Easter and Christmas

Truth Seekers Ministries Presents,

The Truth About…Easter and Christmas


The Truth about their origin and how the symbols came into use. Also the correct timing of our Lord’s birth.
Christmas, our most celebrated holiday, dedicated to remembering our Lord’s birth, is and has been so commercialized, that the true meaning, for most of the world that celebrates it, has been obliterated. However, in taking it’s true meaning and working with that aspect, you will find that it teaches underlying falsehoods that attempt to cover up the truths that God has preserved and intends for us to know. “Christmas” or “Christ’s Mass”, originated with the feast of Saturnalia, a pagan winter festival devoted to the hope of an early spring. The evergreen symbolizes the ever renewing life force that was desired to ward off winter. Jeremiah warns us about cutting down evergreens, decking them out with silver and gold, and placing them in our homes. Early Christians tried to stop their practice but when they found it impossible to change them they figured that if they were to stamp Christ on it that might be what is needed to convert these “heathen”.

There was however a “Saint Nicholas” that did give gifts to the orphan children of his city. He became symbolic of love and giving and was soon incorporated into this pagan festival. Jesus wasn’t born in December. He was born in the fall of the year. The shepherds wouldn’t be tending their flocks on the hillsides of the land in December, it would be far too cold. if you go to the Jewish priests records you will find out when John the Baptists father Zacharias was the high priest. Which is when he saw the angel and couldn’t speak and Elizabeth became pregnant. Six months later is when Elizabeth came to Mary and found her to be with child also. It is possible that Jesus may have been conceived m December but was born in September, on the Feast of Trumpets, Rosh Hashanah the Jewish new year. God has always used certain “Set Tines” to fulfill his plan for mankind. Satan has introduced other holidays and he has tried to stamp the meaning out of Gods perfect times. The world, even most Christians, think of the Jewish feasts as strictly Jewish. When it is plain that God intended for us to incorporate them into our heritage as followers of Christ. Paul said that the feasts were types and shadows that pointed to Christ. I’m not saying that we should not celebrate Christmas, but we should teach the truth about Christ, and when he was born, then maybe fewer of the young generation will turn off of God, when they realize that Santa Clause and the Easter bunny are only lies. Maybe then they won’t start thinking that God, Jesus and the bible are also lies or fairy tales.


Now lets talk about Easter. The name is derived from the feast of Ishtar. Good Friday came from Good Freila. Both are pagan sun god feasts. Nimrod the “great hunter” was wed to Semiramus, also called Freila in another language. When Nimrod died she was found to be with child, and to cover her adulterous affair, she claimed that Nimrod became the sun and a sunbeam impregnated her with a child who was Nimrod incarnate. The Feasts of Ishtar and Good Freila then came into being. People rose early to watch the sunrise Which is why the sunrise services at most churches is teaching a lie. Christ arose in the night, at dusk, not at sunrise and that subject is next. The Easter bunny and the egg are symbols of fertility also attributed to this lying and deceitful woman. Jesus said that as in the parable of Jonah, whereas he was in the belly of the whale for three days and three nights, so the Son of Man was also to be in the heart of the earth for three days and three nights. Now I’m pretty good with math and I just can’t figure how to get three days and three nights fit into Friday evening to Sunday morning. Even if you were to count all of Friday and all of Sunday, which is absurd if he was in the tomb at sunset and rose at sunrise, you still will only get three days and two nights. Either God is wrong, or our thinking and reasoning about these events are way off base.

While this whole letter is designed as an overview on Easter and Christmas, I’ve just completed a new study on “Good Friday to Easter Sunday vs Passover to Feast of Firstfruits”. Visit it if you like. It is a more in-depth and updated study and covers only this particular subject. Also, you can read my letter, “The Truth about the Saturnalia, or What we call Christmas”, for an in-depth study on Christmas.

First, let me say that no one knows exactly when Christ arose, no one saw the resurrection. The tomb was empty when the women arrived, very early in the morning before the the sun came up. There are many Sabbath’s, not just the Saturday Sabbath. The feasts are High Sabbath’s and are also referred to as Sabbaths. John 19:31 refers to the Sabbath after the crucifixion as a “High Sabbath”. Jesus was our Passover Lamb and as such was crucified and in the tomb just before the Passover Sabbath to become our sacrifice. Passover that year was on a Thursday, Jesus was crucified on Wednesday, he was in the tomb before dusk at which time the Passover started. He was m the tomb for three days and nights, 72 hours, and then rose Saturday evening after it became dark and Sunday began. I’m sure he wasn’t in the tomb any longer than necessary. Sunday is the Lord’s Day and we as Christians are to recognize that “there remaineth a Sabbathing unto us” we have a command to be in a constant sabbathing state of mind. To be continually in that state of mind and not just a one day of week. There was only one Sabbath day, Saturday, we are to live in a “Sabbathing” state of mind at all tines. To do good even on the Sabbath when we were supposed to be at rest are the truths that Jesus taught.

This leads me to another subject. Did Jesus really come out of the tomb? It is vital to the Christian faith that Jesus would rise from the dead. If he be not raised, then our faith is vain. What hope would there be if we had nothing to look forward to, after our death. We might as well live our lives up, stepping on whomever we want to get on top. But if he did rise from the dead then we have eternal life to look forward to and the fear of death is removed for all believers. There are many reasons to believe that he did rise from the tomb but it comes down to two things. Either the disciples were liars and were preaching falsehoods, or they were honest reporters, reporting the facts as they truly experienced them. The main reason to believe that they were honest reporters was that they all died, apart from one another, horrible death’s, save John, and could have stopped their torture by just stating that it was all a lie. You will not find one instance, that any one of them ever changed their story. There weren’t telephones, or TV, no one would have found out, but no one gave in. These men truly believed what they were preaching. For an in depth study on the resurrection, please visit my Resurrection letter. In it you find the details necessary to help you to increase Gods kingdom, which makes delving into the resurrection more important than ever. We need to teach all truth even at the risk of having to change our current ways of interpreting God’s word. Because falsehood breeds falsehood, but truth breeds truth. God’s Word will not fail. Don’t worry of having to save God, he can take care of himself. We need to worry more about our own faith, and work and learn and increase in the knowledge, and the truth of him. Lets be faithful and may he finding us being so, when he returns.

In Christ, Patrick Robinson

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