12/21/2012 – Doomsday…? Or not

Mayan Long Count Calendar

There is a lot of talk these days about the Mayan Calendar which apparently shows some doomsday event that will occur on December 21, 2012. What I am going to attempt to do is to get rid of all the hoopla and the theories of modern man, and look at the actual people, their beliefs, other ancient people’s legends and prophesies, and hopefully give you some realistic sense of what, if anything, to expect sometime at the end of next year.

What all the rhetoric is about, surrounds the ancient Mayan “Long Count” calendar. The Mayans were given a knowledge of this universe, that only in the last hundred years or so have we been able re-discover. There is, what is called, the “Precession of the Equinoxes”. This can be explained as follows. The earth, is spinning like a top in space. Just as a top tends to “wobble”, so does the earth. This wobble can be ascertained by sending out a line into space, using the axis of the earth. A line from the south to north poles, extended out into space, points to the north star. This line points to what we call “True North”, and our current north star, Polaris. This line has nothing to do with magnetic north, which causes our compasses to always point to what some call a “lode stone” of sorts, which is in the general northward direction.

Now, since this earth, like a child’s top, wobbles somewhat on it’s axis, a line sent into space will slowly move, pointing to a new “Pole Star”, every so often. This “Wobble”, takes some 25,627 years to complete it’s circuit. How the Mayan people knew about this is exactly the same as how the Dogan tribe in Africa knew of the existence of Sirius B, an invisible to the eye White Dwarf that orbits Sirius A. An ancient culture that was advanced enough to be able to know these things, brought this knowledge to these people. They incorporated the knowledge into their beliefs, religions and traditions, and we are just now getting to the point in our understanding, to be able to confirm the information imparted to them as true.

You’ve heard the saying, “The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius”. What that represents is one section of the precession of equinoxes that we are now entering into. We are leaving the Piscean Age, which represents the Church age, and we are now, or just about to, entering into the new section, “Aquarian Age”, representing a time of peace and love under the lordship of our Savior Jesus Christ. Each section is just over 2100 years which places the Piscean age beginning around the time of the appearing of the Essene’s, which means “Expectancy”, for they were the group which sought for and prepared for the messiah entering into this world. They prepared “Mary” and “Joseph”, and actually had many candidates chosen and prepared to receive the messiah.

Now the Mayan calendar was not split up into the twelve signs of the zodiac that we are familiar with today. They had other calendars for measuring time in shorter spans. The Maya started their long count calendar on August 11, 3114 B.C., representing the beginning of this current age, and it ends some 5,125.40 years later December 21, 2012 at 11:11 A.M. The ending date also corresponds exactly when the precession of equinoxes ends, which will be when the Sun crosses the Galactic center of our Milky Way Galaxy. This alignment with the center of our galaxy would be when, if I were God, that I would use as a “Set Time”, for the fulfillment of prophesy. Bear in mind that I am no prophet, but what better watch could God use than the repeated alignments with the cosmos. The last age ended with upheavals and cataclysmic earth changes, and the Maya do expect changes to occur in 2012, for that is when their new age begins. What the Maya do not advocate is the current “End of the World” scenario that is portrayed by most people talking about this 2012 date. The Maya do believe in a “Transformation”, even upheavals, but not a “Doomsday”. Carlos Barrios, of the Eagle Clan of the Maya in Guatemala, regarding 2012, states that, “The world will not end. It will be transformed… Everything will change…Change is accelerating now, and it will continue to accelerate… If the people of the earth can get to this 2012 date in good shape, without having destroyed too much of the Earth, we will rise to a new, higher level. But to get there we must transform enormously powerful forces that seek to block the way… Humanity will continue, but in a different way…”

The Maya expect, at the end of this age, the return of “Kukulcan”, or “Quetzalcoatl”, the bearded White God, and the transformation of all the peoples of the world to a higher more spiritual plane. Which is why they were so receptive of the white men, the Conquistadors, that came and eventually decimated the populace. The Maya kept written records, using picture symbols called “glyphs”, and when first found, a few codices were sent back to the king as spoils. However when the “Church” got involved, they saw the Maya and their written records as satanic, and as a result burnt all the written records they could find. They forbade the Maya to write in the Glyphs, and the written language of the Maya was soon forgotten. Only recently, have researchers been able to decipher the writing system and then, were able to interpret the many carvings in monuments all over central America. Sadly, though, hundreds or thousands of books had been destroyed which would certainly have contained a wealth of information, and only 5 or so codices survived because they were sent immediately to the King, as a reward, before the churches missionaries became involved.

The main point that you need to understand about what the Maya believed, is that although their “Long Count” calendar ends it’s cycle, it marks the beginning of another cycle just as long as the previous one. This leads one to the conclusion that there are as many prior cycles of time that are not known about as there are future cycles, yet to come.

Now I want to look at a few other related prophesies from other civilizations, and then bring them all together for a more complete picture.

The Hopi Indian nation of North America, are a proud, peaceful nation that kept themselves in harmony with mother earth. They also have legends of past ages, and of future upheavals and of the transformation of people to a new peaceful spirit of unity and harmony with the earth. They record three prior destructions of this world, and that we are now in the fourth age. The first destruction was by fire, the second was by ice, and the third age ended by a great flood.

The original leader of the Hopi, had two sons. The elder son was light skinned, the younger son had skin the color of the earth. (Red) The Great Spirit gave the life plan for harmony and balance to these two brothers, which was carved on two stone tablets. The creator told the survivors of the last age, that when the elder white brother would return to the country of the younger red brother, that they should welcome him. They should be cautious though, for if he returned bearing a cross within a circle, they should welcome him wholeheartedly, however if he returned bearing only a cross, then they were to beware for a Great Purification would then soon begin. When the white men came, with their missionaries, they were bearing only a cross, and brought with them only oppression, death and slavery, for they new nothing of the Sacred Circle. The Hopi see the third and final shaking of this earth happening very soon, in fact they thought it would happen at the end of the twentieth century. I do believe that God has already grabbed this earth and is preparing to shake us to the core.

The keepers of one of the original ancient tablets are the Oraibi Fire clan, of the Hopi, of the red race. They believe that the true white brother will return one day with the other tablet, that the Tibetans hold the tablets for the yellow race; the Kikuyu, in Kenya hold the tablets for the black race, and the Swiss hold the tablets for the white race. The creator stated that if the four races became separated from their teachings, and their unity, that He, the Creator, would shake this world three times. He has already shaken it twice, in world wars I and II. In the first two he would shake the world with one hand each, but the third time he would shake the world with both hands to get our attention.

The Iroquois, had a tradition similar to the Hopi. Their story entails the Creator, giving two stone tablets to the red, black, yellow, and white races before they were scattered across the earth. Details of each race’s life plan was carved on the stones. Their tradition states that when the four stone holders, representing the four directions, and all races of peoples, would sit together in a circle of peace, then true peace would come to the earth. However if the life plans of the people were not followed, or were cast aside, then a world holocaust would result.

Next, we have an Egyptian priest telling Solon about legends and history that the Athenians didn’t perceive accurately. Taken from Plato’s discourse on Atlantis. Read my Atlantis, Fact or Fable letter for it’s entirety.

“…O Solon, Solon, you Hellenes are but children, and there is never an old man who is an Hellene.’ Solon, hearing this, said, ‘ What do you mean?’ ‘I mean to say,’ he replied, ‘that in mind you are all young ; there is no old opinion handed down among you by ancient tradition, nor any science which is hoary with age. And I will tell you the reason of this : there have been, and there will be again, many destructions of mankind arising out of many causes. There is a story which even you have preserved, that once upon a time Phaethon, the son of Helios, having yoked the steeds in his father’s chariot, because he was not able to drive them in the path of his father, burnt up all that was upon the earth, and was himself destroyed by a thunder-bolt. Now, this has the form of a myth, but really signifies a declination of the bodies moving around the earth and in the heavens, and a great conflagration of things upon the earth recurring at long intervals of time : when this happens, those who live upon the mountains and in dry and lofty places are more liable to destruction than those who dwell by rivers or on the sea-shore ; and from this calamity, the Nile, who is our never-failing savior, saves and delivers us. When, on the other hand, the gods purge the earth with a deluge of water, among you herdsman and shepherds on the mountains are the survivors, whereas those of you who live in cities are carried by the rivers into the sea ; but in this country neither at that time nor at any other does the water come from above on the fields, having always a tendency to come up from below, for which reason the things preserved here are said to be the oldest. The fact is, that wherever the extremity of winter frost or of summer sun does not prevent, the human race is always increasing at times, and at other times diminishing in numbers. And whatever happened either in your country or in ours, or in any other region of which we are informed – if any action which is noble or great, or in any other way remarkable has taken place, all that has been written down of old, and is preserved in our temples ; whereas you and other nations are just being provided with letters and the other things which states require ; and then, at the usual period, the stream from heaven descends like a pestilence, and leaves only those of you who are destitute of letters and education ; and thus you have to begin all over again as children, and know nothing of what happened in ancient times, either among us or among yourselves. As for those genealogies of yours which you have recounted to us, Solon, they are no better than the tales of children ; for, in the first place, you remember one deluge only, whereas there were many of them…” End Excerpt

What we have here, is the Egyptians account of several prior destructions of this earth, by fire and water. Caused by heavenly bodies, comets, planets, asteroids, etc., interacting with the earth.

Now, flood stories abound in the histories of cultures all around the world, so I’m not going to give you the details of them all, those details are easy enough to find if you look. What I want you to know is that the same basic story abounds throughout all of these flood legends. Mankind grew and became evil. God saw this and decided to destroy everything. He saved a few and pairs of animals in some kind of a boat, raft, reed, etc. And after a long time floating, the boat came to rest and the earth was repopulated by the survivors of this flood.

There was a time, not too long ago, that saying that this earth has gone through cataclysmic changes, and upheavals which seems to come in cycles, which also means that it will happen again, was met with opposition by scientists the world over. Emmanuel Velikovsky was one such scientist that was shunned by the learned men of his day and even died with his ideas not becoming well known, certainly not approved of. However, scientists today are rethinking Velikovsky’s ideas and his amazing research that supported what he postulated. What he did, in “Worlds in Collision”, was to use the legends and myths around the world, along with knowledge of the heavens and what would happen if stellar bodies came too close to each other, was to prove how this solar system came into being, how Venus was born from Jupiter, and through some close encounters with Mars and the Earth, came to be in it’s very unusual circular orbit that it is in today. Also, as a result of it’s interaction with Mars, caused the Earth and Mars to come close at times which resulted in the myths and legends and folklore we have today. This scientist was very much ahead of his time, yet other thinkers saw something special in him, for even Einstein read his work, and when he died even had an open copy of Velikovsky’s work on his desk. Velikovsky also wrote “Ages in Chaos”, which again, using legends and myths, proves the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt, by relating the miracles that occurred during and well after the exodus, with other such miracles that occurred the world over. He provides a very interesting read if you are so inclined.

Worldwide Catastrophic events, have happened in the past. The poles have shifted several times in the past, there have been floods and ice ages that we have scientific evidence for. That these events happened in history are no longer in question. What is in question, is whether such things are going to occur again, and when. What I would have you know, and to be certain of, is that this world will not be destroyed. It will have to go through a change though, which may very well include upheavals, destruction, and possible encounters with celestial objects. These things are foretold in the Bible, and also prophesied in many cultures. Jesus, however, will still use this earth for a thousand years, before Satan is loosed for a small season, which we know nothing of how long that small season will be, before God then totally destroys this earth and recreates our universe anew. Whether or not this 2012 Mayan Long Calendar, marks the culmination of earth changes, and events to bring this world into a unity that Jesus can rule, is irrelevant. For such a time is coming, and it will happen sooner than most people think. For because of all the rhetoric , bringing out all the crazies and unproven ideas, tends to make most people hearing this to assume that the whole thing is irrelevant to them, and that there is no threat for them to even worry about. Well I say, that you shouldn’t worry, that is if you are, “In Christ”, then you have no reason to fear. As Christians, we know that the Rule of Christ for a thousand years is coming soon, but will be preceded with a trying time of Great Tribulation that this earth and it’s population will go through, yet we are not appointed unto God’s Wrath, for Jesus has already taken that for us. We then, as Christians, although going through tribulation and persecution, will be safe in the Ark of Christ, while God’s wrath is poured out. Now if you are not, “In Christ”, then my personal belief is that you should worry. For there will not be any place to go, no where to hide, and nothing you can do to avoid being the recipient of God’s wrath, unless you accept what Jesus has done for us all, and apply that to your life before that day comes. By that day I am not talking about 12-21-2012, I am talking about when you die, or if you don’t, then before the day that Jesus takes his body, the true church, out of this earth, and if you miss the ship on that day, then get ready for the worst possible events this world has ever had to go through. My prayer, is that all who read my letters, will make that wise choice before it is too late.

With Love in Christ,

Patrick Robinson, Minister

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