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On this page you can download many of the books and research that I have used over the years. Don’t forget to visit the “Resources” page for more great stuff with links to them as well. All of these files I have found free on the web, or was donated to the cause… so freely I give them to you.

To open the file, just click the link.
To download the file, you may need to right-click and then save to your computer.

Enjoy.. Patrick

A Year’s Bible Course – G. Campbell Morgan
Acts of the Apostles – G. Campbell Morgan
Ages in Chaos – Immanuel Velikovsky
Behold A Pale Horse – William Cooper – This book is a real eye opener.
Book of Enoch
Book of Jasher – PDF / Book of Jasher searchable PDF
Books of the Apocrypha
Corinthian Letters, The – G. Campbell Morgan
Crises of the Christ, The – G. Campbell Morgan
Discipleship – G. Campbell Morgan
Weight of Glory, The – C.S. Lewis
Earth in Upheaval – Immanuel Velikovsky
Epistle to the Romans – G. Campbell Morgan
God’s Perfect Will – G. Campbell Morgan
Gospel according to John, The – G. Campbell Morgan
Gospel in the Stars, The – Joseph Seiss
Great Physician, The – G. Campbell Morgan
Great Pyramid Decoded, The – E. Raymond Capt

Great Pyramid overview chart. This is a very good reference chart created by a fellow Dr. Scott student.
Hosea-The Heart and Holiness of God – G. Campbell Morgan

The Illustrious Lineage of the Royal House of Britain PDF Chart
Mazzaroth, The – Rolleston
Mere Christianity – C.S. Lewis
Nag Hammadi Library, The
Notes on the Psalms – G. Campbell Morgan
Parables and Metaphors of our Lord, The – G. Campbell Morgan
Peter & The Church – G. Campbell Morgan
Plan of the Ages, The – Albert Finnis Dake – Power Point Presentation here – jpg here
Preaching – G. Campbell Morgan
Screwtape Letters – C.S. Lewis
Spirit of God, The – G. Campbell Morgan
Study and Teaching of English Bible – G. Campbell Morgan
Table Talks – Martin Luther
Triumph of Faith, Commentary on Hebrews – G. Campbell Morgan
Two Babylon’s, The – Alexander Hislop
Voices of Twelve Hebrew Prophets – G. Campbell Morgan
Westminster Pulpit Vol.2, The – G. Campbell Morgan
Worlds in Collision – Immanuel Velikovsky

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