for the mammoth to eat. When the axis shifted, a “Flash Freeze” occurred close to the poles, which literally froze animals in their tracks, even while they were still eating their “tropical” lunch. My friend, and my enemies, I pray that you take heed. If you are part of the body of Christ, the true believers in Jesus Christ, and are covered by the Blood of the Lamb, we are living in the very days, that both the Old and the New Testament, looked forward to. I don’t know why I am being shown these disasters, I just know that they will come, and that the time is running out. Please, please, prepare for your loved ones and your family. At the very least, get camping equipment, extreme cold weather gear, medical supplies, and enough food and water to last your immediate family a couple of months.

This next section is covering the main encounters through dreams/visions with Jesus. They happened after what you have just read. I have tried to keep these in a chronological order, and I am correct for the most part.

Several years ago, God made me a promise. One morning just as I awoke, I immediately opened my eyes and I was wide awake. Then in an audible voice came a promise, “QUIT DESECRATING MY TEMPLE, AND I WILL GIVE YOU POWER”. I shook, and I felt awestruck. My wife didn’t wake up, and didn’t hear anything. I felt strange for a few days, just like what happened when I had the first dreams. I have fought with that statement ever since. Eager to do God’s will, anxious to receive the promise, in wonder about what spiritual gift that he wants me to have and in anguish over what I may be doing that is preventing his power from coming. I have come to realize that desecrating his temple, is none other than bringing idols into his temple. Any thing that so involves your attention, that you lose sight, even temporarily, of Gods kingdom and his purposes, is idol worship. Since we are now the house or the Temple of God. Our attention can be drawn away by many things, jobs, money matters, things that everyone wants to entertain, stereos, cars, TV.
Only by keeping everything of this world, in perspective with eternity, which is our inheritance, and God’s plan for our lives, can we understand what his real intentions are for our lives in this lifetime. He doesn’t want us to live like hermits, and to not have any of the world’s pleasures, on the contrary, he wants to bless us more than we could even imagine, if we would first, be wholly given over to his will. We need to be always reminded that he makes it possible to attain these things, even your next breath is a blessing given by God that everyone seems to always take for granted. God’s spirit is being poured out in these last of the last days, in a very magnificent way. Men and women all over, are receiving dreams, visions, prophesies, miracles, healings, and other “Gift’s” and “Manifestations” of the spirit. Sometimes these prophetical occurrences are personal, and will help the person with a certain situation, if the truth’s of God’s word are applied. Many times God has multi-level meanings to his revelations. The gift of prophesy is many times dreams or visions, given by God, and they are to be used for the edification of the church.

I will now tell, humbly and in reverence of God, my most current prophetical dreams. These four dreams came to me over the last two years prior to 1994, and in them Jesus my lord revealed himself to me, in a way that is so amazing, and impacting my life so, that I will never be the same again. They are comforting to a troubled spirit, and a guiding light in our walk with God. Jesus revealed himself to me, and this was as real as talking to a friend. There is no doubt, that I was in the presence of Jesus Christ himself.

One night, I was in an extreme spiritual slump, anguishing over my life and direction. I prayed for Jesus help, pleading with god for I was lost. I went to sleep and started dreaming. I dreamt that I was sobbing and pleading to God for help. I looked up, and there he was, Jesus, with his arms open wide. You just know it’s Him; there was no question that it was. I came to him, and humbly embraced him, crying and sobbing while I clung to his breast, and he said to me, “Everything, is going to be all right”. Then amazingly such a peace overcame me, and a joy that is inexpressible. It flooded my soul past the flood stage. I awoke from that dream and was ecstatic. God has given me such a peace since then, that it truly surpasses all understanding. This fire of the spirit that is inside me was stirred, and a new outlook and confidence had been the norm since then, until more recently, since just before my first back operation. I am still at peace and I am excited to be living in this day and age. I have been struck down with back problems, and constant pain. Now, whenever I say, that Jesus said a certain thing, I can’t say that I saw him say it, that I saw him mouth the words, although he probably did, but I felt the words, telepathically, physically, it blasted my entire being.

The next dream with my Lord came. I dreamt that my mother and I were sitting at a table, under an open shelter. We are in a desert area. There were no walls and the desert rises up a hill, and on top was a very large building. Under this shelter, were a few people and our Lord Jesus. I was so excited to see him. Then I asked mom where dad was. She said that he was on his way, and soon he came down from towards the building. After he arrived, he rejoiced do much at seeing Jesus. He bowed his head and they embraced. I looked at mom, who didn’t say anything, but we rejoiced together and were exceedingly glad.

Then the next dream came. I dreamt that I was standing face to face with Jesus. His face was not unlike all of the pictures and images that we have of him, and yet it was different somehow. I think God has put his image in our minds and it comes out in our art, similar to the correct image of Christ. Then Jesus held both of his hands up. I saw the scars in his wrists. I rubbed the scars, very reverently. I was amazed that Jesus was revealing himself to me, in a very awesome way. He then gazed into my eyes. His beautiful eyes, seemingly, getting bigger and bigger, looking into my soul, it was consuming me. I looked intently, until I could stand it no longer. Then I bowed my head and just smiled, feeling this oneness that overwhelmed me, yet it comforted me to a degree that only He could accomplish.

My next encounter with the Lord, is sort of a parable, a teaching tool. It may be pointed to me in a sense, but you’ll see that the truths, will flow over to everyone, in their walk with the Lord.

It began, I was walking with two fellows that I don’t know and haven’t met. Then I saw the Lord walking with us. I was excited about the Lord being there, so I ran over to him and grabbed his hand. Grabbing his hand was ok, but then I tried to feel for the scar, and then Jesus pulled his hand away from me. I said, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.” Jesus walked on ahead, and grabbed one of the other guy’s hands. I was so very humbled. My God! I knew it was Jesus. I didn’t need to feel the scar again; I had already felt it in the previous dream. I needed to get off the milk, and get into the meat. I needed also to see, that there were others that needed to be guided by the hand; I needed to follow his voice. Next, we came to a place where the terrain was going up a slow, monotonous grade. I looked on down the road, and I saw a path going up a very steep slope. It was going up to the top of the hill, that their slow monotonous path was going. It was more dangerously steep, radical, and extreme. But it was worn. There were others, that had taken that path before. So I hurried over to the Lord, and, pointing down the road to the path I said, “Lord, I want to go up that way”, and Jesus said, “Go ahead, you can make it that way”. So I went over, and the rest continued on their way, following Jesus with their heads down, one step at a time, up the slow monotonous path. I went over to the hill and started climbing up. I had almost reached the top, and I seemed to be sliding down, I was spinning out, I couldn’t go any farther. Just as I was about to lose it and slide back down, I looked up, and there was Jesus, reaching down his hand to help me. I grabbed his hand, and then I immediately overcame the hill and that challenge, but I could only do it with HIS help. I dusted myself off, looked at the two guys who were following Jesus. They looked at me, and I followed in behind. In recollection, there was a feeling that these two other people, were probably having this same dream, and wondering what I was doing in their dream.

Then we came to a strange path. It was about 8 to 10 inches wide, and at a 30-40 degree angle leaning to the left. To the left, was a deep trench; and to the right was a boulder, that stuck out way over the path so that, the only way to make it over, you would have to lean, way over to the left, off balance, and you would normally fall immediately. Jesus just walked right over, but the two guys and I had an open bible in our left hand, we had to lean left, and we were miraculously balanced, and were able to cross over. This seems to say that, Only by using God’s Word, can we overcome the obstacles that we face. The bible was open indicating that we were using the word, not just knowing it. We must not be fearful, of speaking, the Word of Faith. Satan, his Demons, and your Guardian Angels, cannot read your mind. Only the Triune Godhead can do that. Only by speaking the Word, can you unleash the power that overthrows the enemy. Next on the path, we came to an old abandoned schoolhouse, and then I finally realized that we were looking for one of the guy’s father. I saw his shadow moving across in the cafeteria windows, and I said, “There he is”. I went between the buildings, and Jesus and the others went around the other side to cover his back exit. As I was walking, he ran out towards me, and was startled to see me. He threw a bread crate at me, and he ran back. But the others were coming from that direction, so he ran again towards me. I grabbed him, and then so did the other two. He was like a wild man. We twisted his arms back up behind him, and forced him to look at Jesus. Jesus looked at him, and got him to calm down and then he looked into the cooler that was opened before him. I don’t know where it came from. There were hot dogs, buns, and drinks in it. He finally realized that we were there to help him, and not hurt him and he then calmed down and we let him go. Then he and the two guys started eating up all the foodstuffs. I walked over to Jesus, and was Gazing outward. I was pondering everything that we had just been through, when I heard Jesus say, “Do you like …” I immediately said “yes” not knowing what he said. I wasn’t concerned about getting a serpent from my Lord. He looked at me and kind of giggled. Then, realizing that he knew, that I didn’t know what he said, I said, “OK, what was it”. He said “Wheat”. Then I said, “Yes I do”. He then handed me two wafers about 4″x 2″, thin and dark. One had on it a grape pulp or jelly. I could sense that it was a communion, both elements together. I started to take a bite, and as the cracker was entering my mouth, my wife woke me up. I was frustrated that I didn’t get to take communion with my Lord, one on one. But I still felt that he had reinvigorated the oneness between us.

During the Great Tribulation and the 1000 year millennium, many will have their “arms twisted” to finally see the light. Jesus’ rule will be, with a “rod of iron”. This may be typified in the next to last area.

There are five major things that I believe are taught in this journey.

1. Humility- the opposite of pride, 1st and foremost important to God. Spiritual pride is the worst of all sins. Never think that you can add anything to Christ’s sacrifice. You are made worthy only by the blood of the lamb, and you have promised healing through His stripes.
2. Challenges– Always be ready to accept any challenge, but be always aware, that only with Christ’s help, can you overcome the obstacles that are in our path.
3. Direction- There are many obstacles are in the path of the believer, but, only by USING God’s word can we overcome them. Don’t fear speaking the word, it will not come back void.
4. Amazing Grace – God wants all, to see his grace and love towards them, but sadly many will have to go through the Great Tribulation, and a “twisting of arms” to finally see the truth. If you are a chosen one, you can rebel all you want but God’s going to get you, the easy way or the hard way.
5. Communing – Jesus wants to commune with every one of us, seek him and his path with all your heart and you’ll find that communion.

Now, I will continue with some dreams that happened after the prior encounter with Jesus.

This next dream started with me, flying high above the clouds. I am on a beautiful White Horse like Pegasus; this is a bright shining wonder that could only come from my Lord. I was humbled to have been given the privilege to have been chosen and able to ride this steed, made by the hand of God. You would think that it would be scary, and that you would be hanging on for dear life. Yet it wasn’t that way. I felt that the Holy Spirit was working in and through me, and this horse knew my thoughts. I felt at confident and at ease. I have two young boys sitting in front of me. I think that they are mine but then they are not, they are my sister’s two boys, although they might not have been them either, it was strange. We are descending through the clouds, and when the land below us comes into view, one of the boys spoke up in a concerned voice, and said, “Where are we, I don’t know how to find our way home?” I said to the boy, “Don’t worry, He knows the way”. I was speaking about the horse. Then without any prompting from myself, and no orders given to it, this horse drops his head down and looks at the earth below, at what seemed to be a few miles or so beneath us. He scans his head side to side only once, then he concentrates on the right spot, and then we change our course like a bee, and then, like an arrow to its target, we descended much faster to the earth. I saw this old country house, down below us approaching quickly. It was a small but functional dwelling. We slowed our descent and softly the horse put his rear legs down first, and then came to a stop right next to my sister’s home, to our right, about 30 feet away. The boys climbed down from this majestic steed and ran up to the opening door to their mothers loving arms. I remember the look that my sister gave me, grateful for the safe return of the children. Then I awoke. I was so saddened to be back in this world of death. It was a let down in my mind and spirit. This was my first glimpse, of life with the spirit of God and Christ manifesting in and through me. I felt at one with Christ, that I mind of Jesus Christ. I knew his thoughts, because they were my thoughts. It was only a short time, but what God showed me during that period of time, was something that I know is our inheritance. I was so sad to leave it, and I pray that God hasten the time that His chosen few will inherit it for good.

This next dream was another glimpse into having the mind of Christ. This dream started with me at work. As a little background, I’ve had back problems since 1983, and Dr. Ellis’s Chiropractic clinic was a regular place that I had been, both as a patient, and as a vendor. I worked on their typewriters and copier. One girl that I had known for years was also a good friend and a believer. We had many chances to talk about Jesus and about Christianity as a whole. This dream begins as I am pulling up at their office. I park my car under the carport, where people are getting dropped off and picked up. I grab my tool bag from behind the seat. As I enter the office I see Sherrie at the, “sign in” window. I smile at her as I lean over and begin talking to her. I just smiled and said, “Did you know that Jesus was here”, and she said, “Yes I did” excitedly, because she saw him and, “he had already been there”. I just smiled as I stared into her eyes, and said that I knew, that he had. I said this because I knew the thoughts of Jesus, I knew he had been there and talked to Sherrie. I knew that He was there, because I was there. It is something that is so hard to describe to people that doesn’t have a deep relationship with Christ. But to those that do, you can just look at each other and you are in Christ, together. You can relate to Jesus back in A.D. 33, on the cross, because I was there with him. You understand what he went through, because you were there. You know his thoughts, you feel his feelings. This, is what, it is all about. This is our goal. To be at one with Jesus, helps us to do and say exactly what he would have us do or say. To be conformed into the image and nature of Jesus Christ, is the final destination of every true believer. Jesus last prayer for us, was that God would make us one with Jesus, as He is one with God, we in Christ, Christ in God, God in us, all three interwoven into one nature and knowledge. We have such a blessing to inherit. God is so wonderful, and I praise him for all he is. Friend, I tell you the truth. I had just been given a small glimpse, of what it will be like, and feel like, to be “at one” with Jesus. I beg any one that reads these words. Choose Jesus, he is truly the way, the truth, and the life. As soon, as I was dwelling, on the feelings that came over me while talking to Sherrie, I find myself walking out the door of the clinic, and I have my heavy toolkit in my right hand. I see Jesus, and He is looking at me. He turns and goes to my left. I’ve still got my toolkit in my right hand, as I am following Jesus. He seems to be pulling ahead though. We are on dirt, and the path starts going up a hill. I am still following, holding my toolkit, (Why, I don’t know.) and Jesus is getting further and further ahead. Now I am struggling to get up this hill, and when I top the hill, Jesus is Gone. “MY GOD, dear Jesus!, don’t leave!” I can’t believe it. I start sobbing uncontrollably. I stop, I am still holding the toolkit. This thing weighs 25lbs. It is the reason I couldn’t keep up. I see this church on the right, just ahead. I go into it and then go into the bathroom. I lay down on the floor, and I am crying, sobbing, I can hardly catch my breath. This little old lady, that worked in the church, heard me and came in and leaned over to me. She asked why I was crying. I said that I couldn’t keep up with Jesus. She said that it is alright, everything is ok. I said, “You don’t understand, I couldn’t keep up with him”. She said, but you did this, you said that, and look at all the people that you helped. I said to her, “No, you just don’t get it. I couldn’t keep up with Jesus”. My wife then woke me up! I couldn’t believe it. I said, “Nooo.!!, Why!, I can’t believe that you woke me up right then. I was in Christ”. I tried to go back to sleep, but to no avail. My wife knew that I wasn’t really mad at her. But, I was so let down. To be back here, in this worn out body, was like someone you loved, had died, and was taken away from you, I almost was in mourning for a few hours. As I dwelled on the feelings that come over you when you have the mind of Christ, there was such a love, flowing from me, whenever we encountered a need. There was such a horror, when we see and feel what Jesus felt and saw on the cross. Knowing, that He did that for me, is one of the most humbling things you could go through. I was so sad, to be back in this body of sin. To feel that separation, again after feeling that oneness, was such a let down, and I felt so alone. God, I pray that you keep me, and watch over me that I don’t stray. If I do, please, please throw your rope around my neck and pull me back into the fold. Lord I pray that I never let any thing of this earth, become baggage, that would weigh me down. Help Me Lord, I pray, to be all you would have me be, and that I fulfill what you would desire that I do. Help me discern truth. Help me see with Holy discernment, that I stay strong against the evil one.

This next dream begins, and I am walking on the street around this small neighborhood. It was a new neighborhood, with 1-2 acre lots. I see about three different streets, forming square blocks. I look down and see that I have been talking to a small dog. This was a short haired animal. It spoke to me in English and understood what I was saying. Just ahead of us, there are three big men. The biggest is in the middle and he stood about a foot higher than the other two. They are a foot taller than I am. These guys were thugs. They wore leather and jean jackets with the sleeves removed. They had huge muscles and could have killed me easily. They are making fun of me and my dog. I am just calmly walking up to them. I was looking at the center guy, who was full of hate just like the other two. I stopped about a foot in front of the big guy, and just looked at him with love. He suddenly, swung his fists upward from their down position. He was going to lay me out. His fists came up to about my chest, and I instantly blocked his upward movement with one hand blocking his forearm. It was weird, I didn’t feel any pressure from him. He felt the jolt, and he was wondering why I didn’t move. I just smiled, and showed them Jesus through me. All three men, then instantly became calm and humble before me, they were crying and we were beginning to talk, and then I woke up. It felt so strange and wonderful to be experiencing and feeling all the different things that God has been showing me through my dreams. The Lord Jesus Christ, has a wonderful sense of humor. I was that kid that was picked on in school and out. I am one that never had enough strength to stave off an attack. God is wonderful, and the things we will be able to do when we are in our glorified bodies will be amazing.

Friend, if you are reading this, which means you have read all of my dreams, to this point. You must have that “Call” on your life also. Give in, to what God has planned for you. Seek Him, with all your heart, and he will answer your plea. Seek Him, in all that you do, from early in the morning until your last waking moment at night. Have a seven day week, of seeking after the Lord, instead of just a part of one day, or worse, none at all. Humble yourself before your God, and the Lord will lift you up. As we die to ourselves, so that Christ may reign in our heart and soul. Then we become our real selves, the ones that are more than able to do whatever the Lord would have us do.

I make this prayer, to all of the called ones. “My Dearest Lord God Almighty, I humbly seek your guidance in all that I do, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray, Lord, for any soul that reads this document or hears this document being read, and for any soul that is affected in any way, through someone that has read this document, that they all be comforted in their soul, and that they may seek you in all that they do, so that the Body of Christ will come to the completion. I Trust you God, to make your ways my ways, and I thank you for all that you do, from now through eternity. In the Name that is above all other names, the name through which every knee will bow, and claim that Jesus Christ is Lord forever and ever. Amen

With Love in Christ,
Patrick Robinson

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