Nuggets of Gold – Volume 3

Truth Seekers Ministries Presents…

Nuggets of Gold
Volume 3


A Tribute to the Life and Mind, of Dr. Gene Scott

In this third letter of the series, we continue to look into the thought processes and the words of wisdom spoken by this great man of God. I first want to include a short biography.

William Eugene “Gene” Scott, was born in Buhl, Idaho, August 14, 1929. He was the youngest Ph.D. recipient at Stanford university in 1957. He served for almost 50 years as an ordained minister and teacher. He faithfully served God, and became the only religious broadcaster to effectively cover the “entire globe” with the teaching, using satellite, cable, and shortwave broadcasts. In 2000, he was diagnosed with cancer, which he faithfully fought. In mid-2004 he signed over, the pastoral rights, his church, and the rights to all of his years of teaching, to his wife, Melissa, who promised to keep his teaching out there for the world. This was Doc’s true desire, that his teaching be broadcast to the world until the Lord returns. In February 2005, he suffered a stroke and lapsed into a coma in Glendale, California. Dr. Gene Scott, Ph.D. was pronounced dead at 4:30 pm, February 21, 2005.

The forces of evil in this world, are systematically attempting to eliminate Dr. Scott’s teaching. It has all but been eliminated from Dr. Scott’s website, and Dolores press no longer sells any of the teaching. Satan is behind this, but he will not succeed. God is in control, and Doc’s teaching will persevere. Now…, it is up to his students to propagate his teachings to the world in his stead. To those that he has taught, he was preparing you, he was raising up an army of teachers, ministers and pastors, to keep the truths he taught us, flowing over this world. We are “Doc’s Platoon”, in this Army of Christ. May we continue to fight the good fight…”The gates of hell shall not prevail against us.”

“Put Flesh and Blood on it..”

Doc, on Salvation..

“Salvation”, is synonymous with “Lordship” in the New Testament terminology… VF-142

For us, God added something to the example of the Passover that typifies Christ. And that is, “We are totally His”. Total and Absolute possession, no cheap grace. Paul said, “In that He died for all, that they which live, do not live unto themselves, but unto Him that died for them and rose again. That’s total possession, we don’t have any rights… VF-40

Christ’s life and death, bought a “Potter’s Field”, where all the rejected vessels were thrown.. VF-40

From the right hand of the Father, comes salvation, righteousness, the Law. Everything flows from the “Right Hand of God”.. VF-80

The Lord is my strength, and my song, and has become my salvation.. VF-94

We’re to follow the captain of our salvation, and we should want His way.. VF-143

We’re just too prone, in darkness, to get the flesh in motion, instead of just standing still, and do what God tells us is the answer, in order that the salvation of the Lord might be released.. VF-143

1 Corinthians 1:18, The act of perishing, or being saved, is a process.. VF-641

None of us are finished products while we are alive.. VF-642

To us that are being saved, the cross is the power unto salvation.. VF-642

The Cross, secures the Power of God, to endure the “being saved” to completion.. VF-642

There is no salvation in changing your behavior. If there’s any change in your behavior, it’s the result of the relationship… LFH-40

Joshua 20, We should view our redemption like we are running for our lives, to a city of refuge…which is Christ… LFH-45

When taking communion in most churches, at least here in the Southeast USA, the so called “bible belt”, the preachers would many times have you examine yourselves, for you… to determine, if you somehow measured up, to be “Worthy” to partake. They would throw Corinthians out at you, and ask you to confirm your eligibility, before taking the communion, so you wouldn’t partake “damnation to your souls”. I remember wondering, whether I had any unrepentant sins. I worried about taking the elements, for fear, and because of the knowledge, that I surely, am not worthy. Then I found the Doc. Dr. Scott, more than any preacher I’ve ever heard, brought the truth to light, regarding this most blessed, scriptural act, given unto us by God. He helped you to see the truth about what was actually written in Corinthians. How Paul was talking to the group at Corinth, that were keeping the “Agape”, feast. Where the rich would flaunt their riches, and the poor… exposed in their lack. There was a large feast, where they would get drunk, and then tack on the “Lord’s Supper”, at the end of their drunken feast. They didn’t show the Honor, due their Lord, when they partook, hence they partook “Unworthily”. He showed us just what exactly was demanded of you before you partook. He also made you see, that even if you did partake “Unworthily”, that it wasn’t a permanent damnation, but a temporal one. It could possibly, even lead to your physical death, but not a death that was eternal. You wouldn’t lose your salvation, but you could induce sicknesses into yourself and even die from the “temporal damnation”….the “Krima”, not the eternal, “Katakrima”. He took the fear of my partaking in the Communion, the Holy Eucharist, away from me. It was now an act of faith, that I can rejoice in, with no fear whatsoever, because I am no longer looking at myself, to see if I somehow measure up to a standard laid down by God, that I, and truly no one else in the world, could in no way, ever live up to… My attention was now on Christ, and Him alone…. Thanks Doc.

Doc, on Communion..

It is a caricature, nay worse than that, a distortion of scripture, and a twisting of what Paul said to the Corinthians, to have people come to this table, and approach these elements, thinking that you have to be, by some performance of your own, worthy to partake. Let every tradition be a lie that has made void the Word of God. And, no matter how good the intentions of those who tried to lead you, and put you on a guilt trip in front of this table… they are simply wrong… C-70

Paul never said, “Examine yourself”, to see if you are worthy… He said don’t eat and drink..”Unworthily”. An adverb, that modifies the manner of partaking. And, you eat and drink “Unworthily”, when you eat and drink, not discerning the Lords body… C-70

When teaching on Communion here, Doc relates how Moses struck the rock, to bring forth water for the unfaithful people of Israel. He connects this action, with Christ at Calvary..

When He was smitten by the rod of God’s judgment in our place on Calvary…God provided the water of Salvation. They were not worthy. It was totally, an act of Grace, and they drank because God poured forth water from that rock, and Paul said that they all drank from that rock, and that Rock, was Christ… C-70

I’m reminded of the scene in “The Passion of the Christ”, where the soldier puts his spear in the side of Jesus, and water came forth, covering the soldier who had pierced our Lord.

As we lift this cup tonight, which contains the wine, which is the symbol of the Blood of Christ, poured out, the Life of the Soul.. Leviticus says, resides in the blood. And the outpoured blood was the pouring out of life. He was smitten, that we might drink the water of life. You don’t make yourself worthy by any self examination, or any discipline of performance. We’re made worthy by the Blood of the Lamb. You stand before this table… recipient of Grace, “Unmerited Favor”, and none are more unworthy than this bunch, (Israelites), criticizing their leader, criticizing God, but God, in Grace, using the very drama of this incident, to teach that it is unmerited favor…, that God provided in the smitten rock, which is Christ. Drink tonight in the knowledge, that, “We are made worthy by the blood of the Lamb”. No guilt has any place here. It was all laid on Him, and lift this cup and rejoice in the knowledge that God has provided life for us, because Christ died, that we might live. Take the cup and rejoice in it, as we take together…In Jesus Name… C-70

“We’re made worthy… By the Blood of the Lamb”

There was bread at this table, because something else happened, equally a product of God’s grace. Not only did Christ die, and pour out his blood, that we might be recipient of life eternal… Isaiah 53 says, He lifted our sicknesses and our infirmities from us, and carried them away. And, “With His stripes, ye were healed”… At the Passover,… Blood on the door, spared the life of the firstborn of the house. They ate the roasted lamb, behind the closed door, that what the Psalms, in 105 declares, might be the case. They went forth and there wasn’t a feeble one in their midst. He lifted sicknesses from us as well as bearing our iniquities and our transgressions. Say tonight, together, as we partake…”With His stripes, I was healed”, and thank God for His Grace.. C-70

“With His Stripes…I was Healed”

Doc, was not afraid to get very graphic with his explanations, I’m sure he shocked many people, and I know many traditional pastors would revile him and accuse him about his language, his cigars, and his graphic visualizations. These things are what attracted me to his persona. God was just as graphic, and even more so than the Doc was. Scott just didn’t care what others thought about him. He reminded us regularly to, “Put Flesh and Blood on it” and for us to let the Bible, “Say what it means, and mean what it says”. He sure set this disciple free from the traditions and legalistic mindset of most of the fundamentalist churches out there.

God calls sinners, “Wild Ass Men”. And for an ass… the Lamb must die… C-26

The only way, for the firstborn ass to live, and escape it’s neck being broken, is to offer a Lamb, as a vicarious sacrifice.. C-26

We sinners, deserve to get our necks broken.. C-26

The only dignity the jackass had, was when God gave it the words to speak, (Balaam’s Ass), and, when Jesus was in control of it, and rode it into Jerusalem… Every other occasion, the Jackass is a wild ass deserving his neck broke… C-26

We’re all, a bunch of Jackasses, no exception. But God offered the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world, that we might live. And, that price was sufficient to let all dumb jackasses live. But the only ones responding properly, are those, that in response to that act, come under the Lords direction, which fulfills the meaning of Salvation, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.. C-26

This is a table of Grace. All of us deserve our necks broke, we deserve to die for our stupid sinning ways. But Christ died for us that we might live… C-26

Whereas, there are some who would go to the Table of the Lord, and wrongly interpret the scripture, and put fear in your heart, and tell you that you have to examine yourself to see if you are worthy to partake. Paul never said that to the Corinthians. He said examine yourself, the manner, not yourself, but the manner of your partaking. i.e. “For if you eat and drink Unworthily”… The only discernment you need to have, is that Christ died… for Jackasses… C-26

Unworthy though you may be, you can be made worthy by the Blood of the Lamb… C-70

God commendeth His love toward us, in that while we were yet… “Jackasses”.. Because that’s what He is calling sinning man.. C-26

Get as graphic as God is… While we were yet “Wild ass men”, “Jackasses”, Christ died for us… C-26

So, will the Jackasses gather with me please, and accept and remember the redemption provided in Christ… C-26

The Passover itself, began in the homes in ancient Egypt. It was kept by new testament Christians, in homes. It was a simple act… Two elements, bread and wine, “Remember Jesus”. To symbolize, what He did, to fulfill the meaning of the Passover, enabling Paul to say, “Christ is our Passover”… C-26

It’s a table of Grace. Everybody is on an equal basis here… We’re all Jackasses… C-26

You cannot partake of these elements properly, if you don’t view yourself as a Jackass… C-26

It took God a long time to teach His people, that they were sinners, not because they sinned, but rather they sinned, because they were sinners… C-26

The “Trespass” offering, dealt with the sins they know about… Once they got past that, their needs were still not met… They had to offer the “Sin” offering. The “Sin” offering, covered even the sins of ignorance, that flowed out of their sinful condition.. C-26

They began to comprehend, at that point, that they sinned, committed trespasses, because they were sinners. “A bent alienation from God. An inevitable, intractable tendency, to seek our own way”… There’s not enough people in the Christian world, who stand before God with that realization.. C-26

All we like sheep have gone astray… We turn to our own way. That’s what makes Jackasses out of us… C-26

You’ll never comprehend what’s available from God, until you see yourself for what you are. And then, comprehend God’s Love, that Jackass though we may be, “Christ died for me”.. C-26

The worst kind of Jackass… is one that is…, and doesn’t know it.. C-26

We live in an age, where “Self esteem”, is the vogue of the day. The Bible doesn’t teach self esteem. Which is the “preening” of the jackass. The Bible teaches a value, residing “In” the jackass, worthy of saving. The “Jackass’ness” is not valuable… That’s deserving of a neck breaking. But hidden in the jackass, is not the image of a jackass, but the image of God worth saving, to which God’s Spirit can adhere, and bring forth, not just what’s there, but bring forth “Newness of Life”, by that joining of God’s Spirit, with that residual image in man of God’s image.. C-26

Jackasses deserve to have their neck broke. Christ died for them. He wants to ride them into the New Jerusalem, under His control. But He died for you as you are, because of what He can bring forth in you… C-26

That’s what this cup symbolizes… Leviticus 17:11 says, that the “Life of the Soul, resides in the Blood”… C-26

He made Himself, to look like us, but never let that nature conquer Him. He,… who conquered the “jackass tendency”, offered Himself for us,.. so the rest of us jackasses can have another chance… C-26

Don’t come to this table, thinking you deserve it. See yourself as you are… “We’re made worthy, by the Blood of the Lamb”… C-26

Now come on, all you Jackasses. Lift the cup, and thank God for His grace, because in spite of your best ability to convince other people, that you are not, you know, way down deep, most of us are “Prized Jackasses”. But God gave His Son, His Son gave His life… Thank the Lord for His Grace, as we take together… In Jesus Name.. C-26

“We’re made worthy… by the Blood of the Lamb”

Now, what’s the bread for? Two elements… God added icing on the cake. Not only provision for eternal life,….Health! If sin is the only issue, the cup’s all you need. Bread is there because God laid on Him, our infirmities and our sicknesses.. C-26

The Devil, will sit on the shoulders of hundreds, like you, and say, “A jackass like you, doesn’t deserve Christ to die for you”. Well, He did… He died for Jackasses, He lifted the sicknesses, off… Jackasses.. C-26

We don’t earn healing, any more than we earn any other ingredient of salvation. You take the Grace of God, and you claim the promise… “With His Stripes, I was healed”… Take it in Jesus name, and claim that promise. C-26

“With His Stripes… I was healed”


“Am I boring you ?”

Doc, on Basic Christianity..

There is a twin activity going on in the Christian. 1) The dying of the “old self”…and 2) The building of the “New Life”… LF-110

The “Price Tag”, on Salvation…is “Lordship”.. LF-110

In the Greek, “The Lord is my Shepherd”, means…Absolute, total, complete, nothing held back…”Mastery”.. VF-184

The “Church”… are those that He has chosen out of the world,.. on who He will inscribe His name.. VF-184

Christ is formed in your heart by faith.. LFH-43

The “Parable of the Sower”, is the key that opens the door to all parables.. LFH-44

The same life that raised Jesus from the tomb, comes into us… LFH-44

We are told five things to do in Psalms 37:1,7,8:

1) Trust in the Lord. (run to the shelter of a rock, lean upon a staff)..

2) Feed on His Faithfulness

3) Delight yourself in the Lord

4) Commit your way to the Lord. (Roll off your burdens onto Him)

5) Cease from anger, and forsake wrath.. VF-566

God, to be God has no needs…but most of Christianity raises money based on need. The churches reduce God down to a beggar of money…Need is not the criteria… VF-581

The word “witness”, means “Martyr”. And we, as martyrs are to ship a worth, that you could invest on yourself, but you deny yourself that investment, to testify and ship a worth to God, as you martyr a little bit of your pleasure to testify to God’s worth…in your giving.. VF-582

In 2 Corinthians 8, 9, Paul concluded…you prove the genuineness of God’s Spirit in you by the way you give… VF-582

To the Corinthians…if you have the Spirit of Christ, you have the “Mind” of Christ… VF-582

To the Philippians… Let this mind be in you, that was also in Christ Jesus… VF-582

You can’t have the mind of Christ…if it doesn’t make you want to give.. VF-582

There’s nothing as important to God as a giving people…and teaching giving as a primary function of the Church… VF-588

What’s done with the money, and the quality of the recipient, is irrelevant to the law of giving… VF-588

Jesus said…concerning the Tithe…”This ye ought to have done”…Even though Jesus knew that the treasury that the tithes went into, would be where the 30 pieces of silver came from, to pay Judas for the betrayal… VF-588

Christ said, MT. 16:24, MK. 8:34. LK. 9:23..”He must deny himself, and take up his cross…” VF-642

Sacrificing self, is the first element of “Bearing our Cross”… VF-641

Christianity claims, that you meet God in the person named Jesus Christ. Who simply, put on a garment of human flesh, and made claims about Himself…only a God could make… VF-970

A “Saint”… is a “Called out one”, Committed to the Lord… LFH-43

The original meaning for the word, “Church”…is “The Lords”. The Church is a people who trust the Lord… VF-970

When you put an offering on an altar, and turn loose of it, you have “Sainted” it! That’s where the word comes from, it’s not perfection…it’s “Commitment Posture”… VF-989

We become a Saint, in terms of possession, not performance. “Sainthood”, is position or the relationship of being possessed… LF-110

Spirituality… leads to cross bearing, not cross bearing leading to spirituality.. LF-110

Christianity…Gets tougher, not easier… LF-110

Without the Resurrection fact…there is no Christianity.. VF-181

Jesus said…there is something wrong with all of you, that can only be set right by me. I haven’t come to destroy the Law, I’ve come to fulfill it. I’m going to ransom the whole world with me !!… VF-181

Life eternal, is not based on how well you imitate some other disciple…or how well you conform to church traditions. Life eternal is based on what you do with Jesus…who came and gave His life for you, and rose again…to lead, help, and claim you… VF-181

Doc, on the Sinful Nature…

We’re not sinners because we sin…we sin because we are sinners.. VF-588

Paul, says that our sin and corruption isn’t because we have desires…We are corrupt according to deceiving desires.. LFH-44

God views the “Sinful Nature”, in us as already dead. All we have to do is stop him from acting like he’s still alive and king… LFH-44

God didn’t create Lucifer evil, He created him with the capacity to be evil. As He created man, and gave man the freedom that is the necessary pre-condition to “Love and Devotion Freely Given”. But that pre-condition allows the misuse of freedom, which produces sin. All we like sheep have gone astray, we’ve turned, everyone, to our own way… LFH-129

Sin has pleasure…for a season.. LFH-151

Sin…is when we want God to approve what we want, not what He wants… VF-40

Ezekiel 44: God’s people were guilty of an abomination. They would pay attention to their needs at the expense of God. They would view God’s house and His ministers, as having only one reason for being…to minister to them.. VF-60

I’m a sinner, saved by Grace. And the old man is still there to be dealt with constantly.. VF-143

Isaiah 50:11, This is what we shouldn’t do. This means, the natural tendency of every man, is when the pressure comes, the darkness settles in, when the storm hits the ship, when you are surrounded on all sides, is to try to deliver yourself. That’s just human nature…we start striking matches.. VF-143

Most people’s problem, is they want God to approve their will.. VF-143

The “Raven”, or sinful nature, never leaves the flesh.. VF-159

The sinful nature, feeds on corruption.. VF-159

There is no sin as hard, for God to deal with, as pride. Pride is rooted in self, and getting my way.. VF-165

Sin starts with desire, and desire brings forth sin…and sin leads to death.. VF-165

Christ, is payment in full, for the sins of the world.. VF-182

We don’t have saving faith, if the outward man dominates our perspective.. VF-555

Sin is always the prostitution of right. Taking the truth, and using it in an untrue way.. VF-944

It’s much easier to doubt, than believe.. LFH-40

All have sinned, “Hamartia”, fallen short of the glory of God… LFH-43

Doc, on Backsliding..

Saints don’t fall or backslide in one fell swoop. They fall a little at a time. There are sign posts along the way… VF-166

1) Neglect of Prayer

2) Substitute action for Prayer

3) Follow afar off

4) Rekindle appetites of the flesh

5) Open rejection of Jesus VF-166

We tend to pray in the middle of the temptation, instead of praying before the temptation. We should expect the tempter and the temptations… VF-166

Be careful when our day is filled with doing things for God, but never talking to him.. VF-166

Failure to Pray, led to the second phase of backsliding… VF-166

When the Joy of following the Lord wears off, and the edge falls off your dedication, STOP !!, SHUT UP !!, DON’T MOVE !!, PRAY !!… VF-166

Jesus promises us…Restoration… VF-166

After Peter backslides, God let Peter preach the sermon that brought the Church into existence… VF-166

There is no one deed, that is the unpardonable sin. It is a state of mind, that produces a condition of “No Conscience”. When they turn from what they formally approved.. VF-944

Hardening of the heart, comes from the deceitfulness of sin… VF-944

The hardening process goes forward, until at last, the condition of hardness is reached. It is the result of refusing to listen to conscience, and to “Faithe”… VF-944

The sin that hardens, is the sin if unbelief. The sin that hardens, is departing from the way of faith.. VF-944

Doc, on the Chosen ones of God…

There is a spirit in the world, that when you are favored of God at all, Jesus said, “If you were of the world, the world would love it’s own, but you are not of the world, because I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hates you”.. All Joseph had to do is show up, and his brothers hated him.. LFH-92

We as Gentiles, are grafted into the trunk of Faith, that flows out of Abraham’s lineage. We become the recipients of all of God’s promises… 2 Corinthians 1:20… VF-41

The starting point for the hidden ones, to position themselves correctly, is helplessness in the natural.. VF-41

The Father, treats us like we are just like Jesus, and gives us eternal life, the presence of His Son, our inheritance, seated with Him in heavenly places, every time we engage Faith action… VF-546

I’m a sinner, saved by Grace, and the old man is still there to be dealt with constantly.. VF-143

Ezekiel 44, is the vision of the prophesied restored temple of worship. I believe this temple to be, the temples of the Holy Spirit that we become in Christ.. VF-60

Any other object of Faith, other than God’s Word, and confidence in God’s ability to carry it out, is Apistis…Faith in reverse… VF-544

Faith… obtains the deposit of God’s life in us… S-2836

Hebrews 6:6…Paraclete: means “Comforter”‘, or “One along side another”… LFH-40

Spirituality…is God, being Himself, through us.. LF-110

Psalm 84:5-7. This promise of God, has conditions attached. Blessed is “Thee” man, whose strength is in “Thee”. This is a specific man, plucked out from a crowd, and whose heart is on a pilgrimage.. VF-142

The devil, will never take us out of God’s hands, if we follow Him closely… VF-166

2 Corinthians 1:20, This is our license to “Fish” through God’s Word, to claim His promises.. VF-230

We are on trial…by God.. VF-165

God is working on us, to humble us… VF-165

Ephesians 1:3-6, is a spoken separation, of one called out, from among those who are not called… VF-989

Doc, on the Parable of the Sower…

Mark 4.. “Unto you it is given to know the mystery of God. But unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables, that seeing, they may see and not perceive, and hearing, they may hear and not understand. Lest at anytime they should be converted and their sins forgiven them.. “

A child can understand what He just said,…it’s just hard to accept it.. VF-905

Still, 2000 years later, we are still making void the word of God by our traditions, and traditions say, “Why…everybody can have their sins forgiven”. Traditions say God wants everyone converted… Not according to this parable… VF-905

God intends some people, to not have their sins forgiven, to not be converted… VF-905

Jesus makes it clear, that if you don’t understand this parable,.. you aren’t gonna’ understand anything else He teaches…This is the beginning, the Key that unlocks everything else…You’re not gonna’ know anything about God, if you don’t get through this one. VF-905

God intends that some can’t…But unto everyone that can hear and understand, everyone that can see and perceive, and count yourself so fortunate that you at least see and perceive, hear and understand, and while you are “preening” your feathers in that knowledge, that you are part of that select group, that see and perceive, and hear and understand… Before you get too “Giddy”, and get caught up in it, understand that there are layers…within that group !! How terrible to be among the “Without”, who cannot understand, and cannot perceive. Even more terrible, to see and perceive, hear and understand, and still not make it. Because, you are in one of the wrong groups that are described.. VF-905

1) “The Sower, soweth the word. These are they by the wayside, when the Word was sown, when they have heard, Satan cometh immediately and take away the Word that was sown in their hearts..”

You better understand, that there is an audience that surrounds you…other than the fleshly friends and neighbors and family, that you are aware of. There’s that, “Satanic Audience”, and there’s that “Divine Audience”. Those that are by the wayside, have the capacity to see and perceive, hear and understand…but it doesn’t penetrate, but for a second, and Satan cometh immediately and taketh away the Word that was sown in their hearts… VF-905

Take a look at yourself, right now… How often does the Word, ‘prick” a little bit of attention, but then as the preacher or the teacher begins to unravel it a bit further, and you got to grab hold of it and absorb it…your mind wanders, your mind drifted to something else. You hear the words, tune in for a second, and then your gone… VF-905

Most apparent from those who’ve been around the Word of God the longest, and have taken on that quality of a well trodden path…which is what “The Wayside” is. The surface is so trodden down, that nothing can sink in… VF-905

Some of you have been around God’s Book and God’s Word too much… The flesh in you and Satan’s ability to come and corrupt and snatch the mind to other things, has removed that “Zest”.. That openness that allowed the seed to penetrate…and now you’re in wayside territory… VF-905

2) “There are they likewise, which are sown on, “Stony Ground”. Who when they have heard the Word, immediately receive it with gladness, and have no root in themselves, and so endure but for a time. Afterward, when affliction or persecution arises for the Word’s sake, immediately they are offended”…

They are that kind, like flowers in the desert, after a rainstorm. They have an ability to open up and be full of praise, and really,.. they perceive !! They don’t fit into the category of the “Without”… They see and perceive, they hear and understand…and they just open up like a flower…”Oh that’s the greatest truth I’ve ever heard”, “That’s the most wonderful message I’ve ever heard in my life”, “That’s the best I’ve ever heard”… VF-905

These stony ground people, they just cluster around…until affliction or persecution ariseth, and they just don’t last…There’s no depth of soil for the Word to penetrate. They’re the kind of person that can never stick by any relationship. They’re the product of this, “Yuppie” age, that has to find a new excitement every day… VF-905

Some of the worst offenders of this “Stony Ground” type, are those that grew up in the church. It seems that those who have had the longest exposure to the word, either get dull to it like the “Wayside People”, where nothing penetrates, and Satan snatches it… Immediately..the preacher opens his mouth, “Oh…I’ve heard that before”. Your mind goes somewhere else, and nothing ever penetrates you or the “Stony Ground” people that, “Oh, this is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever heard, but give me something new tomorrow, for my ‘overexposed” taste buds…. Let the persecution come… Out the door they go… VF-905

3) “These are they which are sown among thorns. Such as hear the Word”…Notice everyone of these, are not in the “Without Group. They’re in the group that see and perceive, hear and understand..They hear it.. “and the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the “lusts..” The simple Greek word is “Desire”, “and the “desires” of other things, entering in, “Choke the Word”, and it becomes “Unfruitful”..

The “cares of this world”… That’s everything from family, to career, to every other attachment you have on this globe…The deceitfulness of riches, the ability of riches…to attract and deceive. And the desires of other things…They had left their first love…other desires crowd in, and choke the Word, and it becomes unfruitful… VF-905

Then that fourth group…that we can all pray, is our own personal exhibition… VF-905

4) “These are they which are sown on good ground, such as hear the Word…and receive it. And bring forth fruit, some 30 fold, some 60, some an hundredth…”

“When God says something more than once…You better pay attention..”


God put this parable in all three Synoptic Gospels. We must use this knowledge, in everything we do. If you’re part of the chosen of God, then you have eyes to see, you have discernment. We can see, to an extent, the type of soil, in ourselves and others, who are part of that field, which has the treasure hidden within. Our job, in the here and now, is to bring all those, destined to be a part of the Fold of Christ, into the fold. We are to reach the ones that are the “Good Soil”, to help bring them all into the “Body of Christ”. Are you a fruit producer, or, are you being choked by the cares of the world, or, your own desires in life.. “How’s your Fruit”, .. “How’s your soil”. Am I portraying the aspects of the bad soil? I know that I’ve failed Him time and time again, but as we renew our faith daily, we keep starting anew, and forget what is past, and I’m pressing on in this race. May God forgive my short fallings, and hold me tight, create a “Holiness” in me that I waver not,…and sustain my salvation. Amen and Amen..

What Doc taught me more than anything else, I guess, if I could pick one thing… is to examine my own “Faith Walk” regularly. I know, that there could easily be, only one fourth, of professing Christians, that are actually “Good Soil”. I know that I am not worthy, that I truly deserve no more than a good neck breaking, I truly pray that God, will include me in this last Group. The Good Soil… Ask yourself, “How is my walk”, am I being faithful today, or am I giving into, my own desires. There is one thing, that I most want to hear from my Lord.., “Well done, good and faithful servant”.. “May I daily ,recheck my faith walk, early, reconnecting to “The Eternal,.. the, I Am that I Am”, in a fingernail grip of faith, for that helps me resist the wiles of the devil easier, so that I can faithfully fight the part of this war that the Lord has destined for me.”

I thank God for my mother finding Doc on her dish, for my having eyes to see and ears to hear, and for Doc being in my life, as a guiding light that I could follow. He never knew me personally, but I testify that He changed my life. I am alive today because of the truths that I had learned from him. I had the wherewithal to keep going on. I was set free from the traditions of the church that were error. I don’t know what God still has planned for me, from now until he takes me home, but one thing is true, I will go out.. teaching those that God sends my way, the simple yet life changing truths, that Doc taught me. Rest in Peace, Dr. Gene Scott.. You have earned your rest. See you soon…

With Love in Christ,
Patrick Robinson, Minister

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